10 Shocking Things About Italian Men

All You Should Know–Right Here

You might be wondering––what are Italian men like? Read this article to discover 10 Shocking Things About Italian Men you might not have known.

Understanding the “Italian Man” can be difficult. Finding out what they like, how they act, or even their background can be different for every person, but luckily there is some hope! 

Here you can find out precisely what that Italian guy you’ve been eyeing is really all about. 

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Myths vs Facts About the Average Italian Man

Italian Men in Love

While some are hopeless Romantics, that trait seems to be dying out more and more as the years go on. Find a special someone who values romance, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Mama’s Boy

Yes, it’s true. Italian guys are often mama’s boys. Finding a keeper means getting a new mom, too! 

Be sure always to respect the mother, but stand your ground when you need to. Your Italian man would hate to go against his own mother but will know when to support you over her. Balance is the key. 


Some are avid fans, and others aren’t interested. It really does depend on the type of Italian man in this case. However, in Italy, soccer (or football, as they call it) is an extremely large sport. This can be seen in the scope of American football with popularity. 

Hot Italian Men Are Rare 

False! There’s someone for everyone. Italian men not only have a beautiful complexion, but the culture enriches them, too. Finding a hot Italian man will not be difficult. 

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Italian Bad Boys

Fancy an Italian bad boy? Well, get in line. 

According to some surveys, foreigners around the world view Italian men as the best lovers. 

Remember, it’s no myth that hot Italian men aren’t hard to come by. In fact, there are more than you may think! In Italy, many still consider the age of 40 young, so what Americans may see as an old Italian man could be seen as young in Italy. 

Character and personality are the keys. As always, though, don’t go for the bad boys (no matter how tempting)!

Italian bad boys are womanizers. They love the attention and know how charming they can be. Having the stereotypical Italian image in many people’s minds, people forget that these men can be, well, regular people. 

These characteristics of the Italian bad boy, though, are characteristics you can find in any culture around the world. 

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10 Facts About the Average Italian Man


Though some can, of course, be charmers, Italian men are trustworthy. They value friendship and loyalty, and if someone crosses the boundaries they set for the people they care about, they are sure to come to your rescue. 

It may take a while for them to “settle down”

No, that doesn’t mean they are going around chasing women with all the wrong intentions. It merely means that today, the road to marriage is one that is long and often complicated. 

Though they’re often thought to be the most romantic of the cultures, they are still modern people that need time to make the right decisions. Be patient! 

They are playful

A big thing in Italian culture is the idea of making an Italian man’s woman laugh. Single Italian men will often crack jokes around you as a way to flirt, rather than just straightforwardly ask you on a date. 

They like to see how you work and if your sense of humor matches theirs. If the joke lands, maybe you’ll get that piece of paper with their number on it. 

Family Matters

Italian culture focuses heavily on family. It is incredibly important to Italians to not only cultivate their family but to protect it. If you’re coming into an Italian family, the pressure may be on when you first meet them. 

But, don’t worry. Your Italian man chose you for a reason! He’s loyal to both his family and you because he sees you as a part of that family. 


Hot Italian men know how to flirt. In fact, they usually do it without even noticing. Being charming is a natural way of their culture, and they know how to put it to good use. 

Don’t be offended if they flirt with you without the intention of asking you on a date. It’s simply the way they’re used to acting around people in order to gain affection!

Italian man flirting with a girl - The Proud Italian

They like things other than Italian food

This may sound like common knowledge, but some people in the world may genuinely believe Italians only eat pasta. Though delicious and often made fresh in their culture, Italian men have their own preferences for food just like any other person. 

So, when planning that first date meal or picking a restaurant, don’t automatically go for Italian. 


Though you shouldn’t put every Italian man into a generalization, a study shows that Italian men tend to be more jealous than other cultures. In fact, Northern Italy ranked higher than Southern Italy!

They are not your “perfect man”

As with any man in the world, Italian men should not be expected to be the Mr. Darcy of the romance world. Don’t expect them to always take control of the romance––do your part, too!

Interesting facial features

Italian facial features are unique and beautiful. Oftentimes you will see an Italian man with bronze skin and brown hair and a Roman nose. It’s rare to see an Italian with a small, upturned nose, but not impossible.

They’re not all famous

Though it seems like it, not all Italian men are going to be the rich and famous folks you see on television. They’re definitely not a stereotype, and they have everyday lives. 

Don’t project your wants onto your Italian man––let him be who he is, and you will see how beautiful that is! Famous Italian men are not the same as the average Italian man. 

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Finding the perfect Italian man is impossible, but trying to understand them really isn’t. Just remember, they are simply people, just like you.

There’s no need to be nervous! Italian men are smooth and charming and know how to carry the conversation. 

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