5 Romantic Italian Sayings

The beauty of Italian sayings. Italy is a heaven of so many beautiful, sophisticated things—modern landscapes, world-class fashion, distinct cuisine, friendly people, and exquisite language that speaks directly to our hearts. The Italian language is full of words and phrases that sound so beautiful, it is a shame they don’t always have an exact match in English.

Being derived from the Ancient Roman language (Latin), which is oftentimes equated with the language of brevity, wisdom, and love, the Italian has developed itself into a charming language that people all over the world enjoy listening to and frequently incorporate some of its phrases or sayings in their every-day conversations, or even use in tattoos and social media posts.

We’ve put together this fun list of sweet Italian sayings that you can use to tell your loved ones “I love you!”. But before we get into the list, it’s worth pointing out that Italians are huge on food and romance. This is reflected in their language – in fact, there are many expressions and sayings with food in the title!

The Italian word for “butterfly” actually means “wish”.

The word “sweetheart” in Italian is the equivalent of our expression “piece of cake”.

The word for “tasty” literally means “easy to digest”.

There’s also a whole saying that describes the act of eating food: Mangiare come un maiale – to eat like a pig.

The word for “to kiss” is a derivation of the word “cheek”

And the Italian for “goodbye” literally means “Hello again”;

italian sayings

Among the countless Italian sayings, here are handpicked five most romantic Italian sayings to say to your loved ones. This is just a small list of Italian sayings; there are loads of other expressions to use too – and I’ve also included some phrases about food for you to study.

Veni. Vidi. Amavi. – We came. We saw. We loved.

Sounds familiar? Of course, the phrase does initially sound like what Julius Ceasar popularized, which is the “Veni, Vidi, Vici.” This time, though, it looks like we’re into loving than conquering. In other English translations, the Italian phrase means having learned to love, however, the translation above is a hundred times more romantic.

La vita é piú dolce con te – Life is sweeter with you.

Romantic Italian Sayings, The Proud Italian

This Italian saying is indeed sweet, especially when you say it to your other half. Although the saying is longer in Italian, it sounds mushy and romantic nonetheless.

Amore regge senza legge (Love rules without rules)

How some people wish love can be tied to a tree and taught to behave the way they want it to be… But then, love is blind and it chooses not to read and follow the rules. It surpasses forms of logic and transcends possibilities. Love rules and it does so, without following the rules. This, among the romantic Italian sayings, sums it all.

Amore, amore, che schiavitù l’amore – Love, love, what slavery is love!

italian love sayings, The Proud Italian

Have you ever felt that kind of love where you are willing to die or do anything foolish, just for that someone? Amore, amore, amore, indeed! People become slaves to the ones they love all in the name of love itself!

L’amor che muove il sole e l’altre stelle – Love which moves the sun and other stars of heaven 

The combinations of letters look so intimidating and complicated, but the meaning is that which needs deep contemplation. This romantic Italian saying got me asking myself what kind of love people hold to their other half. If that love can move the sun and the stars, then what great love that is! 

In conclusion, if it was said by an Italian, it must be romantic, no question about it.