6 of the Best Olive Oil Dispensers [Reviewed]

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What is an Olive Oil Dispenser?

An olive oil dispenser is a bottle whose shape is usually specific for holding and distributing olive oil, such as tall and thin. The best olive oil dispenser is decorative or plain in appearance and is stainless steel, porcelain, glass, or ceramic with a pour spout to dispense the oil.

This bottle has a design that drizzles oil over salads and other foods and pours small amounts of oil onto plates for dipping foods. 

olive oil dispenser

Our Top Pick for Olive Oil Dispensers

Our pick for the best olive oil dispenser is AOZITA 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser. It is the best for keeping your olive oil fresh and avoiding spillage.

At a Glance – the Best Olive Oil Dispensers

  1. AOZITA 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser: Best overall
  2. Rachael Ray Ceramic EVOO Oil and Vinegar Dispensing Bottle: Best for preserving freshness
  3. [2 PACK]AOZITA 17 oz Glass Oil Dispenser Set – 500ml: Best Non-drip design
  4. Olive Oil Dispenser – Oil Dispenser Bottle for Kitchen, Oil, and Vinegar Dispenser Set: Best user-friendly
  5. Superior Glass Oil and Vinegar Dispenser: Best flavor filter
  6. No Funnel Needed Olive Oil & Vinegar Dispenser: Best quality

What to Look for in Olive Oil Cruets


Because oil dispensers aren’t strictly necessary, the amount you spend is entirely up to you. As a result, you might wish to go with something particularly low-cost. Most olive oil dispensers cost around $20, though you can find them for significantly less.

Alternatively, while it isn’t technically necessary, you may want to take the other approach and invest some time and money in locating a piece that precisely matches your taste. A unique vintage or handmade olive oil dispenser might cost as much as $100—or even more.

Ease of Cleaning

How difficult is it to clean an olive oil dispenser? You may wonder. If a spout or cap has poor fixing, pouring olive oil can be more difficult. It’s also worth thinking about the capacity and whether it’ll fit in the nook of your kitchen where you plan to keep it.


Of course, this is entirely subjective. Your olive oil dispenser should be something you enjoy looking at and using. Various options are available at different rates, so make sure you choose something you like.


Three main things degrade olive oil; Light, heat, and oxygen, so it’s critical to locate a dispenser that will protect it from all three. It’s fine if you want a clear glass dispenser. Remember that your olive oil will not last as long as when you store it in something darker or opaque.

We don’t advocate storing your olive oil on the burner because the heat will soon damage it. If you intend to keep your dispenser on your stove, ensure it’s heat-resistant. The optimum storage location is somewhere cool and dark.

Our Reviews for the Best Olive Oil Dispensers

AOZITA 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser: Best Overall

Amazon’s Choice for “Olive Oil Dispenser”


Material: Stainless steel, glass

Capacity: 17 ounces (481.95 grams)

Color: Dark green

Unit Count: One

About This Item

  • It is an elegant olive oil dispenser bundle. This glass olive oil dispenser with spout stoppers makes it simple to dispense the right amount of oil – reduce your oil intake and eat better.
  • Stainless steel pour spouts with a sealed lid and flap cap fit the bottle well and keep dust out. Everyone can pour and distribute oil in a steady stream without spilling. You can use it to dispense cooking oils, dressings, and vinegar. 
  • Keep your olive oil fresh. The green glass protects olive oil from sunlight and significantly extends the shelf life. Long-term airtight storage is achievable thanks to the black screw cap and white inner cork.
  • It solves your refilling problem. The stainless aided funnel makes it easy to fill and refill the liquid without leaking. It keeps everything clean and aids in the removal of greasy hands.
  • No-risk purchase: If you have any problems with the products, please contact customer support, and they will do everything to find a satisfactory solution for you within 24 hours.


  • Keep your oil fresh for a long time.
  • No risk purchase.


  • You cannot display it on the kitchen counter.

Rachael Ray Ceramic EVOO Oil and Vinegar Dispensing Bottle: Best for Preserving Freshness

Amazon’s Choice in Oil Dispensing Bottles by Rachael Ray

Brand: Rachael Ray

Material: Stoneware

Capacity: 1.5 pounds (3.81kilograms)

Color: White

About This Item

  • Keeps oils fresh for longer: The Rachael Ray ceramic EVOO bottle is good at keeping your oils and vinegar fresher.
  • With this well-balanced EVOO bottle from Rachael Ray, the inbuilt handle provides a stronghold for pouring.
  • Precision pouring: The Rachael Ray EVOO bottle is great for use as an olive oil cruet and salad dressing dispenser, with a unique spout that allows for the precise pouring of oil and vinegar.
  • Easy to clean: The dishwasher-safe oil and vinegar bottle makes cleanup straightforward.
  • Complements other Rachael Ray items: This vibrant EVOO oil and vinegar bottle coordinate beautifully with the rest of the Rachael Ray line.
  • It has an assurance of quality guarantee.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Preserves oil freshness.


  • It is pricey.

[2 PACK] AOZITA 17 oz Glass Oil Dispenser Set – 500ml

Amazon’s Choice in Oil Dispensing Bottles by AOZITA


Material: Stainless steel, glass

Capacity: 500 milliliters (500 grams)

Color: Clear

Unit Count: 1.0 Count

About This Item

  • Glass oil bottle set with pour spouts, dust and flap closures, stainless steel funnel, screws caps, chalkboard labels, and two inner corks, ideal for storing and dispensing olive oil and vinegar safely to keep them fresher for longer.
  • A no-drip design,18/8 Stainless steel, pour spouts with sealed caps, and flap caps are well-suited to the bottle. The spouts have a technique to keep dust at bay, pour easily, and prevent spilling and dripping. Everyone can properly control oil use by pouring and dispensing oil in a smooth stream without leaking.
  • Premium accessory – The 18/8 stainless-steel assisted funnel makes it simple to fill and replenish the liquid without leaking. It keeps everything clean and aids in the removal of greasy hands. With a white paint pen, you can write on three chalkboard labels, giving you the option of identifying the sides of the bottle.
  • Multifunction – The dark green glass effectively shields olive oil from sunlight and extends the shelf life significantly. Because of the sealed top flap, you can also keep your favorite liquid drinks with it, such as wine. It’s ideal for restaurants, bars, catering businesses, and home use.
  • Risk-free purchase – If you have product problems, you can contact support, who will assist you within 24 hours.


  • Non-drip design that is convenient for the kitchen
  • It is a risk-free purchase.


  • Not easy to operate the dispenser.

Olive Oil Dispenser – Oil Dispenser Bottle for Kitchen, Oil, and Vinegar Dispenser Set

Check price on Amazon.com >

Brand: Belwares

Material: Silicone, glass

Capacity: 1.1 pounds (2.79 kilograms)

Color: Clear glass

About This Item

  • Has a measurement cup: pour any liquid directly into the measuring cup atop the olive oil dispenser, avoiding using additional spoons or measuring instruments. This oil and vinegar dispenser set makes it easier to keep track of oil usage and follow recipes.
  • Vinaigrettes and sauces for oils: You can use them as an olive oil bottle dispenser, vinegar and oil measuring bottle, a sauce container, a cooking wine dispenser, or a vegetable oil dispenser.
  • Oil bottle without dripping: to avoid the irritation of oily fingertips, counters, or cabinets, use your cooking oil dispenser. It’s easy to use this oil container without making a mess.
  • User-friendly: this oil and vinegar dispenser with measures is convenient for most. It is the best oil dispenser bottle for the kitchen because of its easy grasp, simple pump operation (press down top), large opening for clean refilling, and glass material for easy cleaning.
  • How does your kitchen look when you organize it? This elegant oil measure dispenser container is neat and appealing to the eye, far superior to the unattractive, heavy oil bottles seen in stores.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • Has a measuring cup.


  • It is not a risk-free purchase.

Superior Glass Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Brand: FineDine

Material: Glass

Capacity: 500 milliliters (500 grams)

Color: Clear

Unit Count: 2 Count

About This Item

  • Controls oil dispensing – You may eat healthily and avoid messes by limiting the quantity of oil, dressing, or vinegar you pour into your dishes. Salads, omelets, and any other recipe that calls for precise amounts of oil have measuring marks on the dispenser.
  • Modern and Chic – The oil dispenser is lead-free glass and superior smudge-free stainless steel, giving it a sleek, contemporary appearance. Enhance your table and always be aware of the space available inside.
  • Quick and easy cleaning and refilling – The wide opening enables quick and easy cleaning and refilling. Any brush will fit in the mouth.
  • The ideal size for a dinner table or a picnic; is small enough to transport easily. The dispenser has a practical design, a comfortable grip, and a non-slip bottom to keep it stable on surfaces. The BPA-free pouring spout flips open and shut easily, keeping dust and insects out of the oil.
  • Has a flavor filter – An advanced filter on the lid prevents spices and tastes from blocking the pouring spout, such as hot pepper. When replenishing, the oil will distribute consistently, and no spices will stick.


  • Has a flavor filter.
  • Suitable for picnics.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a modern design.


  • Has a high price.

No Funnel Needed Olive Oil & Vinegar Dispenser   

Amazon’s Choice in Oil Dispensing Bottles by Purelite

Brand: Purelite

Material: Silicone, glass

Capacity: 17 ounces (481.95 grams)

Special Feature: Wide mouth

Color: Clear

About This Item

  • Airtight bottle – The spouts seal is a tight-fitting, food-grade silicone cover, preventing oxygen from spoiling the oil.
  • High quality – Made of robust borosilicate glass with stainless steel pour spouts that don’t drip.
  • It is convenient – The large, wide-mouth bottle makes it simple to refill without spilling using a funnel. It’s also easier to clean with a bottle brush because of the big hole.
  • It has different applications: Drizzle it with olive oil or vinegar to dress salads. The controlled flow spout ensures that you dispense precisely the appropriate amount of oil for frying every time.
  • Perfect design – An elegant, modern design complements any kitchen’s decor. 


  • High-quality dispenser.
  • Has different modes of application.


  • It is somehow heavy.
Olive oil and spoon

FAQs on Olive Oil Cruets

How do I Clean an Olive Oil Dispenser?

You can wash some of our best olive oil dispensers in the dishwasher; however, you will need to clean some by hand.

Your cleaning frequency will influence your strategy if you’re washing by hand. If you clean it frequently, you should use a grease-cutting detergent and warm water. Add a few drops of soap and let it settle for five minutes or longer. Shake while holding your finger on the top.

If the work calls for it, add a few drops of distilled vinegar to the shaken mixture. When shaking, some people propose adding a few grains of rice as an abrasive. There are thin brushes that might work as well. Depending on the size of your dispenser, the Desin Long Straw Brush is a popular choice you can purchase at Amazon.

How Often Should Olive Oil Cruets be Cleaned?

This varies depending on whether you use the same olive oil every time or if you alternate between different brands/origins. Clean your dispenser if you’re switching types. If you’re using the same oil, sniff it between applications. You’re alright if it smells like fresh, aromatic olive oil. It’s time for cleaning if it’s smelling a touch sour.

Why are Olive Oil Dispensers Handy?

Sure, you could use your olive oil bottle. However, if you choose a darker or more tightly sealed dispenser than your original oil bottle, your olive oil may last longer. That won’t be the case if you’re using a clear glass dispenser, but if you like the look of your dispenser, it’s worth it.

What are the Benefits of Olive Oil Cruets?

Different people buy olive oil cruets for other reasons than storing the oil. You need an olive oil pourer for a variety of reasons.

Makes Pouring Simple.

It isn’t easy to accurately measure the amount of oil to use in any dish if you don’t have an oil pourer. You risk spilling oil all over your counters and making a mess.

Additionally, you may use too much fat in your cooking, making it unhealthy and fattening. Because of their easy-pour mechanism, you can easily control the amount of oil you use with a pourer.

Attractive and Fashionable Designs

Oil pourers are ultra-sleek and add a touch of luxury to any kitchen. Keeping your oil in a stylish oil pourer on your kitchen shelves is far more appealing than storing it in a random bottle.

It’s just a small step toward giving your home a more polished appearance.

Maintains a Clean Kitchen

One of the most significant disadvantages of not having an oil pourer is that your kitchen will clutter. Grease can get everywhere if you pour oil with tablespoons or other utensils.

The best olive oil bottle dispenser prevents spills and allows you to keep your kitchen spotless. Grease spills are the most difficult to clean up and are also the most unsanitary. So get yourself an olive oil pourer to avoid any mishaps.

Extends the Shelf Life

Oil, too, has a shelf life, even though most people are unaware of it. Furthermore, the way we store our oil can have a significant impact on how long it lasts.

You can drastically reduce your oil’s shelf life if you store it near a burner or in a sunny location. Oil pourers extend the shelf life of your oil by having a design that keeps it tasting great for a long time.

What is the Best Place to Keep an Olive Oil Cruet?

It’s crucial to consider where you’ll keep your olive oil holder or cruet because you need to keep it cool and dry to avoid oxidation. A cruet is a miniature teapot or decorative olive oil dispenser convenient and appealing for storing olive oil.

Even if it’s tempting to exhibit your cruet for all to see, it’s still best to keep it in a cabinet with a closed door. Make sure to store your olive oil away from the stove, which can emit heat, and avoid putting it in glass-fronted cupboards since UV and heat from the sun can harm your cooking oils.

Olive oil cruets made of ceramic or colored glass shield the oil from sunlight, heat, and air exposure, allowing it to last longer than a store-bought bottle.

This does not stop you from purchasing an elegant olive oil cruet for your dinner table. Choose an olive oil bottle that matches your decor and use it to dress salads and add flavor to foods while dining, then store it in a cabinet when not in use.

Is it Necessary to Keep Olive Oil Cruets Refrigerated?

Olive oil cruets, both opened and unopened, do not need refrigeration, but they can be if you want your olive oil chilly. Refrigeration is unnecessary to maintain the freshness or taste of your olive oil cruet as long as you store it properly. When you prepare olive oil and taste it at room temperature, it has a considerably higher quality. 

Olive oil has a higher monounsaturated fat concentration than other cooking oils, making it more shelf-stable. Allow the olive oil to come to room temperature before using it after chilling. This will give it time to liquidize before using it in a recipe.

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Olive oil dispensers

Our Final Verdict on the Best Olive Oil Dispenser

For sprinkling oil, the cruet is ideal. Because it’s easier to pour and looks better on the table, you move oil from the bottle you bought to the dispenser. If you’re looking for an olive oil bottle, avoid transparent glass. 

To protect the olive oil from light, ensure the cruet is dark glass or opaque material such as ceramic (which can make it turn rancid). Olive oil is sensitive to light, heat, and air, so while you may believe your new bottle is worth keeping on the counter, keep it away from the stove and on a window ledge. 

Our top pick AOZITA 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser is one example you can use in your kitchen.