7 Reasons to Be a Proud Italian

Italy is a box waiting to be checked in every traveler’s bucket list. Why not? Aside from the things to see and visit, being in Italy is equivalent to being in the place where certain global changes first took place. Here are 7 reasons to be a proud Italian:

Tuscany landscape - The Proud Italian

1. Landscapes

Italy is home to great landscapes and modern architecture reflective of Italian culture that never goes out of style—from the land of Tuscany and the island of Sicily to the original Venice that has long been replicated in many countries, Italy offers so many breathtaking views. Italy’s natural and man-made landscapes, such as the Colosseum, are something to be proud of as an Italian.

“The Italian landscape has been filled with a seemingly endless series of dramatic, captivating, and beautiful scenes since time immemorial. From rugged mountains to vast coastlines and fields of flowers, Italy is guaranteed to provide you with an endless supply of picturesque views.”

While many people may overlook Italy’s natural beauty in favor of its large cities or busy social life, the fact remains that it is a country rich in culture and history.

Fountain of Neptune - The Proud Italian

2. Art

Perhaps the most important reason for being a proud Italian is the occurrence of the Renaissance that set the direction of new art on the global scale, back in the 1600s. The Italian Renaissance is considered the most crucial period in the history of art, as it signaled the start of a new form or approach to art—not to mention Donatello, Michaelangelo, etc.

The paintings have a depth that will stop you in your tracks and make you question what you’re looking at. Italian painting is also about balance–augmenting subtle detail with the harmony of color to create a single harmonious work that can be appreciated both aesthetically by a viewer as well as intellectually by an art historian.

3. Language

The Italian language is the second most liked language, usually because people perceive it is a combination of music, warmth, beauty, and creativity. The tone of the Italian language is very soothing and appealing that it could almost feel like a body wrapping its arms around you. Many people desire to learn the Italian language, and having known it as a mother tongue, it is simply one of those reasons to be a proud Italian.

7 reasons to be proud Italian - The Proud Italian

4. Nobel Prizes

Italy is among the countries that have stacked up a good number of Nobel Prizes. Italy has six awardees of the Nobel Prize for Literature, which just proves how good Italians are in the field of art—good old Dante would have been a proud Italian!

Colosseum - The Proud Italian

5. Rome

The place Rome pretty much sums up why you should be a proud Italian. Rome is simply the end-goal of every traveler, especially with the smallest country (Vatican City) being located at the heart of Rome. The most beautiful thing about Rome is its great history and the development it is undergoing now—the city trying to modernize the place while keeping the history of Rome in check and in place.

6. Geniuses

Italy is also the home of the geniuses that changed the world. Leonardo da Vinci, to name one, hails from Italy, having invented a lot of things while continuously puzzling the world on his work of arts. And of course, who would ever forget Galileo Galilei, who first theorized that the world is round and was later proven to be true?

7. Cuisine

Last but not least, the Italian food! There’s nothing more classy and distinct than Italian food. As a famous saying goes, “Nothing is more romantic than Italian food.” An order of cheesy pasta paired with a glass of wine is just one of those reasons to be a proud Italian. 

italian cuisine