9 Best Cheeses for Lasagna Recipes

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What Cheese Go in Lasagna?

Lasagna is an old Italian meal made from pasta, meat, and cheese baked in the form of sheets. Cheese is among the key ingredients for lasagna. Today we sample the best cheeses for lasagna.

People who love this meal have often wondered what cheese goes in lasagna? An easy question, yet most people don’t get to know what cheese to use in lasagna. Read on to learn the best cheese to use when preparing lasagna cheese recipes.


Which Five Cheeses are Used for Lasagna?

It’s impossible to imagine a traditional lasagna recipe without lots of cheese.You can prepare  Lasagna as the main course in a festive family dinner. You can enjoy this meal with a glass of acidic and fruity red wine.

The key ingredients to use when preparing lasagna are noodles, vegetables, spices, meat, tomato sauce, and cheese topping. Here are the best five cheese lasagna to use when preparing authentic lasagna: 

  • Ricotta Salata cheese.
  • Mozzarella whole milk cheese.
  • Pecorino romano Italian cheese.
  • Organic valley grated organic parmesan cheese.
  • Milano’s romano cheese.

Our Top Pick for Lasagna Cheeses

Our top pick among the cheeses to prepare Epicurious lasagna is Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese. Pecorino is a word used to describe Italian cheeses manufactured from 100% sheep’s milk. Pecorino Romano is the newest cheese on the market. It is also the best-selling brand outside Italy. Pecorino melts well during cooking and gives the food an excellent color. 

Fresh pecorino cheese is cut daily and packaged in protective plastic with a non vacuumed seal. The companies that produce this cheese are on the islands of Lazio, Sardinia, and in the Tuscan Province of Grosseto.

Romans discovered the Pecorino Romano cheese decades ago when it was a part of the main diet of soldiers at war. Pecorino cheese makes a beautiful grating cheese over bread, pasta dishes, and baking casseroles. 

The pecorino cheese is very salty, and you should use it in moderation. Pair your meal with a bold glass of Italian wine or light beer for extra flavor. You can store your pecorino cheese by cutting it into small usable pieces, wrapping it in a cheese paper, and freezing it. 

Pecorino Romano cheese is delicious and creamier on the edges. What’s more, pecorino comes at absolutely pocket-friendly prices. Therefore you can use it in your favorite cooked meals. You can use it as a salad topper or even add it to popcorn!

Product Specifications

Weight: 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms)

Ingredients: Rennet, pasteurized sheep’s milk, bacterial culture, salt

Texture: Creme

Color: Creme

Aroma: Strong, nutty

Aging: 19 months

Region: Sardinia, Lazio

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed plastic

Brand: Alma Gourmet

pecorino cheese

The Best Cheeses for Lasagna at a Glance

Here’s a list of the best lasagna cheese at a glance. You can also use these cheeses to prepare other meals such as salads, pasta, and pizza. 

  1. Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese D.O.P. by Alma Gourmet – 2.5 Pounds Approx – Best overall
  2. Ricotta Salata Cheese – Sheep milk – Approx. 7 Lb-Wheel – Best for salads
  3. Sharp Provolone Cheese–Imported from Italy – 1 Pound – Best flavored 
  4. Mozzarella Whole Milk Loaf 6Lb – Best for baking
  5. Supremo Italiano Provolone Cheese Appox. ~8 lb Not Smoked- Aged for 7 months – Best for baked ziti
  6. Milano’s 100% Imported Romano Cheese Jar,16 Ounce – Best for pizza
  7. 365 by Whole Foods Market, Parmesan Shred, 5 Ounce – Best for weight loss
  8. Organic Valley Grated Organic Parmesan Cheese – Best for vegetarians
  9. 365 by Whole Foods Market, Cheese String Mozzarella Organic 6 Count, – Best value

Reviewing the Best Lasagna Cheeses

We have done thorough research and sampled some of the best lasagna cheeses. These cheeses are great choices that will make your next lasagna meal more enjoyable. 

On our list, you can find everything, from salad cheese, the most affordable cheese, the best cheese for pasta, baking, and much more. Our team has tested all these cheeses and highly recommends them.

If you prefer creamy, tasty cheese that you can prepare all meals with, look no further than Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese, our top pick for lasagna cheeses!

Whatever you like, there is an option for all, so look at our list below!

Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese – Best Overall

Key Features

  • Manufactured from sheep’s milk.
  • Premium quality cheese, shipped with ice packs.
  • Block form.
  • It has lower calorie levels compared to other brands.
  • Well packaged.

Pecorino romano is the best cheese for lasagna and other dishes such as salads, pasta, and pizza. Pecorino has a salty, sharp, smoky flavor. Adding it to your meals will have everyone asking for more. 

Pecorino cheese is soft, creamy, and easy to melt. This cheese also comes at a great price, way lower compared to other brands. This cheese is easy to peel because it has a soft texture. You can easily peel or grate without wasting much time. 


  • Best cheese for lasagna.
  • Affordable.
  • Creamy and tasty.
  • Has high protein and low caloric content.


  • Too salty.
  • Likely to have mold.

Product Specifications

Weight: 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms)

Brand: Alma Gourmet

Aging: 9 months

Item form: Strings

Ingredients: Sheep’s milk 

Serving size: 1 ounce (28grams) 

Protein per serving: 0.92 ounces (28.6 grams)

Calorie content per serving: 110

Form: Block

Allergen information: Cow milk

Cheese String Mozzarella Organic 6 Count – Best Value

Key Feature

  • Made from cow milk.
  • String form.
  • Has microbial enzymes.

Cheese string mozzarella is one of the best lasagna cheeses available. This cheese has many great qualities and comes at an incredibly great price. Microbial enzymes, cultured pasteurized milk, and salt are the main ingredients used to manufacture cheese string mozzarella.

The string mozzarella cheese has excellent flavor and a perfect medium texture. This string cheese is non-moisture and makes a good snack. It tastes even better when rolled up in a piece of prosciutto! With cheese string mozzarella, you get the best value and flavor.

Kids particularly love this brand of cheese because it’s flavourful! If you are looking for affordable multipurpose cheese, cheese string mozzarella will work best.


  • Affordable price.
  • Makes a perfect snack for kids.
  • Tastes great.
  • The salt is perfect, not too much and not too little.


  • The package is smaller compared to other brands.
  • The protective paper used to warp the cheese is too tight.

Product Specifications

Weight: 0.39 pounds (0.18 kilograms)

Brand: 365 by Whole Foods

Aging: 7 months

Item form: String form cheese.

Serving size:1 ounce (28 grams)

Protein per serving: 0.25 ounce (7 grams)

Calorie content per serving: 90 calories.

Allergen information: Cow milk

Servings: 6

Supremo Italiano Provolone Cheese Approx – Best for Baked Ziti

Key Features

  • Low carbs content.
  • Offers seven servings.
  • Great texture cheese.
  • Block form cheese.

Supremo Italiano is among the top cheeses for lasagna with ricotta and cottage cheese. This cheese is delicious and very nutritious. Supremo Italiano cheese has 330 calories, 0.25 ounces (7 grams) of proteins, 0 sugars, and 0 fiber. 

Ensure you always keep your supremo Italiano cheese in the fridge to stay fresh. You can buy this product confidently because the manufacturer has a refund policy. You get a full refund or replacement if the product is defective or damaged in any way. 


  • Good for cooking.
  • Natural cheese product.
  • Easy to shred.
  • No added sugar.
  • Best for baked ziti and grilled sandwiches.


  • It takes time to prepare because it’s not shredded. 

Product Specifications

Weight: 12 pounds (5.44 kilograms)

Brand: Supremo Italiano

Aging: 7 months

Item form: Block

Ingredients: Milk, enzymes, salt, cultures.

Serving size: (0.25 ounce) 7 grams

Protein per serving: 0.25 ounce (8 grams)

Calorie content per serving: 100

Form: Block

Allergen Information: Cow’s milk

Ricotta Salata Cheese – Sheep milk – Approx. 7 Lb-Wheel – Best for salads

Key Features

  • Manufactured from sheep’s milk.
  • Has no dietary fiber.
  • Comes in a block, or wheel form.

Sheep milk is the main ingredient used to manufacture ricotta Salata cheese. This cheese can be used to prepare different meals but works best for salads. You can use it to top all your salads at home. The ricotta Salata cheese comes in a full wheel and is always older than three months.

The ricotta Salata cheese is slightly salted and has a mild, nutty flavor. Crumbling this cheese on your lasagna or salad will make your meal more flavorful. Ricotta is manufactured in Italy by the Zerto company.

This cheese is pure white in color and rough in texture. Always keep it in the fridge so that it stays fresher for longer. 


  • Perfectly salted.
  • It has a creamy taste.
  • Great for salads and lasagna.


  • Slightly drier than other brands.
  • You will need to shred it before use.

Product Specifications

Weight: 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms)

Brand: Zerto

Ingredients: Sheep milk, 

Serving size: 1.01 ounce (28.3 grams)

Protein per serving: 0.18 ounce (5 grams)

Calorie content per serving: 70

Item Form: Block, wheel

Allergen information: Cow milk

Sharp Provolone Cheese – Best for Baking

Key Features

  • Block form cheese.
  • Manufactured from fresh cow milk.
  • Offer eight servings for one bag.
  • Has no fiber.
  • 7 grams (2.47 ounces) of protein per serving.

The sharp provolone cheese is the best option when it comes to baking. This cheese is flavorful and stretchy, making it great for cheesecakes, cheese pancakes, and other pastries. You can use Sharp provolone to prepare lasagna and other meals.

Provolone is manufactured from fresh cow milk and hung to age in specific curing rooms to create its signature flavor and exciting aroma.


  • It has great taste.
  • It has a good texture.
  • Rich in protein and calcium. 
  • Good for baking.


  • Has a strong smell.

Product Specifications

Weight: 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms)

Ingredients: Rennet, Pasteurized sheep’s milk, bacterial culture, salt

Product form: Block 

Serving: 1 ounce (28 grams)

Color: Creme

Protein per serving:0.25 ounces  (7 grams)

Calories per serving: 110

Brand: Vantia

Allergen information: Sheep milk.

Milano’s 100% Imported Romano Cheese Jar – Best For Pizza.

Amazon’s Choice Award: Best Pecorino Cheese By Milano’s

Key Features

  • Comes in shredded form.
  • Produced from sheep’s milk.
  • Has 0.32 ounces (9 grams) of protein per serving.

Romano cheese is another excellent cheese brand. Fresh pasteurized sheep milk is the main ingredient used to manufacture Romano cheese. The Milano company has produced cheese and other milk products for over 40 years. Therefore you can trust their quality. 

Romano cheese comes in shredded form, and you can easily add it to your lasagna, pizza, or any other meal when cooking. The romano cheese is always fresh, melts fast, and has a beautiful aroma. This cheese expires faster. It has a short shelf life and should be bought in small quantities.


  • Shredded and can be easily added to food.
  • Good source of organic calcium and proteins.
  • It is creamy and has a great aroma.


  •  Has a short shelf life of four months.

Product Specifications

Weight: 1.01 pounds (0.46 kilograms)

Brand: Milano’s

Item form: Shredded

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep milk, salt, enzymes, cellulose.

Aging: 6 months

Serving size: 0.18 ounce (24 grams)

Servings: 8

Protein per serving: 0.32 ounce (9 grams)

Calorie content per serving: 100

Allergen Information: Sheep’s milk

Organic Valley Grated Organic Parmesan Cheese – Best For Vegetarians

Key Features

  • Shredded form.
  • Good for vegetarians.
  • It has a resealable tub making it easy to store.
  • USDA Certified Organic -Has no antibiotics, preservatives, or toxic pesticides.
  • Rich in Protein.

Organic valley parmesan cheese is one of the best cheeses for lasagna. This product is shredded in form, ready to be sprinkled over your favorite Italian meals. This cheese is allowed to age for over 300 days before shredded; this gives it the classic Italian cheese flavor.

Each step involved in producing this cheese brand is 100% organic. The milk used in production is from organic valley cows that graze on pre grass, free from pesticides. Parmesan cheese has excellent flavor, you can use it on meals such as salads, pizza, pasta, and garlic bread. This cheese is a companion you cannot afford to miss on your 5-star lasagna recipe.

Besides its bold flavor, parmesan cheese is healthier than many other cheese brands. Enjoying your parmesan meal guarantees you 25% of your daily calcium requirements and 10 grams (0.35 ounces) of protein per serving. With its rich, creamy taste, organic valley parmesan cheese takes your meals to a new level.


  • Shredded and therefore easy to use.
  • Rich in calcium and protein.
  • Smells nice and is rich in flavor.
  • Creamier than other brands.


  • Has a hard texture.

Product Specifications

Weight: 0.25 pounds (0.11 kilograms)

Brand: Organic Valley

Item form: Shredded

Ingredients: Milk from pasture-raised cows.

Serving size: 1 ounce (28 grams)

Servings: 4

Protein per serving: 0.32 ounce (9 grams)

Calorie content per serving: 110 

Allergen Information: Cow’s milk

365 by Whole Foods Market, Parmesan Shred – Best For Weight loss

Key features

  • Has no trans fat and sugar.
  • Has a creamy flavor.
  • Comes in shredded form.
  • Ideal for low-carb meals.
  • Ideal for vegetarians.

Parmesan shredded cheese will add great flavor to all your meals. Fresh pasteurized cow milk, salt, and microbial enzymes are the key ingredients used to make parmesan cheese. Vegetarians can use parmesan shredded cheese. 

Parmesan cheese has a high protein content of 1.87 ounces (53 grams) per serving, making it among the most nutritious cheese brands. This cheese has low calorie and fat amounts, making it suitable for individuals who need to lose weight. Parmesan shredded cheese will add color and a great flavor to your lasagna cheese recipe.


  • A great way to add protein and sodium to your diet.
  • Perfect choice for weight loss
  • Good for vegetarians.
  • Best for pasta, lasagna, and salads.


  • Does not melt easily.

Product Specifications

Weight: 0.38 pounds (0.172 kilograms)

Brand: 365 by Whole Foods Market

Item form: Grated

Allergen Information: Cow milk 

Serving size: 1 ounce (28 grams)

Servings: 5

Protein per serving: 0.35 ounce (10 grams)

Calorie content per serving: 100

Mozzarella Whole Milk Loaf 6Lb – Best For Melting

Key Features

  • Loaf form.
  • Very soft texture.
  • Made from fresh pasteurized cow milk.
  • No growth hormones were used.

Mozzarella whole milk loaf is another cheese brand that you can use to prepare lasagna. This brand of cheese is known for its good melting property. Like all mozzarella cheese brands, this cheese will be perfect for preparing all Italian dishes. 

Mozzarella whole milk loaf is made from fresh cow milk with no growth hormones, making it good for your health. This cheese has a naturally creamy flavor which will make your meals tastier. 

Since this cheese is in block form, consider reducing it to smaller pieces that can be used per meal and storing them in the fridge. 


  • Has no rbst hormones.
  • You can use it to make many meals.
  • Packaged very well.
  • Good melt factor.
  • Soft and easy to grate.

Product Specifications

Brand: AlexMeat store

Weight: 6 pounds (2.72 kilograms)

Product form: Block

Protein per serving: 0.423 ounces (12 grams)

Calories per serving: 180

Servings: 51

Allergen Information: Cow milk.

Cheese typeBrandServingsWeightItem form
Pecorino Romano Italian CheeseAlma Gourmet283 pounds (1.4 kilograms)Block
Cheese String Mozzarella Organic 6 365 by Whole Foods Market60.39 pounds (0.18 kilograms)String form
Ricotta Salata Cheese – Sheep milk – Approx. 7 Lb-WheelZerto10 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms)Block, wheel
Milano’s 100% Imported Romano Cheese JarMilano’s1.01 pounds (0.46 kilograms)Shredded
Organic Valley Grated Organic Parmesan CheeseParmesan40.25 pounds (0.113 kilograms)Shredded
365 by Whole Foods Market, Parmesan Shred Parmesan40.25 pounds (0.113 kilograms)Shredded
Mozzarella Whole Milk Loaf 6LbAlexMeat store516 pounds (2.72 kilograms)Block
Supremo Italiano Provolone Cheese Approx Supremo Italiano10212 pounds (5.44 kilograms)Block
Sharp Provolone Cheese Vantia172.8 pounds (1.27 kilograms)Block

What to Look for in Lasagna Cheeses

It’s not easy to decide what cheese brand to purchase, especially if you are not familiar with the brands. Getting the right cheese can be intimidating with hundreds of brands to choose from. You do not need to be scared because buying cheese can be a fun-filled adventure if you get the right advice.

Amongst the factors to consider when purchasing cheese are do you love strong cheeses? Do you prefer soft cheese or firm ones? Do you need whole or shredded cheese? If you can answer these three basic questions, you are on your way to getting the best cheese. 

The package of the cheese will give you a clue of what to expect. Although some packages do not have this, most cheese packages have outlined product features. Look out for sharp, robust, creamy, tangy, and aged words on the package.

Here are more tips to help you select the best cheese brand:

Popular Brands

It is crucial to consider the brand you are buying from when purchasing cheese. Purchasing from long-existing brands guarantees standard quality. These brands have been in the market long enough and have earned customers’ trust.

BelGioioso is one of the oldest cheese-producing companies. Launched in 1979 in Wisconsin, USA, this company produces good quality cheese. BelGioioso has well brewed and flavored cheese brands. The cheese made by this brand is fresh and delicious.

Kraft is another company that produces good-quality cheese. With over a hundred years of experience, kraft cheese has earned the trust of many customers. From 1903 to date, Kraft produces premium quality cheese products, making all your meals attractive and more delicious!

Founded in 1909, Tillamook produces a wide range of milk products. This company produces butter, creme, yogurt, and cheese. Tillamook is well known for its cheese products. The cheese has a rich natural flavor of fresh pasteurized milk, excellent texture, and good melting. This brand of cheese is a must-have for all cheese lovers. 

Cheese Forms

Cheese appears in four primary forms – block, cup, ball, and shredded. When buying cheese for lasagna, you can purchase either of the four cheese forms. Let’s discuss these cheese forms further.

Shredded Cheese

Shredded cheese is a cheese that has been cut into small tiny pieces by passing it through a shredder. This form of cheese is also known as grated cheese. Shredded cheese is typically old, hard cheese. 

Grated cheese is usually added to food directly, requiring no preparation. 5-star lasagna recipes use shredded cheese. It is important to note that manufacturers use preservatives to prevent shredded cheese from sticking together.

Ball Cheese

Ball cheese is simply cheese that is round in shape. Ball cheese usually has a fresh and cheesy taste. The disadvantage of this cheese form is that it does not last long after opening. Once you open the cheese bag, it easily loses its flavor.

Block Cheese

Block cheese is a cheese packed in a compact form. Block cheese is usually fresh with fewer preservatives compared to shredded cheese. Block cheese needs to be shredded or sliced before adding it to food, and it takes much longer to use it than shredded cheese.

Cup Cheese

Cup cheese is one of the most convenient cheese forms. The water used in packaging this cheese keeps it soft and moist. The water keeps the cheese refrigerated but does not freeze it.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition is an important aspect to consider when buying cheese. Cheese should not only be delicious; it should have essential nutrients and vitamins to nourish your body. As with all other products, manufacturers indicate the cheese’s nutritional content on the package.

Factors to consider include the number of protein, calcium, vitamin A, calories, trans fat, and sugar. Some cheese brands are even more nutritious with high amounts of vitamin B12, riboflavin, phosphorus, and zinc.


Cheese comes in different sizes, which you can convert to smaller sizes. The size you purchase depends on your usage and the product’s shelf life. If you are trying out a cheese brand for the first time, it is advisable to buy the smallest size.  

If you regularly use cheese in lasagna and other meals, you can purchase the medium-sized one to avoid storing it in the fridge for too long and expiry. If you are in the hotel industry or use cheese in bulk, you can purchase the big sizes.


Different cheeses contain different ingredients. When buying cheese, it is crucial to consider whether it has preservatives and artificial colors or not.

Different Cheeses

Our Final Say on Lasagna Cheeses

Lasagna is one of the most common Italian dishes. When preparing any lasagna cheese recipe, the outcome depends on the cheese used, among other ingredients. Choosing the good quality cheese will present a delicious meal that all will enjoy.

If you are planning to prepare some lasagna, consider our list above, those are the best cheeses for lasagna. Whether you are a vegetarian, watching your weight, or prefer quick melting cheese, our comprehensive list has everyone covered. Read our article and find out the 13 Most Popular Italian Cheeses.

Our top pick for all the cheeses used in lasagna is Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese. Pecorino cheese has great melting properties, low-calorie content, high proteins, and minerals, and is very delicious! This is why it should be your best pick too!