A Coffee Macaron Recipe You Have To Try!

What are Coffee Macarons?

Coffee macarons are round sandwich cookies from a special coffee macaron recipe. The main ingredient in coffee macarons is coffee. Other components like food coloring and sugar also make it tastier. 

Coffee macarons come in different colors due to the food coloring materials. For that reason, most coffee macaron recipes always include food colors in the list. 

Coffee Macarons

How Do You Make Macarons?

Macarons always make the best desserts after any meal. Well, how can you make these fabulous deserts? Following a simple guide will lead to tasty macarons all the way. Below is a guide to help you make the perfect macarons. 

Before going further, you will require a total average time of 1 hour and 50 minutes. In this case, the estimation of the total pieces of macarons for preparation is 30. For that reason, you will need an entire preparation period of 30 minutes. On the other hand, your total cooking time will be 20 minutes.

Coffee macarons ingredients for 30 macaron pieces are:

  • 1 cup of fine almond flour. A cup of this flour is approximately 3.2 ounces (90.71 grams)
  • 1 ⅓ cups of sugar in powder form, which is about 7.36 ounces (208.6 grams) in terms of weight.
  • 3 egg whites which must beat at room temperature.
  • 1 teaspoon of salt. 
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  • ¼ cup of sugar in the form of granules. This should be about 1.76 ounces (49.8 grams).
  • 2 drops of pink gel food coloring. 

Steps for Making Macarons

How do you make macarons? Below is the guide:

  1. Mix the sugar in powder form with ½ teaspoon of salt and almond flour in a bowl. Mix them slowly until the outcome is an excellent mixture. In the end-use a fine mesh to silt the mix of almond flour into a huge bowl. 
  2. Beat the egg whites in different bowls and mix them with the remaining ½ teaspoon of salt. Make sure they soften nicely by mixing with an electric hand mixer. The next step is to add up sugar granules until complete incorporation. Keep on mixing it up until the mixture becomes completely stiff. 
  3. Add the food color to the vanilla extract and beat with the mixture till it fully combines.
  4. Add ⅓ of the fine almond flour into the egg whites and combine them thoroughly using a spatula. Even after adding up the last bit of almond flour, keep up the stirring. To prove that the stirring process is complete, make sure that you can create a figure in the shape of 8 while holding the spatula upwards.
  5. Move the macaron batter to a bag with a rounding tip. 
  6. Put four dots of batter into every corner of the baking sheet. Put a piece of parchment paper over by using the batter to assist it in adhering to the parching baking sheet. 
  7. On parchment papers, pipe up the macarons in 1 ½ inch (3 centimeters) circles. Space them at about 1 inch (2 centimeters) from each other. 
  8. Remove any air bubbles by tapping the baking sheet on a flat surface about five times.
  9. Place the macarons at room temperature for not less than 30 minutes and not more than 1 hour. This period will facilitate complete drying. 
  10. Heat again the oven up to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius).
  11. Bake the macarons for less than 17 minutes until the stickiness between them and the parching paper stops.
  12. Completely cool the macarons on a wire rack. You now need to make the buttercream by beating butter with a mixer for 1 minute until it is fluffy and light. Sift the sugar in powder form and beat it up together till full incorporation. Put in additional vanilla into the mixture and beat until they combine. Add in cream at an interval of 1 tablespoon at a time. Beat them together to combine until you achieve the final mixture you desire. 
  13. Move the buttercream into a piping bag that has a round tip.
  14. Create a sandwich by adding buttercream to one macaron and placing another on top of it. 
  15. Put it in an airtight container for one whole night to facilitate blooming. 

Macaron Ingredients Italian Style

There is a slight difference in the Italian recipe for macarons. The top ingredients here are:

  • 1 ½ cups of almond meal.
  • 1 cup and an addition of 3 tablespoon confectioners sugar in powder. 
  • 3 huge egg whites at room temperature. 
  • ½ cup and 1 tablespoon sugar granules.
  • ⅓ cup of water.
  • ¼ tablespoon lemon juice or cream of tartar to enhance stability.
  • ¼ tablespoon gel food coloring. 

The Proud Italian’s Top Coffee Macaron Making Tips

Several tips come in to help you come up with the best coffee macaron filling recipe. In this case, specific recommendations are here to help you make the best Italian-style macarons. Below are the tips:

  • Use your kitchen scale to measure your ingredients in grams. For your Italian Macarons to turn out as good as possible, you need to be precise with the recipe. For that reason, weighing the ingredients to perfect measurements is key.
  • Before making the macarons, you must first read the instructions carefully. You have to be aware of your game plan before beginning the preparations. A few steps come in to assist in creating a perfect plan. 
  • Never use egg whites from a carton. You need to separate the eggs and even age them if you can.
  • You can print out a template or use a macaron mat. Using either of the two will help you in sizing the macarons consistently. 
  • After piping each macaron, strongly bang your pan on the counter to remove air bubbles. Air bubbles cause cracking of the macarons. In some other cases, the air bubbles also bring in hollow shells. 
  • Allow your macarons to form a skin before baking them. You can achieve this result by resting the macarons for about 30 minutes or even more.
  • Using a few sheets, test your pipe up a few macarons to test if your oven is baking correctly or has hot spots. If you perform this test, you will not end up wasting the whole tray of macarons. Such a happening can mostly occur when the oven goes cold or hot. 
  • Allow the macarons to rest for at least one night for them to soften in a good way. This action brings in much flavor due to its high maturity.

Other additional tips include:

  • Make sure that your oven is running at the right temperature. The right oven temperature makes sure that shells don’t get to rise very fast. 
  • Use a baking pan that is upside down. This technique prevents shells from exploding.
  • Add vinegar to your mixing bowl. The vinegar makes sure that there is no fat residue. If there is a fat residue, it prevents the egg from whipping. 

How To Store Coffee Macarons

You should know that coffee macarons do not have a very long life. For such a reason, you have to store them to last for a while. This fact also applies to macchiato macaron, espresso macaron, and mocha macarons. There are several ways of storing your macarons. These ways are:

Use of Macaron Boxes

These special boxes are specifically for storing macarons. They come in to help make the coffee macarons last longer and keep them fresh at the same time. If you need to store your macarons somewhere and take them to an event or party, macaron boxes will be your best choice. 

Airtight Containers

A dry and clean airtight container keeps your macarons away from moisture, thus maintaining their natural freshness. Fold a parchment paper neatly and place it into the container. After setting the paper correctly, begin adding the macarons onto the parchment using one layer. 

To prevent the coffee macarons from sticking together after storage, place them at a small distance from each other. 

Place a tight lid to prevent any air from getting into the macarons. Any additional air inside will make your coffee macarons soggy. After making sure no air gets inside, put the container in a dark and cool place. 


The fridge can keep your coffee macarons fresh for up to three days. This is a good option if you do not intend to eat all your macarons in one day. Since temperatures tend to fluctuate at the bottom and top of the fridge, you should store your macarons in the middle or center sections. 

Also, remember never to store your coffee macarons at the door storage section. When opening the fridge, the temperature changes and may gradually reduce the lasting period of your macarons. 

Before serving your coffee macarons, remove them from the fridge at least 20 minutes before. This move helps bring out flavor since you should consume them at room temperature. 


The freezer is capable of keeping coffee macarons fresh for more extended periods. Coffee macarons can remain fresh in the freezer for three to five months without losing any of their flavors. To prevent freezer burns, pack your macarons carefully. 

Use aluminum foil to further prevent any freezer burns from taking place. This foil also prevents your coffee macarons from acquiring dry air exposure from the freezer. 

Before eating your tasty macarons from the freezer, you need to defrost them for not less than 30 minutes. 

flat lay cup coffee macarons

A Coffee Macaron Recipe You Have to Try

Below are the coffee macarons ingredients for making tasty macarons:

  • ¼ cup of white sugar.
  • 3 egg whites 24 to 48 hours in age.
  • 2 cups of confectioners sugar.
  • 1 cup of almond flour.
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee.
  • 1 cup half sweet chocolate chips.
  • ½ cup of heavy whipping cream.
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee for filling.

There are two separate processes to follow when making coffee macarons. These two main processes are:

  1. Whipping the ganache filling.
  2. Making the shells.

Ganache Filling

Below is the coffee macaron filling recipe to follow:

  • Bring the whipping cream close to boiling: Heat heavy whipping cream using a saucepan. Heat it until it nears boiling point. After that process, pour the cream into a bowl. Make sure you fill the bowl with instant coffee and chocolate chips before pouring the cream. 
  • Whisk till it smoothens: Whisk all the ingredients together while the whipping cream is still hot. Whisk the ingredients until you come up with a shiny, smooth ganache.
  • Set the ganache on the side: Put it aside, allowing it to harden. 

Macaron Shells

  1. Make macaron shell batter: Take sugar granules and mix with the eggs. Beat them together until they take shape. Sift the almond flour and the sugar in powder form using a mesh sieve. The next step is to sift the instant coffee and stir to mix. Into the egg and sugar mixture, fold all the dry ingredients. During this final step, be on the lookout not to mix too much. 
  2. Pipe up the macaron batter: Into a piping bag, transfer the macaron batter. Your next move is pipping 1.5 to 2 inches (3.81 to 5.0 centimeters) circles onto a baking sheet. The baking sheet must line up correctly with the parchment paper. Tap the baking sheet sides several times. This move will help to remove any air bubbles present. Let the butter shapes harden for some time. The hardening should take place for 20 minutes and at room temperature. 
  3. Bake the macarons: Bake these macarons for around 12 to 15 minutes with a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit (148.8 degrees Celsius). After the baking process is complete, let them cool at room temperature. 
  4. Pipe the ganache filling: Add the ganache fillings in a pastry bag and pipe them into the macaron shells. Make a sandwich between one macaron shell and another with the ganache filling inside. 
  5. Store the macarons: Select the best storage option available for you and store the macarons till serving time. 

FAQs on Coffee Macarons

How Big Does The Macaron Batter Need to be Piped?

1.5 to 2 inches (3.8 to 5.0 centimeters) is the diameter you need to pipe the macaron batter. 

How Do You Age Egg Whites?

You should age your egg whites by removing the yolks and putting them aside. Store the egg whites in an open glass container. The final step is putting them inside the refrigerator. This process helps relax the egg protein, thus yielding a good meringue. 

Macaroon vs. Macaron – The Difference 

The preparation of macaroons involves using sweet coconut flakes, while macarons use fine almonds. This reason is the main thing that distinguishes the two desserts from each other. 

Do You Have to Use Cream of Tartar to Make Macarons?

It is not necessary to use this cream, but you may choose to on some occasions. You can use it when you want the egg whites to gain more strength. 

macaron coffee

The Final Say 

Coffee macarons can be somehow costly when getting them from the bakery. By following the steps in this article, you get the power to save up that cash, and most importantly, you save time. With the steps and tips above, you can begin making your coffee macarons with high confidence.