Are Italian Men Mama’s Boys (Mammoni)?

There are speculations that Italian men are mama’s boys. Yes, this might be a fact or a stereotype. Stereotypes aren’t necessarily truths, or maybe they do not apply to everyone, there are some exceptions. According to some people’s experiences, they assure that Italian guys are too dependent on their mothers. The phenomenon is that every second Italian guy lives with his parents and relies on them even though he is above 30.

What is a mama’s boy or “mammoni”?

“Mammoni” or in English (Mama’s Boy) is a label given to all Italians because of their strange relationship that they have with their mothers. Mammoni, (plural of mammone) has different meanings in other languages. Italy points out that mom is a very important figure in Italian guys’ lives.

You can be 16 or 35 years old and still be dependent on your family. When you are a teenager it is normal, but above the 30s is weird. The way Italians are bringing up their children differs from other cultures. We can take the Americans as an example.

Are Italian Men Mammoni - The Proud Italian

While in America children leave their homes and are becoming independent in their 18s, for some Italians it is unimaginable to do it. With girls might be slightly different because they dare to leave their homes and live with roommates or due to the fact of marrying earlier.

Italian Mothers

What is mama’s boy? – “an adult waiting for mama’s approval”.

Italian moms care too much for their boys and it is normal to cook meals for them, do the laundry, iron the clothes and even give them money for a cup of coffee, while daddies are working from dusk till dawn. Why is that so? Is it maybe too expensive to live alone and pay the bills? Or maybe it is because of the low salaries?

All of these aspects influence in a certain way. Now, it’s part of their mentality. The connection between Italian mom and son is priceless. People say that even when they marry they insist on living with their parents.

Mammoni, Italian mama's boy - The Proud Italian

Why are more and more millennials living with their moms?

An increasing number of young Italians are choosing to live under the same roof with their parents – or have no other choice. Duty-free life is what most Italians are living. Having the parents holding their back is something that makes them feel secure. Economic reasons and unemployment are the most commonly cited factors.

Besides this, we must say that around 80% of Italian students are studying in Italy which is another reason for having less independence. Unlike some European countries, in Italy, there is a lack of affordable housing available in many cities.

Dating a Mammoni

If you fall in love with an Italian guy, be careful if he is mama’s boy. Several signs will help you not to get caught in that triangle.

If he is reluctant to get married might happen because he doesn’t know what’s his priority. If he is afraid to live away from his parents means that he still relies on them.

Having a date with him and during the dinner, he is constantly talking about his mommy – he worships her, it’s a sign that he is mama’s boy. If you argue with his mom, don’t expect that he will take your side, even if you are right. He thinks that his mother is always right.

If you cook differently and if he is comparing mom’s meals – he might ask you to get classes in his mom’s kitchen.

Italian Mom Cooking, Mammoni, Italian mama's boy - The Proud Italian

If you find out that his mom knows part of your conversations or plans don’t surprise yourself they are talking with them about everything. Even if he is an adult you may notice that without mom’s approval he cannot make a final decision.

There are funny pictures of mothers cuddling their boys made like mama’s boy memes. It shows up their connection  It’s shocking! But you may leave the guy or accept it this way. Would be perfect if you could change it. 

We have to admit that not all Italian guys are acting the same. There is a percentage of men that are living separately and dedicated to their wives.

Mothers Spoil Their Sons

Apart from the physical attachment and financial dependence that Italians have with their mothers, there is an emotional element as well.

This means that even men with professions and having their residence can still be Mama’s Boys. It’s hard for them to decide without consulting with their mothers. Generally, mothers spoil their sons doesn’t matter if they live together or separately.

Italian men, mama's boys (mammoni) - The Proud Italian


To sum up,  mama’s boys exist everywhere not only in Italy. You have to be aware that this is a fact for some of them. Italians are famous for being mama’s boys. This may sound funny, but it can definitely be a problem. Either way, make your judgment!