The Best Way to Learn Italian

How do You Know What is the Best Way to Learn Italian?

Do you want to learn Italian? You, therefore, need to find the Best Way to Learn Italian. There are various ways of learning Italian. Most forms can be found online, making it easier for you. 

You will only need to have a stable internet connection, and you will be good to go. To find the best way to learn Italian, do a lot of research on the internet.

The Four Essential Tools to Learning Italian

First Tool: Something that builds your Confidence

The Italian language is an interesting one that you will enjoy learning. To have a grasp of the language, you will need to use a variety of tools. One tool cannot be enough to cover all the Italian language areas, such as; pronunciation, grammar, or terminology. 

The best way to start learning Italian is by using the following four means:

  • Michel Thomas Total Italian.
  • Rocket Italian Interactive Audio.
  • Rosetta stone Italian.
  • Duolingo.
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Italian for beginners does not get any easier if you choose to start with a grammar course.  You may end up giving up because it’s not easy. Speaking Italian may end up an unfulfilled dream if all you start with are complicated tenses and verb endings.

Get a tool that will help you start speaking Italian confidently. Discussed below are the resources you can use:

Michel Thomas Italian

As a beginner, Michel Thomas Italian will help you build your confidence. It is an audio course that has recordings of Michel Thomas. 

In the course, Thomas is giving instructions to some Italian learners. They designed the course in such a way that you begin learning from the simple to the most complex of topics.

For instance, you begin learning easy phrases step-by-step until you can construct a complex sentence. Michel Thomas also explains certain Italian language features and how to use them in different contexts.

In the course, you are not supposed to memorize nor write anything down. Even though you can not write anything, you can at least start to have basic Italian language conversations.

The Michel Thomas Italian course is quite controversial, though. Some people claim that it is just a marketing stunt because you cannot write nor memorize anything. Find the Italian lessons in the application on Android and iOS. You can also get the course on iTunes stores or CDs through Amazon.

Rocket Italian Interactive Audio Course

The Rocket Italian Interactive Audio Course is similar to the Michel Thomas course. It is also an audio course, but unlike the Michel Thomas course, it is well-structured. There is a presenter who is an Italian native, and there are no stubborn students!

You can find the course online through the Rocket Language Website and also on Android and iOS. The most exciting thing about the Rocket Italian Interactive Audio Course is that it has funny jokes that will keep you entertained as you learn. The best part is that it comes free with the entire course.

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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is more of a game since all you have to do is match pictures to the words. Previously, it used to be very expensive to purchase, but prices have dropped recently. The Advantages of the Rosetta Stone are that:

  •         It doesn’t tire you with a lot of theoretical grammar.
  •         It is like a game and hence fun to play.
  •         There is voice recognition that ensures you pronounce words correctly.
  •         It is suitable for learning simple tenses and verbs.
  •         The content will stick in your mind since it is pictorial.

Rosetta Stone will always make you know the progress you are making in learning Italian.


As much as it’s not good to start with a grammar course, Duolingo is a grammar course that is recommended. The reason is that it begins with simple vocabulary and will also show you how to construct simple sentences.

Duolingo is free. It will not cost you to try. The course is also like a game, hence fun. When you achieve certain milestones, it will encourage you by rewarding you with small gem tokens called “lingots.”, which is much like in-house gamification.

The above resources are the best way to learn Italian for travel.

Second Tool: Lessons with an Italian-speaking tutor

Girl learning to speak Italian via laptop - The Proud Italian

After building your confidence, you need to get a tutor. An Italian native tutor is the best way to learn Italian online as well. You will end up being proficient in pronunciation since your tutor will be helping you out as you speak.

The tutor will also keep you on track. Once you book a lesson with a tutor, you are not likely to skip the lessons. The best thing is that a tutor will quickly know your weak areas and work to improve them.

Several websites will help you get Italian native tutors. The lessons are always carried out via skype or any other video chat system. Here are some of the sites:


iTalki has professional tutors that teach pretty many languages. You will meet an Italian native tutor on iTalki. There are also “community tutors” who don’t have many qualifications. The tutors offer their courses at reduced costs that you can afford.


To learn Italian, Lingoci is the best since it has excellent reviews. The founder of the site is Alex Redfern.  He says that they have put much effort into ensuring they have qualified tutors. You can pick your tutor, or they can choose one for you that matches your skills.


Verbling is also highly ranked, just like Lingoci. The best thing about Verbling and Lingoci is that they offer free trials. You, therefore, have a chance to meet your tutor before you decide if you will go ahead with him/her.

There are many legit and illegitimate sites online. It would be good if you did thorough research before settling on one.

Third Tool: Grammar-based textbook or software

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Once you have had lessons with a tutor, you are now ready to study grammar. By now, you are already familiar with most things about the Italian language. There are language books or apps that will help you at this level. They include:

Rocket Italian

The Rocket Italian has the language and culture aspect. Some lessons come with audios that help in memorizing.  Testing tools are also available, and it’s easier to go through a few exercises while enjoying your evening tea.


Duolingo is free hence easily accessible. You can go through the given notes on grammar and practice the tests given.

Fourth Tool: Real-World Exposure: Reading and Listening

This is the most enjoyable phase! After going through all the above, you need to practice what you have learned. Get out there and read or speak! If you don’t get people to talk with, get books to read, listen to Italian music, radio, podcasts, and more. You can start by reading simple stories for children.

When it comes to listening to radio, movies, or TV, FluentU is the best. You will get to watch videos in Italian. The good thing is that the videos will always come with translations. The other way to learn Italian online is through YouTube, and you can stream Italian radio stations.

Why is Babbel One of the Best Online Tools to Learn Italian?

Learning Italian on laptop and taking notes - The Proud Italian

Here are reasons why Babbel is the most considered tool for learning Italian online:

  • Compared to other language apps, Babbel works well since there are different ways of having conversations that it will introduce you to. For instance, you will learn how to order at a restaurant in Padua or book a Palermo hotel.
  • It is also easy learning with Babbel. The lessons take only 10-15 minutes, and you are also allowed to choose the relevant courses for you.
  • Babbel’s courses are affordable, and they can be accessed online. The app also strengthens your speaking, reading, and writing skills. There is a review feature that will bring back information that you might easily forget.
  • There is a free first lesson that is offered. This will determine whether you will go on with Babbel or not.

The Different Platforms to Learn Italian

Several platforms will help you learn Italian. You can learn online or offline. For instance, you will find the following courses on audio:

Michel Thomas Total Italian

It is an audio course that is great for beginners.  In the audio, Michel Thomas is instructing learners. You will learn simple Italian phrases on this platform.

Rocket Italian Interactive Audio

This also another audio course that is similar to the Michel Thomas course. You will get it on the Rocket language website and apps like Android and iOS.

Rosetta Stone

This is an online course that entails learning through pictures. What you need to do is match the images with the words given.


It is a grammar course that starts with basic vocabulary. From this platform, you will learn how to construct simple sentences.


It is a website where you will meet tutors of Italian origin and other languages as well. You will be connected to a tutor that suits your skills, and your Italian lessons will begin.


It is a one on one tutoring site. It is the biggest, and you will find a variety of tutors to choose from. There are professional teachers and those that are not trained too.


It is also a tutoring site that comes with free trials.


You can also learn Italian from YouTube. YouTube offers lessons that can help you learn Italian.


It is an Italian media that offers videos to watch in Italian. The videos come with translations and hence easy to learn.

Radio stations

You can also learn Italian by listening to Italian radio stations.

Top Study Tips

Tips when learning Italian cubes, light bulb and a pen - The Proud Italian

For you to learn Italian well, you need to put in a lot of effort. There are top study tips that will make you achieve your goal of learning Italian. You can accomplish this in just four hours per week:

First Hour: Fun Vocabulary Apps

To communicate fluently in Italian, you need to be well-conversant with words. You need to grow your vocabulary. Use the following language apps:

  • FluentU-This app has got videos that have captions. The captions will enable you to learn new words quickly. If you come across a word that is not familiar to you, click on it, and you will get its meaning and pronunciation.
  • Duolingo Italian-It is a language app that is free to download. You can start as a beginner or take tests if you have some foundation in the Italian language. By the time you are through with the app, you will have learned about 2000 words.
  • Memrise-With this app, you can access some Italian courses for beginner, intermediate or advanced learners. The app also offers courses on specific topics.
  • Busuu Italian-It uses songs and videos to teach vocabulary. You can also get to meet native Italian speakers through the app.

Second Hour: Specific Grammar Topics

You need to come up with grammar topics that you want to learn more about. Get topics from an Italian textbook and study a chapter every week. Apart from books, you can learn from YouTube on channels like:

  • Weila Tom-He has videos that are strictly for teaching Italian. The videos have grammar topics that are well-arranged.
  • Italy Made Easy-This channel has videos that serve as mini-language tutorials. You will find topics such as verbs, nouns, and adjectives.
  • Learn Italian with Lucrezia– The channel offers tutorials that focus on beginners and those at the intermediate level regarding grammar.

Third Hour: In-depth Reading

Reading Italian, book, coffee and glasses on the surface - The Proud Italian

What you need to do at this hour is reading at an in-depth level and not just skimming through. 

To read effectively

  • Choose a text that you like.
  • Get a notebook to write new words you come across. Ensure you translate the new words.
  • Reread the text with the new words.
  • Create flashcards from the new words.
  • Write a summary of what you have read, including the new words.

Go to these websites to read

  • One World Italiano- It is mainly for beginners. Audios and short tests accompany the writings.
  • Saber Italiano– It is suitable for pre-intermediate learners. Tests accompany some comprehensions.
  • Italian newspapers- This is an excellent site for advanced learners. Some newspapers are suitable for reading.

Fourth Hour: Authentic Italian

Expose yourself to some Italian language. You can watch Italian films or TV shows. Italian radio stations are also good to listen to.

By the time you are done with the discussed tips, you should be a pro in the Italian language!

Top Italian Language Books Available Online

E-book reader and stacked books behind it  - The Proud Italian

For you to sharpen your skills in the Italian language, you can get the books below and read them:

Italian All-In-One For Dummies


This is a well-equipped book. You will find a lot of information on Italian Grammar, Italian verbs, Italian phrases, and it also comes in the audio set. There is an audio version that makes it easy for you to speak the Italian language.

Do you want to learn Italian for travel, work, or the fun of it? Get this book that will guide you on how to speak, write and read in Italian. The book has 465 reviews that translate to 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Easy Italian Phrase Book


If you want to learn all the phrases in the Italian language, purchase this book. It consists of more than 1500 common phrases that are used daily. In the book, there is guidance on how to pronounce vowels and consonants. You don’t have to struggle to communicate with Italian natives. When it comes to reviews, it boasts of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Living Language Italian-Complete Edition


It is the best book for a beginner. You will begin with the beginner course and reach the advanced stage in just one package. This is because the book has three coursebooks, nine audio CDs, and free online learning. The many customer reviews put the book at 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Barron’s 501 Italian Verbs


You will find the most used Italian verbs in this book. The verbs are listed in alphabetical order together with their translation. The book also entails synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and how they are used in sentences. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars in reviews.

Color and Learn Easy Italian Phrases For Kids


The book contains playful illustrations that are accompanied by Italian words and phrases. The illustrations are much fun, especially for kids. It becomes easy for the kids to memorize the words like favorite foods, colors, numbers, and family members. The book is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars in reviews.


With all the information discussed in this article, you will learn Italian quickly. Before you know it, you will be writing, reading, and speaking Italian fluently, just like a native!

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