What it’s like Dating Italian Girls

The Beauty of Italian Girls

The Italian culture puts much emphasis on beauty, especially in Italian women. Italian girls are considered beautiful when they are slender, with narrow hips and medium to large breasts. To Italian men, hot Italian girls are those who are slim and a little curvy. 

Italian women are also considered beautiful when they have high cheekbones, long hair, soft lips, and a small or Roman nose.

In this article, you will discover some things you must know before dating an Italian woman. You will also learn practical tips on how to date these beautiful women. Read on to find out more about the topic. 

15 Things you Need to Know About Dating Italian Girls

Dating Italian girls - The Proud Italian

If you are dating in Italy, most likely, you will date an Italian woman. There is a saying that goes, “when you marry someone, you marry their family too.” This is so practical when you marry or date an Italian girl. For Italian women, family always comes first.

 If you happen to date an Italian girl, you will be lucky because you’ll have gotten an Italian good! In this section, you will discover the things you ought to know before dating a beautiful Italian girl. Consider the following before you date Italian girls:

1. If you’re dating them, you’re dating their entire family as well

Italian culture is made up of family values, traditions, and beliefs. For an Italian woman, her family is so important. If you want to win an Italian girl’s heart, get along with her family, and you won’t have problems.

2. They will observe how you relate with your mother

The way you treat your mother is very crucial to Italian women. If you don’t respect your mother, they will think you will treat them the same way. But, if you have a good relationship with your mother, Italian girls will appreciate that. So, a mature man is expected to treat his Italian woman well.

3. Her family will know every tiny detail about the relationship

Family reunion holding glasses of wine up - The Proud Italian

If you are planning to waste an Italian woman’s time thinking no one knows of your relationship, you are in for a rude shock! You cannot keep it a secret because Italian women share a lot with their mothers and grandmothers. Don’t be shocked when her mother and Nonna know about your relationship even before you announce it to them!

4. Men in their lives are overprotective

When dating an Italian female, be ready to see protective fathers, brothers, uncles, and even grandfathers. They are so protective that they think a mature Italian girl should only start dating at the age of 30!

5. Don’t change them

If you want peace while dating an Italian girl, leave them the way they are. Please don’t attempt to change them. Italian girls tend to have very brave personalities. They are proud, loud, and fierce!

6. They are highly emotional

Couple on a date with yellow roses - The Proud Italian

When it comes to expressing emotions, Italian women know how to do it. An Italian woman will not be afraid of telling you off when you’re doing something they don’t like. It is a stereotype Italians know of. They will always express their feelings entirely, whether sad, angry, happy, or excited. When she is angry, be prepared because she may hit you with an object.

7. Be ready to find hair everywhere

This is one of the Italian stereotypes; Italian women have thick hair, and you may find hair in your house, car, etc.

8.They eat a lot

You will be shocked at how much Italian girls can eat! You may be used to how normal girls eat but be ready for an Italian girl. They don’t leave anything on their plates; they eat everything. Get ready to enjoy lots of Italian food!

9. They don’t forget

Italian girls don’t forget easily. If there is anything you did to them, be ready to be reminded decades later! They tend to keep grudges for long periods.

10. They are caring

Couple on a date laughing - The Proud Italian

If an Italian woman agrees to date you, you are so fortunate. They are so kind and would do anything to make you happy. It would help if you never took their kindness for granted because they are so generous.

11. They expect the men to chase them

Compared to women in some places like America, Italian women will never ask a man out. They hold their traditions at heart and would always wait for the men to ask them out. An Italian woman will expect the man to ask for her number and take her out for dates. Vice versa is rare when dating in Italy.

12. They are funny

With an Italian girl, you can never get bored! Even though they are bold, they have a sense of humor that will ensure your relationship is full of fun. Ensure you allow her to express herself, and you will enjoy dating her!

13. They are exploratory

Before you date an Italian girl, be ready for adventures! They like to go on adventures and to explore new things. If you are not an adventurous person, it will help you to go online to learn a few things about adventurous activities you can do on a date. You can also learn about nice places you can go for an adventurous date. 

14. They live in the moment

Italian women don’t like worrying about what will happen. They will live in the moment and enjoy being with their partner. They will appreciate what life has to offer. Surprisingly, they can multitask as well.

15. They are not easy to impress

As much as they like being pursued, it doesn’t mean that they will easily fall for you! You must impress them, and it is not just by your looks. Of course, you have to take care of yourself on the outside; they look beyond vanity. Italian women want men who are ready to have deep talks. So, work on your looks and, most importantly, your wisdom.

How to Date Italian Girls

Date night and couple in a restaurant - The Proud Italian

You must have read several posts on how to date Italian women, but you are here. Right? That means you did not find what you are looking for. In this section, you will find a detailed guide on how you can find yourself a beautiful Italian lady. If you are looking to date beautiful Italian girls, follow the steps below on how to date them:

1. Find her contacts

How will you invite her for a coffee date if you don’t have her phone number? Be very tactical in getting her phone number. She may not give it to you quickly. Like it is with them, they like being pursued. 

They will measure your seriousness by first denying you their contact number to test whether you will give up. Keep trying until you get her number. If you are successful, then you will be near your first date!

2. Ask her out

After you have her contact details, the next step is asking her out. An Italian girl may be interested in you, but it’s up to you, the man, to ask her out. If she doesn’t accept your invite, keep asking. 

She may be testing your patience! Saying no doesn’t mean she is not interested in you. Keep asking until she agrees. But if she says no more than thrice, don’t insist because you will look like a fool.

3. Look good

Handsome Italian man - The Proud Italian

Italian women, especially the hottest Italian girls, love good-looking men. Don’t go on your first date dressed shaggily! You may spoil your chance of winning the girl if you don’t look good. Ensure you take your time to groom yourself well before going out with a lovely Italian lady. 

4. Speak their language

Italian women like men who speak their language. You don’t need to be fluent; just a few words will show that you are serious about them. If you are not Italian, try to learn some Italiano if you want to date an Italian woman.

5. The art of flirting is a must

Flirting on the date - The Proud Italian

If you want to woo an Italian girl, you must be good at flirting. This is a must for you to get an Italian woman as a wife or girlfriend. Moreover, try to avoid clichè statements that would make you look stupid. Be yourself and use your natural charisma.  

6. Chivalry is on

Even with a lot of education and civilization, chivalry is not dead in Italy. An Italian woman expects to date a man who can take care of her. How will she know this? By a man taking care of the bills. These will happen when the man pays for the drinks, coffee, or dinner on a date.


Italy is known for having the most beautiful women, like the Italian models. You will most likely meet them in social places since they like to socialize with friends and have fun. If you have read this article in its entirety, you are now aware of what you should expect while dating sexy Italian women. 

You have also learned simple steps you can follow to woo an Italian beauty. If at first you did not succeed, you are now equipped to go again! Tutto il meglio!

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