DESIRABLE Info On National Calzone Day

Don’t be baffled if you happen to cross the street and smell an appealing, mouthwatering aroma of tomato sauce and garlic; it must be calzone. Do you know that National Calzone Day is the ideal day to sample this treat?

Let’s learn more about this day and the said delicious meal!

Fresh baked calzone

When is National Calzone Day? 

Since November 1 is the National Calzone Day, it is the ideal day for pizza. This unofficial culinary holiday honors a kind of pizza that occasionally lacks the recognition and admiration it merits.

Naples is where the calzone was invented somewhere in the 18th century. It is made with leavened dough and loaded with a variety of ingredients often found in pizza toppings. Ham, salami, several kinds of cheese, and vegetables are common calzone fillings.

National Calzone Day – The Origins

The history of calzones goes back several centuries. The concept is straightforward: take some pizza dough, top it with the desired toppings, fold it in half, and bake it!

Calzones were a type of portable street snack popular in Naples, Italy, in the 1700s. Calzones, previously sold in streets, could serve as a quick meal for an Italian tradesman who had to rush back to work.

Since calzones were a convenient lunch to carry about, the name calzone translates to “trouser” in Italian. Calzones have changed a little since then, using pizza crust and filling, but the basic concept hasn’t changed.

Kansas City’s Minsky’s Pizza established National Calzone Day in 2016 to commemorate the establishment’s 40th birthday. The opportunity to celebrate this fantastic Italian cuisine is now available to individuals not just in Kansas City but all across the world on this day.

Calzones have grown in popularity in the US during the last few decades. Pop culture references, like calzone’s appearance in Seinfeld in 1996 or Ben Wyatt’s fondness of calzones during the run of Parks and Recreation from 2009 to 2015, may have been helpful.

Calzones are delicious and filling! Unlike regular pizzas, their unique folding and filling allow them to stay warmer. Thanks to the elastic calzone dough, you can choose from a wide range of fillings. 

Calzones are filled with so much goodness and fun that it makes sense to observe them as a food holiday. Both young and old love calzones since they come with a variety of filling possibilities! Given how intriguing calzones are, you must unquestionably get a bite on this Calzone Day and savor it! 

Try your own calzone journey if you’re already a fan!

How to Celebrate This Day

Take pleasure in this delicious, portable dish with Italian origins! Consider some of these suggestions for observing and honoring National Calzone Day:

Find the Greatest Pizza Restaurants

Find the most incredible pizza restaurants in your area and plan to visit each one. Make today unforgettable by sampling as many different calzone slices as you can!

Sample Some Calzones

In honor of National Calzone Day, head down to a neighborhood Italian eatery and place an order for a calzone for lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to ask a friend to join you in celebrating the day!

The menu offers a wide range of filling choices, such as pepperoni, mozzarella, sausage, ricotta cheese, tomato sauce, and much more.

Head Over to the Minsky’s Pizza Place

Enjoy National Calzone Day at Minsky’s Pizza in Kansas City, the birthplace of the calzone. Visit this ancient city for a quick trip to take in some jazz, savor some barbeque, and stop by Minsky’s Pizza for some calzones.

In recognition of National Calzone Day, the restaurant usually gives a special price. Out of kindness, they often allow customers to take advantage of it the day before and the day after.

Bake Your Own Calzones

Learning to make one is a great way to celebrate food! So try and make your own calzone in the oven! Use the hashtags #NationalCalzoneDay and #CalzoneDay to share a photo of your calzone on social media or amongst your group of friends.

Organize a Fantastic Party

Invite friends and family to your house so they can make their own calzones. Baking with loved ones is always a joy. If there are too many individuals, you can divide into teams to create your own crazy calzone with all of your favorite goofy fillings.

Alternatively, you could have a potluck gathering and ask your guests to bring their favorite calzone.

Calzone Cookout

Due to our natural differences, a cookout can be the best way to sample various types of calzone. Most people tend to forget about vegetarian options. You may be wondering if this is possible.

Why not organize a cookout that will expose you to various recipes?

Amazing Calzone Facts

There is a lot to learn about calzone due to its Italian attribution. Here are some facts you should know as you bite down on this fantastic meal:

  • Translating “calzone” into English means stockings, a droopy sack, or pants. In other words, the name refers to eating a folded pizza while strolling or standing.
  • Similar to pizza, calzones originated in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century.
  • The term “calzone” was initially recorded in 1933 to refer to a pizza that is inside out.
  • Calzones were the most effective type of pizza for house delivery in the 1960s.
  • With numerous successful TV episodes containing stories about calzones in the 2000s, calzones attained their most outstanding level of popularity.
  • In Italy, fresh herbs and spices are the essential ingredients in making sauces.
  • Calzones are also called Italian hand pies, turnaround pizza pies, folded pizzas, and carry-around pizza pies!
  • In some parts of Italy, calzones have an alternative name, “Calzoni.
  • On Sunday, July 14, 2019, during the Vaughan Pizza Fest in Ontario, they made an enormous calzone in history. This 59-foot-long (17.9 meters) calzone required 400 pounds (181 kilograms) of dough, 176 pounds (80 kilograms) of mozzarella cheese, 88 pounds (40 kilograms) of pepperoni, and 26 pounds (12 kilograms) of Italian peeled tomatoes.
  • Italian lunch counters and street vendors frequently sell sandwich-sized calzoni because they are convenient to consume while moving or standing.
  • One can find sweet varieties of calzone in the Marche area of Italy. Panzerotti, typically filled with tomato and mozzarella cheese, is a fried variant of calzones. They are widespread in the Puglia region of Italy.
  • Each calzone contains about 2,000 calories.

How to Make Calzone

Making calzone is relatively easy. It may surprise you that you could make some fantastic calzone with readily available ingredients. The beauty of this is you can choose your stuffings and sauces. Whether you are vegan or not, we got you covered!


Total time: 35 minutes

Servings: 2

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Nutritional Content per Serving

Calories: 39 calories

Carbohydrates: 0.13 ounces (3.6 grams)

Protein: 0.06 ounces (1.7 grams)

Fat: 0.07 ounces (2 grams)

Fiber: 0.007 ounces (0.2 grams)

Sugar: 0.004 ounces (0.1 grams)

Ingredients for Dough

  • 6 cups of wheat flour 
  • 1 packet (7 grams) of yeast 
  • 14 cups (3,310 milliliters) of water 
  • 1 teaspoon sugar( 5 grams)
  • 2 glasses (473 milliliters) of hot water 
  • 3.5 tsp (17.8 grams) salt 
  • 1/4 cup (50 grams) sugar, 
  • 1/3 cup (80 milliliters) of olive oil 

Equipment Needed

  1. A small bowl for coating the dough ball.
  2. A spoon for spreading the sauce.
  3. Rolling pin to flatten the dough
  4. A wooden peel to place calzones on a pizza pan.
  5. An oven.

Calzone takes about 15 minutes to prepare and about 20 minutes to cook for a serving of two.

Step 1: Mix a 1/4 cup of warm water, one teaspoon of sugar, and yeast. Allow the mixture to rest until fermentation occurs (about 5 minutes). Next, combine 1 cup of water, salt, sugar, and oil in a whisk, and mix with the yeast mixture and 1 cup of flour.

Whisk to combine. Gradually add the remaining flour using a wooden spoon or a mixer with a dough hook attachment. (Note: When mixing with a wooden spoon, stir until the dough begins to pull away from the edges of the bowl and a ball begins to form.)

Switch to kneading the dough using your hands as you incorporate the remaining flour. Put on a floured surface. When the dough is elastic and smooth, it is ready. Let it settle for 45 to 60 minutes in a greased bowl with a damp towel covering it before use.

Step 2: Prepare fillings of your choice, for example, cheese, mushrooms, chicken, or ham. Let your imagination run wild.

Step 3: Roll the dough with a rolling pin. Try and make it as thick as a book which is about 1 inch(2 centimeters).

Step 4: Spread some sauce of your choice, and fill the side sparingly with the sauce; if you do, it will be challenging to fold. Place all the ingredients you desire on this side. Ensure that you leave a half-inch (1.27 centimeters) border on all sides for sealing.

Step 5: Use your finger to moisten the edges of the calzones by dipping them into a bowl of water. To create a half-moon shape, fold the calzone side with no ingredients over the side with all the ingredients.

Push any vegetables that try to escape by pressing down on the edges. On a baking sheet with parchment paper, arrange the calzones and puncture them with a fork. You can use various markers to identify what is inside if you have multiple calzones.

One egg and one tablespoon of water should be beaten together with a fork in a small bowl. Brush the top of each calzone with a brush so as to give it a shiny brown coat when ready.

Step 6: Bake for 15 to 20 minutes in a 797 Degrees Fahrenheit (425-degrees Celsius) oven until they turn golden brown. Whatever dip or side dish you want, serve them with. 

Why the Proud Italian Loves This Day

Pizza is the first food that springs to mind when you think about Italian cuisine. Calzone Pasta has evolved into a representation of Italian culture thanks to the many available sauces, cheese, and stuffing variations.

Given that it has become the most popular main course meal in the globe, this is something many Italians take great pride in. It’s no secret that calzone has grown to play a significant role in Italian culture, not just among Italians but also among people worldwide.

But why does Italian culture value calzone so highly? The art of creating, eating, and enjoying calzone has come to reflect many of the ideals of Italian culture as a whole, even though it may just look like a simple pie.

Consider some of the factors that make calzone one of the vital marks of Italy’s culture:


To begin with, pizza has a long tradition in Italian culture. The first specialized Italian calzone stores started to appear in the 1700s in Naples, Italy.

Italians eventually spread calzone to all corners of the globe, and Naples quickly became home to calzone recipes. Italy finally had so many calzone businesses.

When you see history this way, it is simple to see how the love of calzone and its history have become ingrained in Italian culture.


Family and the value of quality time spent together are two pillars of Italian culture.

One of the few ways Italians accomplish this is by cooking and eating calzone together as a family, which explains why you’ve probably heard so much about Italian grandmothers spending hours preparing and cooking calzone and pizza for the entire family.

Older generations can carry family customs to the younger generations and spend quality time together, even with busy schedules, by mixing, kneading, rolling, and cutting dough. Families can then enjoy a leisurely meal together.


Any restaurant you enter, anywhere in the world, will likely have a pizza or calzone on the menu. This is due to how simple it is to prepare it.

Italians could always carry a piece of their far-off homeland with them thanks to the ease of access and the ability to take it around while still walking. Isn’t it amazing how it stays warm for such a long time?

Making the most of any situation is a priority for Italians who practice planning to overcome an obstacle, or as the Italians put it, “arrangiarsi.” Whatever your financial situation, calzone is a simple way to make the most of what you have in the kitchen.

Making calzone is simple and inexpensive, and the good part is you can come up with a variety of sauces and stuffings with just a few simple components. Italians can prepare a tasty, affordable, nutritious lunch with just a few simple items.


Italians have learned to cherish diversity in their culture greatly because their nation is one of the most diverse in Europe in terms of both environmental and biological diversity.

The diversity of Italy’s towns and cities, with their various dialects and cultures, is mirrored in the various calzone pizza forms and recipes that people come up with. 

Although dough and sauce are the foundation for each of these recipes, there is an excellent variety of calzone pies.

Pizza calzone

Final Words

What brings people together if not food? For this matter, good food. National Calzone Day is very important, especially for Italian culture. From this article, we now know where this mouthwatering meal came from. 

Keep your capability open. With the information above, you can easily make yourself and your friends some treats to enjoy with family and friends.

Happy National Calzone Day!