Did you Know That There is NOW a Lamborghini Boat?

The New Lamborghini Boat – Something for the Boys!

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning your own Lamborghini boat? You’re not alone! Many people are probably craving their own Lamborghini yacht but not everyone can afford it. 

Lamborghini Boat
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One person who can definitely afford it is the well-known athlete Conor McGregor. His McGregor yacht is worth $3.6 million which is a drop in the bucket as far as his personal wealth is concerned. 

But why is this Lamborghini speed boat so much in demand among the high net worth individuals of Tinseltown? Read further to find out.

The Specs of the New Lamborghini 63 Tecnomar

McGregor’s Lamborghini 63 is more accurately named Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63. It weighs 24 tons with a Lamborghini boat top speed reaching 60 knots. This Lamborghini speedboat is quite big being 63-feet long. So, not surprisingly, it needs powerful engines (known as MAN V12 engines) to propel it through the water. 

Each Lamborghini boat engine can generate 2000hp reaching a total of 4000 hp. That is why the boat is considered one of the fastest yachts in its class right now.

Lamborghini manufactured the McGregor yacht for the athlete and delivered it in 2021. It belongs to a limited edition of 63 boats all carrying the Tecnomar brand name. McGregor pointed out that his boat is actually the 12th among those 63. The year 1963 is also significant to the Lamborghini company since that was the year it was founded.

Connor McGregor
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Available Customization to the Lamborghini Superyacht

The Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 hybrid hypercar served as inspiration for the manufacturing of this superyacht.

Of particular importance is the engine of the Sian which propelled it to over 350 kph in speed. Furthermore, the machine could generate a maximum of 785 hp. This simply means that the car had one of the most potent power outputs for any Lamborghini car. This convinced the boat designers to install the strong MAN V12 engines in the McGregor yacht.

The external structure of this Lamborghini yacht was also somewhat patterned after the Miura and Countach cars of Lamborghini. Those cars were introduced to the market in the 1960s up to the 1970s.

As a valued customer, McGregor requested customized details such as gray exterior colors for this particular yacht. This color specification allows the vessel to resemble a torpedo as it races on the surface of the water. 

But McGregor also asked the designers to factor in a cabin where he and his family could rest. Surfaces within the yacht were also selected carefully to allow for clean-up of messes. The designers of the interiors of this powerful boat did make it a point to incorporate details to accommodate McGregor’s young children. A “family-friendly” approach was used since kids will be kids. 

McGregor will also probably be hosting parties with close friends and business associates as well as their families. This convinced the designers to integrate materials such as Alcantara microfibre to make cleaning the yacht easier after each party.

The McGregor yacht itself is lighter due to the use of carbon fiber materials during its manufacture. That is why it falls under the “ultra-lightweight boat” category among the many luxury yachts in the world.

The Challenges Faced With The Lamborghini Boat’s Construction

One of the challenges that the boat designers had to wrestle with was how much power the engines should put out in the water. Finally, they settled on the maximum speed of 60 knots, considering the length and weight of the yacht. Despite installing two powerful engines, passengers will still be able to talk with one another since the engine noise isn’t overpowering.

Some may also wonder if the joint venture partners will manufacture a total of 63 boats for this batch of fast yachts. This may mean they may have to work harder to meet that production target for this limited edition series from Lamborghini.

Still, the McGregor name is now associated with Lamborghini and the Italian Sea Group. So, they may be able to bank on name recall to hike up demand among their elite market of the super-rich. Of course, it helps that McGregor is a well-known and popular athlete, which means his association will favor both partners.

The History of the Lamborghini Brand

The Lamborghini brand itself has been around for seven decades, starting in 1963. It is a well-respected name in business circles and is practically synonymous with luxury sports cars. 

It was founded by luxury car connoisseur Ferruccio Lamborghini in Italy. Ferruccio was inspired to create his own Italian luxury sports cars after purchasing a Ferrari left him disappointed. Nevertheless, he became very successful in the luxury car manufacturing industry and retired a rich man. 

The Lamborghini clientele has always been people with high net worth. So it may have seemed like a no-brainer to proceed to manufacture brand-name yachts as well. After all, the market for both cars and boats is still rich folk.

The rest of the 63 boats in the McGregor yacht batch will be built under the same joint venture agreement between The Italian Sea Group and Automobili Lamborghini. The Italian Sea Group has a reputation for custom building superyachts for elite customers. Tecnomar is one of their brand names.

Facts About the Lamborghini 63 You Didn’t Know

There are some facts about the McGregor yacht that you may not be familiar with. For example, the reason McGregor bought number 12th among the 63 limited edition boats is that he had earlier owned an Irish whiskey company named Proper No. Twelve. He recently sold the company for $150 million, propelling him to the ranks of the super-rich.

As you can see, the $3.4 million he paid for the boat is small change to a highly-paid entrepreneur like him. Right now, McGregor is also one of the most well-compensated athletes in the world. He is known for acquiring many expensive cars, which can be considered his personal status symbols. He is literally a celebrity with “deep pockets.”

The entry of the Lamborghini 63 into the superyachts market is indicative of how highly prized yachts are. Other brands in the luxury sports car manufacturing industry are also making moves to create their own interpretation of superyachts. For example, Mercedes-Benz is already taking steps to come up with its own luxury yachts. Rumor has it that Ferrari will also follow suit.


You can be certain that many people will be interested in the McGregor yacht now that it has been delivered to Conor McGregor. Although McGregor is still recovering from surgery due to an injury, he can now bring his young family with him on his oceanic travels. He can also invite his friends for quick jaunts to different places on weekends.

Owning your own Lamborghini yacht is not such a far-fetched dream for some who are lucky enough to earn a seven-digit or eight-digit income. Who knows? Maybe eventually, you will have the good fortune to afford your own luxury boat. Then other people will start clamoring to learn more about your superyacht online and through mass media. It’s possible!