Dolce Far Niente!

What does II Dolce far niente mean?

Have you ever visited Italy or interacted with Italians? If so, you may have noticed that they are people who like to take their time in anything they purposely do. One of the things Italians enjoy doing is relaxing or doing nothing. II Dolce Far Niente is an Italian phrase about life, which is the art of doing nothing. This phrase is rarely used by Italians in a serious context, just like La Dolce Vita. La Dolce Vita’s translation is “The Sweet Life.” Dolce’s definition is sweet, while far Niente is the essence of doing nothing and enjoying it.

Ways you can practice doing sweet nothing

Keep away from the internet

The internet, especially social media, is known to consume a lot of your personal time. If you need to enjoy life the Italian way, stay away from social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. A lot of energy is wasted while being online. Relax your mind by disconnecting from the internet entirely. 

It may seem not easy to stay away from the internet, but you can start by a few minutes, then increase to a few hours, and then increase at a gradual pace. You can begin by putting your devices off an hour earlier every night. Having your meals without staring at your phone or laptop is also a good way of doing sweet nothing.

Turn off your TV

Watching television is a good pass time. On the other hand, it drains one’s energy. A lot of time is wasted watching television. A good example is when you have to watch a particular program every day, like a soap opera. It is like becoming a slave to the program since you have to follow how events unfold daily. You can set aside a few hours of your television time to stroll around the neighborhood. Walking around will help you keep fit as well and also help you connect with your surroundings.

Avoid Guilt Feelings

Most of the time, you will measure the level of your success in life by how much you have achieved. You will wake up and plan for the day’s activities or even have a monthly or annual plan. Most people want to accomplish every goal they have set out to achieve. If they don’t, they start getting stressed or even depressed about not achieving their objectives. In order to have the full experience of Dolce Far Niente, do not feel guilty about what you were not able to accomplish.

Take a nap

Many people associate taking naps with kids. Naptime is also for adults. Napping daily reduces stress and decreases at risk of having a heart attack. You don’t have to take a nap in the office or at home only. A quiet place like a park can serve as an excellent place for napping as you listen to the birds sing. This quiet moment is perfect Dolce far Niente.

Have Time to Rest

They say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Many religions have set aside a day in a week that is used for resting. It could be Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It is so unfortunate that most people indulge in working so much and not resting. It is always good to try to have a day in the week to choose to stay at home and enjoy with your family. Ignore emails from work and avoid any chores.

Skip some chores

Take a pause sometimes on some home chores. For instance, you don’t have to clean the dishes immediately after a meal! Skip the dishes and even go out and stare at the stars. Unwinding comes with health benefits, like reducing the levels of stress. It is not a crime to skip a chore even for a few hours just to have a Niente moment!

Find your inner artist

It would help if you found a hidden talent you have. Write a poem, try a new recipe, practice playing the piano, or you can even write a song. Find the creative side of you that will keep you inspired.

Trying out a new recipe, Dolce Far Niente - The Proud Italian


In short, make Dolce far Niente moments be part of your daily life. At some point, you may think that it is hard just to do nothing. It would be best if you pictured yourself during a vacation. On vacation, there is nothing you do apart from just relaxing and enjoying yourself. There is no worrying about yourself; you become care-free. 

So, when you think about Dolce far Niente being a waste of time, remember a vacation you took. Moments of niente are important for your health as stress levels dropping, and you will get time to reflect on your life. Dolce far Niente will help you be grateful for the simple things that life has to offer. As you make your to-do-list, Dolce far Niente should be at the top!