Exploring San Remo Italy

Where is San Remo Italy on the map? 

Affectionately known as the city of flowers, the Town of San Remo is located on the west coast of Italy, around fifty kilometers east of Europe’s premium gambling establishment, the Elysium Monaco in the Province of Liguria

It’s a small harbor town on the Italian Riviera with a population of about 55000 people. It is also the capital Town of the Riviera del Fiori which means the Riviera of flowers.  

The History of San Remo

Once known as a Roman Settlement of Matutia or as locals called it Villa Matutiana, San Remo’s City originated in the early Middle Ages. The first noble family to inhabit the city of flowers and build walls surrounding their establishment was the Ventimiglia family. The Doria and De Mari families took over around 1297 after the Genoese Bishop who held dominion over the community for quite a while. 

During the 11th century, the city started expanding to Pigna hill and Saint Cyrus cathedral. “Pigna” is Italian for pinecone, and the locals have adopted the word, often calling the oldest section of the town “La Pigna” (the Pinecone). 

Saint Cyrus cathedral in San Remo - The Proud Italian

During the 1700’s San Remo became a trendy tourist destination for people around Europe and Asia. The city’s main attraction at the time was the colorful flower gardens and the city square market. Now making your way up La Pigna’s Labyrinth streets could lead you to a breathtaking view from the sanctuary of the Maddona Della Costa, which is the highest point in the city.     

Three Essential Things to do in Remo

When visiting the city of flowers, one of the social activities you have to take part in is the San Remo Music Festival, also known as the Festival Di San Remo that takes place every spring at the Flower Garden. 

The festival was started back in January 1951 with only three participants and was still held at the famous San Remo Casino until around 1976. It moved at the Teatro Ariston in 1977 and has been held there ever since. 

The festival is known to be more of a composer’s rather than a musician’s competition. Many famous local artists started their musical journeys at this very festival, such as Paola e Chiara an Italian pop music duo consisting of two sisters Paola and Chiara Lezzi from Milan, Laura Pausini is a Singer-Songwriter and an Italian TV Personality who has sold millions of album copies worldwide and Eros Ramazotti who is also a musician and songwriter who plays three instruments namely the guitar, Piano and his vocal cords; Ramazotti is currently signed under Universal Music.     

Laura Pausini, Italian Music from the Ears to the Soul - The Proud Italian
Inedito World Tour 2011-2012 di Laura Pausini, 22-12-11, Mediolanum ForumMilano. Source: Valentini17, source: own work

One of the city’s main attractions is the San Remo casino which was built way back in 1905. A beautiful botanical environment surrounds the vast white-pillared classically designed building with a palm tree finish. The Casino hosts prestigious poker events, weddings, and all types of social events. It’s famously known for being the originator of the five-card stud variation Telesina. As mentioned before, the casino also once hosted the famous San Remo music festival. 

If you are interested in religion or simply want to do a little research, a visit to the Russian Orthodox Church of San Remo should do wonders to pique your interest. The church was the brainchild of Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna, Empress of Russia, during the 1800s.

Unfortunately, she was not able to see it built as she passed away of poor health. Construction of the church started in November 1912. The design is very remnant to 17th century Moscow Churches with a long bell tower topped with an onion-shaped dome. Most of the eye-catching design is found outside the church, with the interior being kind of blunt but the commissioned artworks by Mikhail Vrubal make for an unforgettable experience.  

San Remo panorama view - The Proud Italian

Five Places to Stay in San Remo

Royal Hotel San Remo

The Royal San Remo hotel has been welcoming guests through its five-star doors since 1872. The rooms offer a perfect holistic experience with authentic pleasure. The breath-taking seaside views are a great addition to the morning light-filled rooms. Their Chef Moreno Picchietti is a Tuscan culinary master who can turn a simple lobster meal into a taste extravaganza.  

Casa Bajarico Sanremo

Located between the city center and the beach, this apartment building offers stunning views of the sandy beachfront and local landmarks like the medieval Centre of La Pigna and the Promenade walk. 

The apartment has a five-star rating and is ideal for summertime vacations. They offer tours around their territory, including bike tours, cooking classes, and typical tasting of Italian cuisines.

Casa Koributs

These single-bedroom apartments are situated only 1.2 kilometers from the famous San Remo Casino. The garden views are amazing from the balcony, and with a five-star rating, you can count on their excellent service. Unfortunately, if you like being served, they don’t have room service, but there is a fridge and stove for self-service, and with the market not being that far away, you can grab something to cook on your way home.

San Remo panoramic - The Proud Italian

Hotel Liberty

Hotel Liberty Might be a two-star establishment, but the reviews far surpass the ratings. Only 150 meters from the beach and five minutes away from the city center, the hotel offers guests a great start to their Italian experience. 

With free Wi-Fi LCD TV and excellent air conditioning for those hot summer days. A buffet breakfast is served daily and includes sweet pastries and cakes, croissants, juice, and hot drinks. You’ll also be happy to find out that the marina is only three hundred meters away.

The Miramare Palace Resort

Overlooking the Gulf of San Remo, the Miramare Palace Resort is one of San Remo’s luxurious resorts/hotels. With a four-star rating, the hotel is surrounded by a beautiful park with tall palm trees and tropical plants. 

With a new bike path leading directly to the beach, you can take a ride through the city’s narrow streets and end up sunbathing on one of the beaches. The resort can be found on number 9 Corso Matuzia.  

What is Special About San Remo?

The City of Flowers is a popular tourist attraction with bustling city markets and tantalizing Italian restaurants. It is a great three-star mall for all your shopping needs such as the luxurious Gucci store or the popular Mon Cheri outlet. 

San Remo fountain with written Sanremo, flowers and palm trees - The Proud Italian

The sandy beach fronts are perfect for summertime visits, while the city offers a variety of famous landmarks with historical and cultural significance. If you are there during spring, you might want to be a spectator at the Famous Milan – San Remo cycle race, a 110-year-old bike race that is approximately 291km long, starting from Milan and ending in the city of San Remo. The preserved culture and architecture give visitors an authentic experience of the Italian Riviera.


The Italians have a saying, L’Appetito Vien Mangiando, which means “appetite comes with eating,” and anybody who’s ever visited the picturesque city of San Remo will tell you that the recent worldwide travel restrictions have created a particular craving for some Bella Italiano flavor.

The Italian Riviera town has been a tourist attraction since the 1700s and has hosted an array of stars and members of royal families. A visit to the flower market is highly advised, while lunch at one of the harbor side restaurants makes for a really tasty seaside view. You can gamble, site see, walk up, or just simply enjoy the many social activities offered in the city of Flowers.