Genius Italian Suit Brands Reviewed

This is our review of the genius Italian suit brands.

“Nothing makes a suit look perfect like a perfect fit.” While this statement penned down by Being Caballero is true, Italian suits are the best. Apart from the delicious cuisine, Italy is among the best fashion capitals.

It is home to the best tailors, and that’s why you will find various suit brands. However, since there are many suit brands in Italy, they differ a lot. For this reason, selecting the one that meets your needs can be daunting. 

To help you, we have compiled a list of genius Italian suit brands. From the list, Boglioli emerged as the best because it aims to give a touch of a luxurious, unique, and elegant style. Furthermore, it has the best Italian suit fabric and uses unique colors. For more options, continue browsing.

Elegant suit

Italian Suits

Italian suits are one of a kind. The best suit designers highly tailor these fine pieces with great skills and passion. The best thing is that they fit tight and close to the body with a tapered waist. On top of that, you will notice high armholes and minimal shoulder padding. 

On average, these suits are best for slim and athletic bodies. If you admire getting one, do your maths well. Check your body size, among other factors–if it matches, great. But if it doesn’t, consider cutting down some calories.

Our Favorite Pick for Italian Suit Brands

Boglioli is our favorite pick among our list of the best Italian suit brands. It is one of the best-known and most outstanding labels worldwide. This brand proudly dresses a strong and modern man while focusing on comfort. 

Additionally, it aims to give a touch of a luxurious, unique, and elegant style. Boglioli has the best Italian suit fabric and uses unique colors. Furthermore, the Boglioli suit is garment dyed, has no bleaching, suitable for dry cleaning, and fits the actual size. However, be ready to spend more dollars, but it is worth paying.

The History of Italy’s Suits

The history of Italy’s suits started in Europe. Later, it spread to India, and as time passed, master tailoring skills developed in other parts of the world. Finally, in the early 1800s, the sense of suits filled the Italy environment. As it became well-known, many people became interested in these attires, and tailors developed more interest.

As the demand increased, tailors mastered the suit’s art, making Italy the source of the best clothing. Likewise, famous artisans increased as their skills and creativity went higher. For instance, some of the best, like Giuseppe Ravazzolo, were wooing the world’s leaders to Italy.

In the late 1800s, some popular manufacturers like Castangia began custom-making elegant fabrics. But, despite their excellent skills, Italian tailors still held a somewhat shady image. So, they mainly produced shiny fabric garments and skin-tight silhouettes.

In 1919, Italian suits started becoming popular. The main reason was that Ermenegildo Zegna opened a textile school in the Northern-Italian town of Biella. This created enmity in Savile Row that is, in the 1930s. Moreover, this was because Italian clothiers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali started making the first precision-cut Italian suit with canvas support and set sleeves. 

As a result, the house of Canali moved to the forefront of Italian men’s suit manufacturers and quality clothing houses worldwide. At the same time, other clothiers such as Vincenzo Attolini and Corneliani came into existence. For this reason, people had a variety of brands, and now they could wear their suits of choice.

In the 1940s, there was war. But this did not discourage the Italian suit-making gurus. In fact, by the end of World War II, other brands emerged, making Zegna a strong competitor to Canali. In the 1950s, more tailors came into the picture with the best well-known suits.

In this era, runway fashion shows, fen’s collections, and the export of Italian products into the international marketplace became a common practice, especially in the United States. As a result, retailers in the United States got interested and had to shift from American brands to Italian menswear. But, again, this was because many clients loved Italian wear. Read our article and find out 7 Designer Handbags Made in Italy.

In 1957, after nearly a long time of tailored men’s clothing, Giancarlo Ravazzolo and his brother Silvano updated their great tradition by using all the technological advances available without abandoning their old-world dedication to hand-made quality. 

This act made the Ravazzolo family top as the market leader in men’s fashion in Italy and abroad. As technology became more of a thing, Ravazzolo started incorporating it into his works. The new suit was now a combination of hand and machine but still offered clients the same quality and Italian styling. The better part was affordability and added value.

In 1964, another top designer, Mino Nicoletto, introduced Belvest to the Italian suit market. This was founded in Piazzola Sul Brenta in the Veneto region of the Doges. Doge is a land known to have a culture with roots in textiles and tailoring. Nicoletto started becoming famous and made the Belvest name into the ideal of international style: refined but functional clothing.

The Italian suit comes from a long and prestigious heritage thanks to creative innovators and artists with high-quality fabric. So today, the term “Made in Italy” is not something to joke with. Instead, it means that you buy from the world’s best. 

However, some things have not changed. Most Italian suit companies are still family-run, making a difference when setting tailoring standards. In Italian suits, the gentleman must look fit, elegant, and stylish even if his physique doesn’t agree.

Suit and tie

Our Top Italian Suit Brands

  1. BoglioliBest overall
  2. Dolce & Gabbana Black Wool Stretch Formal TrousersBest value
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Black Bee Embellish 2 Piece Vest BlazerBest Italian two-piece vest
  4. Dolce & Gabbana Brown Wool Silk Waistcoat VestBest Italian suit with a variety of pieces
  5. Cesare Attolini Light Blue Window Pane Super 150's SuitBest Italian coat boasting high quality
  6. Etro Mens Suit L BeigeBest comfortable Italian suit
  7. Manuel Ritz Men's Wool Dress PantsBest for formal occasions
Dolce & Gabbana Black Wool Stretch Formal Trousers
Boglioli, K-Jacket Suit, 46, Green
Etro Mens Suit L Beige
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Dolce & Gabbana Black Wool Stretch Formal Trousers
Boglioli, K-Jacket Suit, 46, Green
Etro Mens Suit L Beige
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Price not available
Dolce & Gabbana Black Wool Stretch Formal Trousers
Product name
Dolce & Gabbana Black Wool Stretch Formal Trousers
Price not available
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Boglioli, K-Jacket Suit, 46, Green
Product name
Boglioli, K-Jacket Suit, 46, Green
Price not available
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Etro Mens Suit L Beige
Product name
Etro Mens Suit L Beige
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The Best Italian Suit Brands Reviewed

To help you find the best, we’ve curated our list of the top seven Italian suit brands. They have a great style to suit your body and the right occasion.

Boglioli – Best Overall

The best Italian suit brand is Boglioli. Boglioli was founded in 1974 by an Italian family. Moreover, its roots are as a jacket manufacturer at the beginning of the last century. The main aim was to overcome the classic sartorial codes while putting the concept of elegance in mind. 

This was possible through the great Italian sartorial experience merged with cutting-edge industrial processes by investing in innovation and technologies. The strong revolutionary drive and passion for men’s clothing increased the company’s fame. 

This was after they dyed the garment jackets. For this reason, many people started incorporating these classic pieces into their wardrobes. The most eye-catching aspect of this Boglioli suit is that it is linen. 

Apart from that, it has no bleaching with a good fitting. The pure linen suits the K-Jacket garment dyed in a unique green shade. The suit is composed of single-pleat trousers and, by a regular fit, unlined and unstructured K-Jacket with flap pockets and two buttons fastening. 

Yes, Boglioli fits true to size. Still, today Boglioli proudly dresses as a strong and modern man appreciative of comfort but does not give up a luxurious, unique, and elegant style.

Brand: Boglioli

Color/s: Green

Men’s or ladies?: Men

Fabric: Linen

Size/s: 46

Dolce & Gabbana Black Wool Stretch Formal Trousers – Best Value

Yet another genius men’s Italian suit is Dolce & Gabbana – an Italian luxury fashion house. It is popular for its unconventional and authentic style. Founded by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico, their suits are a must-have.

Typically, they are known for their feminine take on contemporary fashion and accessories. However, its line of men’s suits and blazers is also impeccable. Other than that, they design costumes for movie stars. 

Getting back on suits, Dolce & Gabbana is a bit more playful. They have pants that are 100 percent authentic. Also, it has two front and back pockets. You will also find a button and zipper fly closure. Indeed, this creates natural beauty. However, be ready to pay more dollars for this classic piece.

Brand: Dolce and Gabbana

Color/s: Black

Men’s or ladies?: Men

Fabric: Wool

Size/s: 54

Dolce & Gabbana Black Bee Embellish 2 Piece Vest BlazerBest Italian Two-Piece Vest

Another great piece from Dolce and Gabbana is the Dolce Gabbana Black Bee Emelsih 2 Piece Vest Blazer. As mentioned earlier, it is clear that they make women’s suits, but in a real sense, they still associate with men.

Now let’s talk about the Dolce and Gabbana Black Bee Embellish 2 Piece Vest Blazer.

The suit brand speaks of light-heartedness and elegance. The blazer is 100 percent authentic, making it stunning. Nonetheless, the double-breasted two-button blazer has the best material and excellent style for a regular fit.


Brand: Dolce and Gabbana

Color/s: Black

Men’s or ladies?: Men

Fabric: Wool

Size/s: 40

Dolce & Gabbana Brown Wool Silk Waistcoat Vest – Best Italian Suit With a  Variety of Pieces

Oh yes! Dolce and Gabbana Again. This brand has a variety of pieces to choose from –from pants to blazers and now waist-coat vests. This formal vest comes in bronze front and gray black. 

Nonetheless, the 100 percent authentic vest has a button enclosure. With a slim fit, the wool piece will make you feel classic and comfortable while converting your dream suit into reality.

Brand: Dolce and Gabbana

Color/s: Bronze front, gray black

Men’s or ladies?: Men

Fabric: Wool, silk

Size/s: N/A

Cesare Attolini Light Blue Window Pane Super 150's Suit – Best Italian Suit Boasting High Quality

Cesare Attolini Light Blue Window Pane Super 150’s Suit is a must have. It is not only praised for its coll color but also its high-quality fabric. This is a clear definition of getting what you pay for. Furthermore, this suit has a button closure made of pure wool. With that in mind, why not treat yourself with a Cesare Attoini suit, one of the best Italian suit fabric brands.

Brand: Cesare Attolini

Color/s: Light blue

Men’s or ladies?: Men

Fabric: Wool

Size/s: 44

Etro Mens Suit L Beige – Best Comfortable Italian Suit

Another Italian suit brand to add to your closet is Etro Men’s Suit L Beige. If you love linen, then the better. This grey suit is made of line and has a linen lining. It will make you confident and comfortable.

Brand: Ennet Components

Color/s: Grey

Men’s or ladies?: Men

Fabric: Wool

Size/s: 44

Manuel Ritz Men's Wool Dress Pants – Best for Formal Occasions

MANUEL RITZ Men’s Wool Dress Pants come from the famous Manuel Ritz. This brand boasts a limited women’s collection to cater to men’s fashion needs. MANUEL RITZ Men’s Wool Dress Pants have wool and polyester- a high-quality fabric that increases longevity. 

It is among top-notch Italian-made suits with the best fabric, and it also adds a touch of class and elegance. This light grey piece will fit formal occasions, and everyone will indeed complement it.

Brand: Manuel Ritz

Color/s: Light grey

Men’s or ladies?: Men

Fabric: Wool, polyester

Size/s: 32

Things to Consider Before Getting an Italian Suit

The reviews of the best Italian suits will enable you to select your dream suit. But wait. There are some essential aspects to consider before visiting an Italian suit outlet. Here are some of them.


Fabric comes first. Yes, there are a thousand ways to sew a suit, but the raw ingredients are key. You need to select the best material for your suit. It enhances the look and feels. Also, it will judge the longevity of your garment. Generally, don’t forget to combine durability and luxury.


A good suit should be of good quality. As mentioned earlier, it should last for a long time. In simple terms, it should be worth what it costs. Remember, quality is crucial but differs depending on the particular brand.

Understand the Shop’s “House Cut.”

The shops’ house cut is essential in suit making. Honestly, you need a clear understanding since different brands have different house cuts to flatter a man’s body. For instance, some may cut with a hefty allowance while others prefer smaller fits. 

Most Italian tailors prefer lighter cloth, smaller allowances, a higher gorge, and flexible construction. This is why most of them have a slim fit.

Your Body Shape

Another vital aspect to consider is body shape. Before getting a suit, decide if you are content with your body or not. If you’re planning to cut some weight, wait until you achieve your body goals. This will help you wear your expensive suit for quite some time. Of course, you wouldn’t wish to wake up with an added weight after purchasing your new suit.


Going with the latest trend is vital. For sure, it will help you fit in the current state. But will it serve for a long time? While making your suit ensure that it’s not for the moment. With the considerable investment, you wouldn’t wish to have something you’ll wear for a month or two. So, do your maths well.


You’ve just bought your favorite suit from the best brands in Italy. Let’s say you knew it from a famous Hollywood actor or musician. From this, you expect to be like them. Well, this is not possible. Unless you resemble the looks, don’t sweat it. Be you and expect it to fit your body size.

Care Instructions

Before getting the suit, you must determine if you can take good care of it. Well, this is something that you will invest a lot of money in. It is like a treasure, yeah! Therefore, you need to take care of it. 

Proper maintenance is essential because it will reduce wear and tear. For instance, dry clean when needed if there is dirt, sweat, or spills. Doing it regularly will degrade the fabric. For better results, ask the tailor for instructions.

Facts About Italian Suits

At this point, you can purchase your suit from the best Italian suit brands. Nonetheless, you might find the following Italian suit facts interesting. Remember, these are not myths or allegations; they are the truth.

Italian fabric

Fabric is the most important aspect of Italian suits. There are different types of high-quality fabric. Furthermore, most of the renowned Italian brand makes their suits using high-quality fabric such as wool, incorporated with style to enhance longevity.

Italian Tailoring

The most interesting aspect of Italian suits is the iconic tailoring style. It includes the “house cat,” shoulder, and pocket. This is a must since it brings out the intended design and shows Italian elegance.

Expert Designers

Another fact about Italian suits is the expert designers. Yes, Italy is known for having the best designers. They produce one-of-a-kind suits with excellent skills, creativity, and passion. In addition, these suits have a tight and slim fit.

Businessman suit

The Final Say

Nothing can beat the Italian fashion in suits. They have the best designers with great style and creativity. Other than that, Italy contains the best suit brands to fit any occasion. With different features and styles, the suites have a perfect fitting. 

There are many Italian suit brands, such as Boglioli. However, this is the best overall because it aims to give a touch of a luxurious, unique, and elegant style. Furthermore, it has the best Italian suit fabric and uses unique colors. 

However, you can get something else to meet your taste from the best luxury Italian brands listed above. In the end, you’ll get a timeless fitting that will make you feel classy, comfortable, elegant, and, most importantly, confident. Therefore, it’s time to shop and broaden your suit-style game.

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