Get DIRECT Advice On What To Eat With Focaccia

What is Focaccia?

Focaccia is a salty, spicy, or sweet oven-baked Italian flatbread that may have a similar texture or style to pizza dough. When wondering what to eat with focaccia, remember that you may serve it plain or top it with some side dishes. The side dishes always play the perfect role in improving the general flavor of the whole meal.

Italian Focaccia

What to Eat With Focaccia

There are many options for serving focaccia. One of the approaches is to introduce new flavors by topping. Mushrooms, green onions, olives, and tomatoes are the best additions. You can serve focaccia as breakfast bread or dessert.

Focaccia is famous as pizza Bianca (white pizza) in some places. You may serve it with side dishes or soups, which makes it a versatile bread, that you might eat with different flavors. When choosing what to eat with focaccia bread, there are perfect dishes that go well with its serving.

Foccacia bread pairs with many simple and complex dishes, and you may like to know where to apply them to your daily meal. When thinking of how to serve store-bought focaccia bread, remember that it is the same way as homemade. Below are some side dishes and soup flavors you may eat with focaccia bread.

Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil

You will only need olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and you are ready to take your bread. Many love this side-to-side dish with focaccia. Olive oil makes the bread light and delicious. When you have olive oil and balsamic vinegar, there might be no need for anything else to make your bread tasty.

Italian Focaccia and olive oil

Braised Greens

For those who want a healthier alternative to a carbohydrate, braised greens are the best option. Braised greens are ideal for balancing an overindulgence of one nutrient in the meal. You can add braised greens in two ways. You either make it from kale, lettuce, or spinach to make it entirely green. You may also include meat when preparing your braised greens.

You may choose the second option if you serve focaccia with no veggies. Including braised greens in your focaccia might be ideal for giving you many health benefits. Some non-garden options may improve the flavor when you include them in a meal.


Your preferred cheese may go perfectly with focaccia. Some Italian cheeses include mozzarella, parmesan, and others that might work well. You may use cheese to spread on focaccia. Cheese may bring that flavor.

Fruit and Nut Plate

Fruits and nut plates are a healthy and delicious way of serving focaccia. Taking a combination of focaccia with dried fruit, nuts, and dried fruit might be yummy and sweet. You may try this traditional twist of taking a focaccia bread. These desserts might be perfect for an outdoor date with your loved ones or a picnic with friends and family.

You may bake and add nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips to your focaccia for any event like birthdays. You may add a fruit and nut plate if you think of what to serve with focaccia for dinner. This delicious meal may make friends give you the best chef compliment.

Fried Eggs

Fried eggs are side dishes that accompany focaccia perfectly. How you prepare the eggs will determine the taste of your focaccia with eggs. Serving fried eggs with focaccia full of spices or smeared with butter on top may give you the sweetest experience.

You can serve fried eggs with focaccia at any time. It may be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on your preference. The fried eggs complement the focaccia because of the rich yolk flavor. If you want bread that satisfies you, you may fry the focaccia bread with the eggs.

You may also place the fried eggs between two rectangular-shaped pieces of bread if you want the best experience. To enjoy the most, you may add salt and pepper. You may also add some other seasonings of your choice to get the definitive flavor of your choice.

Hummus Dip

You can blend garlic, tahini, and lemon juice to bring hummus dip for your focaccia. It is easy to prepare hummus dip at home. You may also buy this product from the market. However, the hummus dip from the market may need to be better. The market hummus dips may lack some of the preferences that you want in your focaccia.

Preparing hummus at home might be an excellent idea. At home, you can use the ingredients you love and the ones that will go well with your focaccia. It will give you the best taste when you prepare it the way you like. You may use hummus dip to avoid the heaviness of focaccia.

Mashed Potatoes

When you have fresh focaccia, it is good to take it with mashed potatoes. These potatoes pair well with the smoothness and crispiness of focaccia bread. There are two ways of taking focaccia with mashed potatoes. You can dip the bread in the mashed potatoes or spread the potatoes on the focaccia bread.

You may also take your bread game to a pro level. Adding garlic butter and cilantro to get a pronounced flavor is ideal for tasty bread. You will have the best experience and love the focaccia bread.

Vegetable Salads

Dressing focaccia with vegetable salads might give you the perfect dish ever. When creating salads, you may experiment with various vegetables. It is easy to prepare vegetable salads, making this choice ideal for taking with focaccia.

You may also include vinaigrette dressing to your salad to add more flavor to the focaccia. Depending on how you want to take it, either dry or moist, you may add a little vinaigrette to make it more waterless or more mist to make it juicy enough to suit your preference.

Vegetable salads will maintain the freshness of the focaccia bread. You may ensure that your salad has some lettuce, tomatoes sliced thin, and cucumbers. Selecting this as your option may be the best for a nutritious meal.


Focaccia bread is perfect for soups because you can pair it with any recipe. To have the most flavorful focaccia bread, you may grill or fry it to contribute to its appearance and flavor. Dipping the focaccia in the soup may make you have heartier bread.

Vegetable soup


Focaccia and seafood are perfect combinations. Seafood and focaccia bring you an out-of-world experience. Topping fish meat on the focaccia bread may give you an ideal experience. The sensation arising from the sweet taste might make this combination your favorite dessert.

Thinking of these pairs of fish and focaccia bread might make you drool. Once you taste the combination of seafood and your bread, you may wish to have it daily. Focaccia-fish is among the perfect combo that you may love.

Grilled seafood or a smoked crab gratin with garlic-baked focaccia is something you may think of a lot. Once someone mentions a delicious combo for bread, this option may come to your mind. Adding some salads with cucumber and carrots might give you a top-level meal.

Preparing Focaccia at Home

Before we go any further, below is a recipe for making focaccia bread at home. Here is how to prepare focaccia at home:

Focaccia Bread

Time: 1 hour

Serving size: 12

Prep time: 25 minutes

Cook time: 35 minutes

Nutritional Facts/Info Per Serving

  • Kcl: 208
  • Fat: 0.24 ounces (7 grams)
  • Saturates: 0.03 ounces (1 gram)
  • Carbs: 0.10 ounces (3 grams)
  • Salt:  0.04 ounces (1.2 grams)
  • Fiber: 0.03 ounces (1 gram) 
  • Protein: 0.17 ounces (5 grams)


  1. Mixing bowl
  2. Pan
  3. Mixing stick
  4. Oven
  5. Wooden spoon
  6. Cooling racks


  • 2 teaspoons of yeast: Preferably instant yeast; however, active dry yeast can work.
  • 2 cups of water:  The two cups keep the dough almost 90% hydrated.
  • 4 cups bread flour: Bread flour works perfectly, but if you don’t have that, you may use all-purpose flour.
  • 2 teaspoons of salt: Using the correct amount is the key to good focaccia. Use flaky sea salt for better results.
  • Olive oil: Greasing your pan and the dough is essential if you want to produce a brown focaccia.


  1. Mix the flour with yeast and salt in the bowl and add water.
  2. Gently mix until you have a sticky wet dough. You may combine the mixture by adding oil to your hand to prevent the dough from becoming sticky. Mix until everything incorporates.
  3. Set the formed dough in an oiling or greasing basin with a moist towel. Let the dough rise for about 45 minutes to 1 hour in a warm place until the size doubles.
  4. Form the dough with your required shape, a rectangle, circle, or triangle, until it is about 0.5 inches (1.27 centimeters) thick. Cover, and allow it to rise for another 20 minutes. Spray oil at the bottom of the baking pan with olive oil to prevent sticking.
  5. Create dimples on the well-spread dough before placing it in the oven
  6. Put the dough in the oven and bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit (218 degrees Celsius)for about 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown. Place the focaccia on the cooling racks after taking it from the pan.

How to Serve Focaccia bread

There are many choices of how to serve focaccia bread. You may do it warm, moist, or whatever you prefer. The good thing about focaccia is that it takes the bread game to the next level of sweetness. The diversity of this bread means that you may eat it with various recipes.

How to Eat Focaccia Bread

When thinking of how to eat focaccia bread, remember that you may eat it plain or add some vegetables or cheese. Focaccia is fluffy because of the flour and yeast that come in during baking. The fluffiness makes this bread perfect for dipping in any soup or dish.

You may eat focaccia for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just cut it into various shapes like triangles, squares, or rectangles and enjoy. This bread is tasty when combined with soup, salads, or cheese. You may eat the focaccia bread as a dessert after your meal or when you want to have fun.

How to Store a Store-Bought Focaccia Bread

A perfect way to store focaccia is by keeping it at room temperature if you plan to eat the bread within 2 to 3 days. However, if you want it to last up to 30 days, you may freeze. It is essential to freeze it, especially when it has ingredients like cheese that are likely to perish.

To store focaccia bread at room temperature, you will need to wrap or put it in an airtight container. You can also flash freeze your focaccia by cutting and placing the pieces on parchment paper to allow space between the bread pieces and put them in the freezer for 2 hours.

Then wrap the frozen focaccia bread pieces and place them in the freezer bag before storing them in the freezer for about 30 days.

Why Serve Focaccia With Side Dishes

Serving focaccia bread with side dishes is advantageous if you want the sweetest bread. Knowing How to serve store-bought focaccia bread might make you love your meal. Adding soups and dishes makes it super delicious.

Adding some flavors, including cheese, is why you serve it with side dishes. Focaccia tastes better with many recipes that might make you crave some. Add flavor to your bread to make you and your family have a good time. Everyone would love the sweetest experience when you up your bread game with the sweetest flavors.

Some add vegetables to make their bread nutritious. When you pair your focaccia bread with greens, you will balance the carbohydrates and vitamin content in your meal. Many prefer a salad with a well-prepared green vegetable to stay healthy. If you want healthy bread, pair your focaccia with vegetables and salads.

Focaccia is the best bread that is super delicious when accompanied by some flavorful soups and dishes. It goes well with almost every dish, and you may go for a fish with focaccia bread if you want to taste the perfect seafood and this bread. Make your focaccia delicious by adding a different taste to avoid a monotonous meal.

The Bottom Line

When thinking about what focaccia bread is used for, remember the fluffiness and diversity it unlocks. You may take this dessert with any soup and any food. You may call this bread a versatile dessert because you may alternate it to suit different tastes. There are many options if you are trying to decide what to eat with focaccia bread.