How To Fix Undercooked Rice

Rice as a Staple Food in Italy

Cooking rice is not as straightforward as it seems; hence you need knowledge on how to fix undercooked rice. Rice is a staple meal for several cultures around the world.

Many people love rice because it pairs excellently with a wide range of dishes and cuisines. In Italy, rice dishes are very popular, especially risotto. In addition, there are different varieties of rice in Italy, depending on the dish you are planning to cook.

italian rice dish

Here are some examples of common rice types and their uses:

  • Soups– Barilla, Vialone Nano, and Arborio.
  • Risotto– Arborio, Vialone and Carnaroli.
  • Boiled or steamed rice– Vialone and Carnaroli.

Rice cooking usually seems like the simple part of meal preparation. However, many people typically end up messing with it! Truth be told, no one wants to eat undercooked rice with an undesired crunchiness.

If you have been having challenges fixing undercooked rice, you are in the right place. You will discover tips on how to fix the situation in this piece. This guide also reveals the steps of cooking perfect rice, so you don’t have to fix it.

How Do You Know if Rice is undercooked?

The first important thing you ought to do is know how to identify undercooked rice. If it is the first time you are cooking rice, it is likely that you will not get it right. It can either end up overcooked or undercooked.

So, what is undercooked rice? Undercooked rice means that all the water is evaporated, and the rice grains are still hard at the core. You can easily feel the rigid portion when you press a grain using your thumb.

When you press, you will find the outer parts are easily pressed while the middle part is rather challenging to mash. This is how you will determine whether your rice is undercooked.

Moreover, apart from the fluffy and soft texture associated with perfectly cooked rice, undercooked rice is usually hard and crusty. On the flip side, overcooked rice is typically mushy and watery.

How To Fix Undercooked Rice From a Rice Cooker

You can use different ways to fix undercooked rice if you are steaming it on a rice cooker. Here is how to fix undercooked rice in the cooker: 

rice cooker

When the switch moves from “Cook” to “Warm” and you feel that your rice is still undercooked, allow it to sit for ten more minutes on the “Warm” function.

What if your rice is still undercooked after 10 minutes? Add half a cup of water (boiling) and change it back to the cook function. Allow it to cook for around 15 minutes, and then check the rice grains.

Suppose the problem persists; keep adding the boiling water and cooking for another 15 minutes until the rice gets to your desired consistency. Later in this guide, you will learn a better way of cooking rice to ensure you don’t end up with undercooked rice.

Fixing Undercooked Rice From The Microwave

If you own a microwave, you can also use it to fix your undercooked rice in a few effortless steps. Here are the tips on how to fix undercooked rice in the microwave: 

First, put the crunchy rice in a microwave-safe bowl. Next, wet a few paper towels completely and squeeze out around 20% of the towels’ dampness.

Then, cover the rice bowl with the wet paper towels and let them sit in the microwave for a few minutes. Finally, remove the rice bowl from the microwave and remove the paper towels. Your rice should be fluffy.

cooking rice in a microwave

However, if your rice is still not cooked well, you can go over the steps again until your rice is perfect. It is also unlikely that your rice will end up overcooked since the process only takes a few minutes.

The ONLY Steps You Need to Cook Perfect Rice

Do you know why your rice usually ends up undercooked? Well, it boils down to the ABCs of cooking rice. There are some basic principles you must get right for your rice to be perfect. Here are some basics to consider:

Get your measurements right

Use a dry cup to measure your rice and a different cup to measure the broth or water. It is also critical to remember that different rice varieties need different liquid amounts proportionate to their quantity.

Pre-soak or rinse the rice

Make it a habit to rinse your rice at least three times before you start cooking. In this regard, aromatic rice varieties need a more solid pre-soak. In addition, soaking helps to reduce cooking time, retaining the rice’s aroma.

Leave the rice to cook

Once you put the rice in the pot, avoid touching the pot or prematurely lifting the lid to peek. You see, every time you do this, you let steam out of the pot and decrease the temperatures in the pot.

Fluff the rice to avoid lumps

Once your rice is cooked, you can fiddle with it. It is advisable to fork the rice out to ensure there are no clumps of rice formed.

What is The Right Way to Reheat Rice?

You can reheat your rice using different methods. However, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully to avoid ending up with burned rice. Here are tips to consider:

  • If you are reheating the rice on a stovetop, just put it in a saucepan and cover. Then, please put it on medium heat and allow heating for up to five minutes until the rice is heated through.
  • If you are reheating using a microwave, put the rice in a microwave-safe dish and cover. Then, for every cup of rice, cook for one minute on high. But, if it is frozen, you should cook on high for around two minutes per cup.

Tips to Fix a Pot of Overflowing Rice

When using a pot for cooking rice, you might notice bubbles and overflows. The bubble effect is due to the starch in the rice. Consider rinsing your rice before cooking to avoid this.

how to fix undercooked rice

On the other hand, cooking rice at high temperatures could also lead to excessive bubbling. In such a case, try reducing the temperature.

Additionally, if your pot is too small, you will also experience overflowing. Because rice expands as it absorbs water, it would help to use a bigger pot when cooking.

FAQs on Undercooked Rice

How Do You Prevent Rice From Overcooking?

To prevent your rice from overcooking and having to deal with mushy rice, there are some steps you must get right. First, however, you can turn your overcooked rice into rice pudding. Here are some tips to use:

  • Rinse rice before cooking it to make it cook faster and avoid being sticky.
  • Use the appropriate water to rice ratio as per the quality of rice you are using.
  • Cook the rice on low heat to ensure that it does not overcook.

How Do You Prevent Rice From Cooking Unevenly?

If you want your rice to cook evenly, you’ve got to be patient. Allow your rice to rest and avoid digging into the rice as soon it is done. Instead, allow it to sit for around 15 minutes after turning off the heat. During this time, the heat will distribute evenly, making your rice more evenly cooked.

What is the Right Water to Rice Ratio?

It is also essential to get your water–rice ratio. Here are some recommendations to consider:

  • One cup of short-grain rice needs around 1 ½ cups of water.
  • A cup of long-grain rice needs around 1 ¾ cups of water.
  • A cup of brown rice would require around 2 cups of water.

Can you Get Sick if You Eat Undercooked Rice?

There is no scientific proof that eating undercooked rice or crunchy rice could lead to significant health issues. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to eat rice that is not cooked as desired.

Undercooked rice usually contains bacteria spores that could lead to food poisoning. The spores are not a problem, but they become problematic when they are allowed to grow like bacteria. This growth usually happens when you keep the undercooked rice at room temperature.

When you undercook your rice, the Bacillus cereus strain makes cereulide, a toxin that causes nausea and vomiting within 24 hours of consuming the rice.

However, if you cleaned your rice thoroughly before cooking, it may not cause stomach upsets or digestion issues. So, ensure you cook your rice well before consuming it.

So, how do you love your rice? What is your favorite recipe? Whatever the case, ensure you follow the proper procedure to have a perfect rice meal!