How to Make Limoncello – Your Easy at Home Italian Recipe

Do you want to learn how to make limoncello from scratch?

Making your own limoncello is a lot easier than you might think. This Italian recipe has been around for centuries, and it’s one of the most popular drinks in Italy. Limoncello is made from lemon peels, sugar, water, and alcohol (usually vodka).

The best part about making limoncello at home is that you can customize it with any flavor profile you like!

tray of limoncello and glasses

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer day or something sweet to sip after dinner, this easy-to-make Italian recipe will be perfect for you.

All it takes are some simple ingredients and about an hour of your time. Plus, once it’s done, just pour yourself a shot glass full and relax while sipping on this delicious homemade beverage.

What is Limoncello?

Limoncello is a traditional Italian lemon liqueur made from water and alcohol. It’s typically served chilled as an after-dinner digestif or used in mixed drinks. The word limoncello comes from the Italian word Limone, meaning lemon, and Cello, which means cell (as in a small room).

This drink has been around for centuries. You can find it all over Italy at any time of the year. There are many variations on this recipe, but most recipes call for vodka, sugar, water, and fresh lemons to be combined in a jar with some time to infuse before being strained into bottles.

How Long Does Homemade Limoncello Last?

Homemade limoncello will last for a maximum of eight to ten months.

It’s necessary to have sufficiently low alcohol content for homemade limoncello to survive storage without going bad since stored alcohol presents the same problem as stored produce (the longer it lasts, the more BPA is released).

homemade limoncello and charcuterie platter

If you want a luxuriously long shelf life, create your limoncello with vodka rather than Everclear (rectified spirits/grain alcohol/neutral spirits) or whichever other higher-proof liquor you may be using.

You might also add a little glucose syrup, but know that this will raise the proof content and lead to some off-flavors (from impurities) when mixed with water–so either doesn’t dilute it too much for serving.

What Type of Alcohol is Limoncello?

Limoncello is a traditional Italian liqueur flavored with the zest of lemons. Limoncello is a type of hard lemonade, often used in cocktails. It can be served chilled or iced but turns cloudy when added to ice.

Limoncello also goes well as an accompaniment in desserts like tiramisu or panna cotta, for instance, and can even often be used as dessert on its own.

lemon panna cotta

An Easy Homemade Limoncello Recipe

Click here for a visual representation of how to make an authentic Italian limoncello now!

This limoncello recipe will show you how to make your favorite drink in just five easy steps. It only takes about an hour, and the ingredients are simple. The best part? You can enjoy it straight or mixed with soda water or tonic water!

Type of Lemons to Use

Organic lemons are the best choice for making limoncello since they have a cleaner taste. Non-organic lemons contain wax that may be coated with pesticides and other chemicals so that you won’t get as much flavor from them. Plus, alcohol will extract any substance it can find on those peels—including anything harmful like insecticides or pesticides used to grow non-organically grown fruits!

Type of Alcohol to Use

A high-proof vodka or grain alcohol will extract more lemon juice from the peels and produce a smoother, less cloying drink. If you don’t have access to such an option, opt for 80 proof vodka—it’s easier to find and usually cheaper than 100 proof options.


  • 10 organic lemons for more juice
  • 250g of Sugar
  • 750ml of fresh Water
  • 1750ml Vodka(100 proof or 80 proof)


  1. Clean the lemons using a damp cloth before peeling them with a vegetable peeler. Make sure to remove only the outer yellow skin. Trim away any large pieces of pith that are noticeable.
  2. Put the peels inside a one-quart jar and cover with vodka, then screw on your lid.
  3. Infuse the vodka and the peelings for four days or even a month. The longer you let your mixture ferment, the more lemony it will taste!
  4. Take 250g of sugar and put it inside a jar. Add 750ml of fresh water inside the jar and shake until all the sugar dissolves in water.
  5. Pour the infused vodka inside the jar through a filter. Get a spoon and stir the mixture. Voila! Your limoncello is ready!


All in all, the process of making limoncello can be a fun and rewarding experience. The end product is delicious and refreshing on its own or mixed with other alcohols such as vodka to make it even more flavorful. If you’re looking for an easy-at-home Italian recipe that yields many servings, this one might just fit your needs!