All about Hunting in Italy

Italy-Your next Hunting Destination

Are you a lover of hunting? If so, you should probably try hunting in Italy. Italy is a destination to enjoy hunting because it hosts many people who love to hunt. The most significant contributor to the love of hunting is that there are quite a number of gun companies. 

Once you are licensed to hold a gun, you will be free to hunt for wild animals in Italy. Most of the hunting takes place in the Italian countryside, in regions like Tuscany, Sardinia, and Umbria. 

Hunters mostly hunt for animals such as the red deer, wild boar, and red stag.

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The Different Types of Hunting in Italy

There are different types of hunting in Italy. There are specific times of the year that one can go hunt. Here are some of them:

Wild boar hunting in Italy

Compared to other types of hunting, boar hunting is the most traditional. The reason is that hunters are allowed to join their non-hunting counterparts. The hunting takes place at sunset when the animals come to the fields to feed. Wild boar hunting originally happened in Central Italy and Maremma. Nowadays, you can hunt for them anywhere in Italy as they are populating all over the country.

The best method to hunt them is to hide at a high seat that over-looks the fields in the middle of the forest. Most boars get out of the woods when it’s dark. You can hunt for them as they stroll to the fields. The best season to hunt for boars is from November to May.

Wild boar in the wood - The Proud Italian

Duck hunting in Italy

You can go on a hunting trip in Italy and enjoy hunting wild ducks. You will find ducks in the water. So, the best place to go looking for them is in rivers and lakes. You will find most of these birds in North Italy. The best time of the year to hunt for ducks is from the 1st of October to the 30th of April.

Italian ibex hunting

The Italian ibex can be found in the mountains, and that’s why it’s also known as the mountain goat. You will most likely find it in the Italian Alps. If you want to get hold of the ibex, you can use the spot-and-stalk method. Stalk an ibex until you can get it in a range that you can use your rifle on it. It is not an easy task hunting for an ibex. At some point, you will be required to ascend the mountains and ridges in search of them.

Woodcock hunting in Italy

Hunting for the woodcock in Italy is not such a simple task. You will need to have the assistance of hunting dogs for you to be successful. Woodcocks can be hard to get a hold of since they first walk on the ground before flying. It becomes even more challenging for the dogs when the woodcocks fly. If you need a challenging but exciting task, try hunting for the woodcock.

Woodcock in his natural habitat - The Proud Italian

Deer hunt in Italy

You can choose to hunt the red or the roe deer. You can find the roe and red deer in the small groves of Tuscany and the Appennino Mountains. The best time to hunt for them is during sunrise and sunset when they come to the fields to feed. You can choose to hunt for them by stalking or hiding in a high seat overlooking the fields in the forest.

Italian Game Classification

The Italian game is classified into two groups:

Big game

The big game consists of animals that are larger than squirrels and rabbits. Big game hunting, when well-managed, can generate significant revenue that can be used to conserve wildlife. 

Some of the big game includes wild boars, bears, Cape buffalo, white-tailed deer, the red deer, and the black bear. The hunting methods you can use on the big game rifle hunting are:

  • Bowhunting
  • Stalking
Black deer in the wood during hunting in Italy - The Proud Italian

Small Game

The Italian game also consists of “small game.” They consist of rodents like rabbits, squirrels, and hares. Birds also fall under this category. Most great hunters began by hunting for the small game before they proceeded to the big game. It is advisable that if you want to start tracking, you should start with small game hunting to sharpen your big game skills.

Small game hunting is also not complicated when it comes to licensing. Unlike the big game that requires permits and licenses, the small game does not need you to be approved. Under this category, the game includes the black-backed jackal, geese, ducks, wild turkey, doves, and pheasants, among others. Some of the hunting methods include: 

  • Rifle hunting
  • Shotgun hunting
  • Stalking

The Types of Animals you can Hunt

Hunting in Italy is legalized in Italy. There are about 800,000 hunters who are registered and are mostly found in central and the Northern areas. They are allowed to hunt for animals such as the quail, hare, woodcock, fox, deer, wild boar, moufflon (wild sheep), black grouse, pheasants, the red stag, and partridges, among others.

Fox in the snow - The Proud Italian

The Hunting Regions of Italy

There are a variety of areas that you can plan for a hunting tour. If you want to hunt for the roe deer and wild boars, you can go to Central Italy, specifically in Umbria near Perugia. Chamois and the red stag can be found in Italy’s Northern part in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. Most hunting takes place in Northern Italy in the most popular regions of Umbria, Sardinia, and Tuscany.

On the other hand, there are private estates where bird hunting takes place. For instance, an example of the European hunting lodge is the La Centuriona-Gavi Piedmont.

La Centuriona Piedmont is a suitable habitat for pheasant, partridge, and duck shooting. The size of estate is around 600 hectares of land.

Rocca di Georgi-Lombardia is another estate. It is about 1000 hectares of beautiful landscape and the best place for hunting partridges and pheasants.

Montenero Todi-Umbria is also an estate that provides a hunting ground for big game and bird shooting. It is located in the city of Todi in Umbria.

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About Italian Hunting Licenses

Hunting is legal in Italy, with around 800,000 registered hunters. However, just like in any other country, Italy’s gun laws are strict. There is a law that regulates hunting to protect the wildlife as a whole, which is referred to as Law No 157 of February 1992. This law is mainly applied at the national level. Local rules are used at the province levels.

Each province is supposed to come up with regions where hunting is authorized. For instance, there are private hunting places and places that are protected.

Apart from providing the hunting areas, each province needs to ensure that there are specific hunting times. There needs to be a calendar that shows which days are prohibited for hunting and when hunting is allowed.

There are hunting licenses that are issued for one to practice hunting. Applications for the hunting license are made at the hunting department of the provincial administration office. A gun hunter has a right to own a gun and a hunting license. To apply for a hunting license, you need to have the following requirements:

  1. You must be 18 years old and above.
  2. You must have proof of passing the test that shows you understand the hunting regulations, guns, munitions, and the protection of plants.
  3. You must have a valid medical certificate.
  4. You must have two passport photos that are signed.
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If you meet the requirements above, you will make a payment to the local authority, and the license will be issued. The permit will be valid for six years, and during the first year, you will be required to hunt in the company of a hunter with a minimum of three years’ experience. On top of having a license, a hunter is supposed to apply for an insurance cover.

Once the license period has expired, a hunter will be required to renew his/her license. You will need to present a medical certificate that is updated and also pay tax. Apart from the permit, hunters are also given a card whose details are the relevant local information and the regional hunting calendar.

The Steps to Follow When Bringing a Hunting Rifle to Italy

Follow these steps if you want to bring a hunting rifle to Italy:

  • Get authorization from police authorities in your country and Italy.
  • Ensure your rifle is registered at the local police department.
  • Get a hunting license since it is illegal to carry any weapon in public unless you are licensed.
  • Obtain a hunting permit as well that has to be issued at the region of residence.
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You will require the following documents as well:

  • A valid driver’s license with your current address.
  • A valid passport.
  • A hunting license.
  • Criminal records certificate from your home country’s police department.

After obtaining a hunting license and a permit, the Italian police will let the authorities in your country know about the transfer of your rifle to Italy.

Bottom line

If you are someone that enjoys hunting, visit Italy. You won’t regret it a bit since there are various places that you can visit for hunting. Plan your next trip and have the best time of your life!