Italian American Clubs

Americans of Italian descent form clubs to promote fellowship and fraternity among members. They call such an organization an Italian American Club. The clubs have facilities that serve as Italian American Community centers. The centers foster and preserve the Italian culture among the settlers.

The patrons engage in social-cultural activities that focus on their traditions. These activities help to preserve their culture. As you read on, you’ll learn of several Italian American social clubs and what they offer.

The Proud Italian

The Proud Italian is arguably one of the largest Italian American centers in the world. The club runs robust digital platforms that share information on Italian culture. When you visit their Facebook page, you’ll learn a lot about Italian culture from the posts. The foremost goal is to communicate Italian culture to immigrants.

On the platforms, users can learn everything about Italians, including movies, celebrities, foods and recipes, and other traditions. It also guides Italians in America on other cultural activities in their neighborhood. Their platforms act as an online repository of the Italian culture.

The Proud Italian, Italian American Club - The Proud Italian

Branford Italian Club

A small group of visionaries in Connecticut founded the Branford Italian Club. The aim was to unite Connecticut’s Italian community. They come together to deal with social-economic challenges facing settlers from Italy. 

The vision gave birth to an Italian American Cultural center referred to as the Italian club. The club offers a facility for hosting weddings and corporate functions. Members can also hold birthdays, galas, and other festivals at the club. The facility is open throughout the year. You can also follow the club’s activities on their Facebook fan page.

Italian American Club of East Haven

This Italian club is also in Connecticut. They have an Italian American club where they operate from. Like other Italian clubs in America, their principal aim is to preserve their culture. Apart from the cultural center, they also have a social media presence. Patrons can interact with other members on the Facebook page. The posts are rich in Italian culture. 

The club’s facilities offer members the opportunity to feel at home, away from home. There are plenty of activities that help members to preserve their culture. For instance, a kitchen that serves Italian delicacies during lunches and dinners. Members can also take part in sporting activities. The club has teams taking part in tournaments organized in Italy.

Connecticut, where you can find several Italian American cultural clubs - The Proud Italian

The Italian American Social Club at Palm Coast, Florida

This club is a social-fraternal organization. It offers Italian-Americans a place to gather and appreciate Italian heritage. The club brings together members from different walks of life. Families are also welcome at the center to keep with the Italian tradition of the family.

To preserve Italian culture, the center offers social, cultural activities. These activities include special theme social dinner dances. They also provide Lounge, and Grand Ballroom held on special occasions. You can stay updated on the club’s activities on their Facebook page.

Persons of Italian descent and their spouses can apply for regular memberships. If you are not on Italian descent, you can apply for associate membership. Your subscription to this Italian American cultural society attracts an initiation fee. You must also pay membership dues.

Peninsula Italian American Social Club, Italian American Club - The Proud Italian
Peninsula Italian American Social Club, Photo Credits

Peninsula Italian American Social Club

Italian-Americans living in the Bay Area, San Francisco, formed this club. They aim to bring members and their families and friends together. They gather to enjoy Italian festivities, traditions, and foods. All these activities ensure a lasting legacy for the next generation.

The club offers facilities for weddings and other cultural activities. It also has a banquet hall, a full-service bar, and a recognized chef. Members can attend themed dinner dances, cooking demos, and bocce tournaments. They also include their activities and news on their Facebook page

Italian American Club of Venice

The Italian American Club of Venice develops fellowship among Italian Americans. Club members interact through social and cultural activities. When you join the club, you will take part in club activities. The activities encourage knowledge of the language, culture, art, and history of Italy.

Joining this Italian club is a process. You must fill the membership application form. The membership committee then reviews your application. Once they accept your application, you must attend an executive board meeting. At the meeting, you’ll undergo an informal assessment. They’ll swear you in at the next general meeting upon approval of your application.

Pasta dinner, can be one of the activities of Italian American social clubs - The Proud Italian

As a member of the club, you can attend feasts, and carnivals organized by the organization. Other activities at the club include pasta dinner, Italian culture, and language classes. The club also offers scholarships to deserving students from Venice High School. Members can follow the club’s activities on their active Facebook page


Every American of Italian descent has an appetite for their culture. If you are such a person, you must join an Italian American club. At the club, you’ll interact with other members keen on preserving their culture. Family activities enable passing on the culture to the next generation. These clubs have many fun activities. You can take part in games, foods, and dances that showcase the best id Italian culture. If you are not a member, you can select among the ones listed above or look for one in your area.