Italian DIY Wine Rack Ideas For That Tuscany Home Feeling

Italy has many beautiful things ranging from museums to the tastiest of wines. Moreover, sipping one or two glasses is not enough because A DIY wine rack is what you need to complete your paradise. 

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Wine racks are a great idea to include in your wine drinking endeavors. However, not everyone invests in racks as these unlimited drinks need good storage tools. Getting yourself one will not only provide beauty but also security for your wine selection.

So, we’ve rounded up the best DIY wine rack ideas to help you create that Tuscany home feeling. Let’s dive in!

The Joy of Making Your Own DIY Wine Rack

Wine racks are the best place to store your precious drink. The best thing about making a DIY wine rack is that it looks better when handmade. So instead of shelling out more money in wine rack stores, you will be able to make it with an affordable budget. Moreover, you will be able to build it according to your preferred design, color, size, and material.

16 Different DIY Wine Rack Ideas

Building a wine rack is not a challenging task. It’s a project that you can complete within a few days. What’s more, you’ll be able to conduct the whole process without digging deeper into your pocket! If you are a creative type, you might find more joy in our list of 16 DIY wine rack ideas below.

DIY Circular Wine Rack

If you’d like to build a simple wine rack that saves space, go for the circular rack. This DIY wine rack creates a striking look from the circular openings. Moreover, the material used helps in creating a perfect finish. To build it, drill circular holes, then use glue to support the dowels.

Leather Wine Rack

A leather wine rack is built with a combination of both leather and wood. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it is fitted on the wall. If you lack enough space, consider this design to be mounted on any part of a wall.

DIY Wooden Wine Rack

Wood is the most used material when constructing a wooden wine rack. If you want to shed extra kilos by engaging in a bit of work, opt for a DIY wooden wine rack. Additionally, if you want to learn more about creating a perfect one, only wood and pocket-hole screws will do you good.

DIY Ikea Wine Rack

Most wine enthusiasts prefer a stylish shelf that holds bottles well. If you are one of them, consider the Ikea Wine Rack. A rack fitted with a frame to create more space. 

DIY Black Wood Wine Rack

This unique yet straightforward wine rack is made with dark-looking wood. Moreover, it has a label that accompanies the dull color to create a perfect look.

DIY Numbered Wine Rack

Among our best list of racks is the numbered wine rack. But why are they numbered? Well, this is to help you arrange them in the order that you like.

Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack

Did you know that you can construct a wine rack with leather and copper pipe? While this might sound surprising, it is the truth. This rack will create a beautiful view apart from being durable.

Rope and Wood Wine Rack

This type of rack is made with wood and manila to help you create support for your bottles of divine wine.

Barn Wood Wine Rack

This rack is achieved from a combination of different materials such as the newspaper. Being eco-friendly will help you feel the authentic Italian flavor.

Wood & Framing Nail Wine Rack

Being part of woody racks, it is also made with a framing nail to hold the frames and provide perfect storage space.

DIY Dowel Wine Rack

The greatest thing about a wine rack is that you can keep it for a long time. But then you need a perfect place to store wine. This rack is pre-sanded and made out of pine wood.

Additionally, it’s designed in such a way that it can hold nine bottles of wine. You will also need materials and tools such as a circular hand saw and a portal pine, among others.

Stained Wood Wine Rack

This wine rack is designed as a simple but unique way to store your wine bottle. It is a great one since you can hang it on the walls, thus saving space. Moreover, it is fitted with metal to provide support for the bottles.

You’ll have to use wood and sandpaper to create a perfect finish on the edges. The most striking feature is the labels fitted on each wine section.

Picket Fence Wine Rack

Another unique wine rack that will leave people with oohs and aahs is the Picket Fence. It is made by drilling round holes in the wood using a whole saw. After drilling the holes in each piece of wood, you’ll be required to assemble to form something like a picket fence. Lastly, sand down the sourwood and face of the wood to make it look beautiful.

Wood and Leather Wine Rack

This is an excellent piece for people who don’t like too much woodwork. It’s an easy project because you’ll only be required to use wood with a few pieces of leather. All you need is  1/2″ by 12″ by 24″ plywood, a scroll saw, drill, sewing machine, wood glue, three 5/8″ dowels, 5/8″ foster drill bit, and pieces of leather.

Countertop Wine Rack

Instead of putting and breaking wine bottles in every corner of your house, why not build a countertop wine rack?  You can use any wood, but a pine board will also do you good.

Galvanized Pipe- Hanger Wine Rack

If you are looking for a classic, unique, and wine storage tool, go for a galvanized pipe hanger. Unlike other wine racks with labels at the front only, this gives you a clear front and center view.

Making Your DIY Wine Rack at Home

Building your wine rack is not a complex task. However, you need to be keen while conducting the whole process. For that reason, here is a step-by-step process on how to build either a small or large rack.

  • Use any wood to make your wine rack. Create square edges using a cutting machine.
  • Cut pieces to your desired length using a hand saw.
  • Sand down all surfaces to make it smooth using a sander.
  • Mark connection points using a ruler, pen, and measuring tape.
  • Drill pocket holes using a driller.
  • Add glue at the base of the wood to add extra strength.
  • Screw into the wood using a screwing machine.
  • Assemble all the materials according to your desired shape using a screw, glue, and a driller.
  • Assemble all the remaining materials for the second time to achieve the final results.
  • Sand the connection points to make it smooth using a sander.
  • Stain the whole surface.
  • Finish by painting with polyurethane.
  • Prepare for a mounted wall by measuring the connection points using a measuring tape, driller, and a ruler. Then, use a screwdriver to mount the rack on the wall.
  • Finally, arrange your bottles.

The Proud Italian’s Top Tips for Building Your DIY Wine Rack

Many wine enthusiasts desire to create an excellent and unique rack inside their home. If you are one of them, look no further! Here are valuable tips to help you build your DIY wine rack.


Among the top tips for building your wine rack is the design. This is a significant factor in the creation of the type of wine to build. While there are many designs to choose from, you can download them from the internet.

Still, on design, consider the following specification to achieve the best storage rack.

  • The number of wine bottles.
  • The final display of wine bottles.
  • The style (classic, traditional, or both).

Use of Materials

Another essential thing to remember is the material. While there are different types of materials in the market, go for the one that is durable but will also create an excellent finish. Among the most known and used materials is wood.

This is because they are durable, affordable, and available. If you decide to go for wood, choose between pine, mahogany, or redwood to create a beautiful finish.

The Cost

Before constructing a DIY wine rack, do a thorough calculation on the money that you’ll need to spend for the whole project. To create your desired design, you need to buy all the necessary equipment required.

Buy a Wine Kit

Although many people love wine, not all will love the hard work associated with building a DIY rack. If you are one of them, the best thing to do is buy a wine rack kit.

The good news about the kit is that you’ll be able to create the rack by yourself using simple ways. What you’ll be required to do is to assemble the parts to come up with the desired style.

Your Wine Rack–Your Way!

There are many wine racks on the market. They are the best storage tools to store your sweet drinks. If you are an avid wine drinker and got wine bottles clustered in every corner of your house, don’t fret! You can build it by yourself.

Each of the racks listed above will be an excellent choice for you as they are all simple and easy to make. Moreover, they can be made using different materials, from wood to Iron. So, what are you waiting for? Get materials together and start the journey of making classic racks.