The 6 Best Anisette Liqueur And Related Products

What is Anisette Liqueur Used for?

Picking the best Anisette Liqueur demands an understanding of various anise-flavored spirits. Although most people frequently consume anisette liqueur on its own, many may choose to use it in cocktails because of its sweetness and low alcohol concentration.

It is sweeter than other anise-flavored liqueurs like Ouzo, Pastis, and Pernod. Here, we review the six best Anisette Liqueurs and related products. Keep reading to find out more.

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Types of Anisette Liqueur

There are three variants of Anisette Liqueur; categorized based on the quantity of sugar used during production. These categories are

Sweet Aniseed

Since sweet anise has less than 35% alcohol by volume and more than 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of sugar per 0.26 gallons (1 liter), it qualifies as a sweet beverage.

Semi-dry Aniseed

This aniseed variant is different because it has an alcohol percentage of less than 38% and 0.70 to 3.5 ounces (20 to 100 grams) of sugar per liter. This qualifies it as semi-dry.

Dry Aniseed

It is the aniseed whose sugar content is virtually zero. As a result, it is a liqueur with a rich taste from its absence. It is distinct for having the greatest alcohol percentage.

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Our Top-Rated Anisette Product

First, we can’t deny that all products listed in this article are amazing and unique in their capacity. However, McCormick Culinary Pure Anise Extract emerged as our top-rated anisette product. It is a robust and versatile kitchen essential. Most importantly, it’s rich in taste.

Our Favorite Amazon Anisette Liqueur and Products

Product NameBest for Case
McCormick Culinary Pure Anise ExtractBest for overall use
Amoretti Premium Syrup, AniseBest for cocktails
Stella D'Oro Toast, AnisetteBest Anisette liqueur toast cookies
OliveNation Star Anise Flavor ExtractBest for savory dishes
Anise Star Alcohol-Free Liquid ExtractBest non-alcoholic liquid anise extract
Amoretti Premium Syrup, AmarettoBest Italian Anisette Liqueur

The Best Anisette Liqueur and its Related Products

McCormick Culinary Pure Anise Extract: Best for Overall Use

Amazon’s Choice in Natural Extracts by McCormick Culinary

Brand: McCormick Culinary

Volume: 16 fluid ounces (473.17 milliliters)

Form: Liquid

Recommended uses: Baking, subtle licorice flavor

Number of items: 1

Weight: 1 pound (0.45 kilograms)

Specialty: Baking

About Product

A robust kitchen essential, McCormick Culinary Pure Anise Extract will give a wide range of baked items, beverages, and main dishes delectable culinary creations. Anethole, an aromatic substance found in anise, gives dishes a toasty, sweet, licorice-like flavor.

You can count on outstanding, reliable performance whether you mix some into coffee or add some to the cake batter. This anise extract is a “chef’s best companion.” The minty, piney and fruity flavor comes from only the best oil of anise and components. It would be best if you always had pure anise extract because of its adaptability and natural flavor.

For baking or cooking, McCormick Culinary Pure Anise Extract has several advantages. Each 16-ounce (437.17 milliliters) bottle will endure for months because only a few drops are enough to produce a rich, warm taste. Additionally, this extract functions well in dishes that call for whole or crushed anise seeds.

Replace the 1 1/2 teaspoons of dry anise seeds with one teaspoon of anise essence. No matter how much extract your recipe calls for, the easy-pour spout prevents mishaps. Anise extract will satisfy your need for any dish’s strong, licorice-like flavor. Traditional Italian dishes like peppernut cookies, biscotti, and pizzelles frequently include this taste.

Many pastries and bread taste better as a result. Anise compliments beverages like teas and locally produced Galliano or absinthe liquors in addition to sweet desserts. You can use it to enhance Indian, Mediterranean, and Latin American foods.

McCormick Culinary Pure Anise Extract has flavor without artificial additives and enables the creation of a variety of original recipes. Each bottle is kosher, gluten-free, devoid of GMOs, and manufactured without corn syrup or additional MSG.

Amoretti Premium Syrup, Anise: Best for Cocktails

Brand: Amoretti

Volume: 25.4 fluid ounces (751.16 milliliters)

Form: Liquid

Recommended uses: Flavor for tea, latte, coffee, Italian soda, smoothies, and desserts.

Number of items: 1

Weight: 1.59 pounds (0.72 kilograms)

Specialty: Cocktails, baking

About Product

There are numerous uses for Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup. Although this anise-flavored drink is a distinctive flavor for cocktails, it also makes a wonderful addition to food when cooking and baking. It must be time for cocktails if the sun is above the yardarm! 

Using Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup, you can make delectable martinis, margaritas, mulled wines, and champagne cocktails. You can also use it to flavor a pitcher of red sangria. It is a delicious condiment for sliced fruits, mixed berries, or cubed melon.

You can also sprinkle some over-lengthwise-sliced bananas that have been sautéed and served as a dessert, or you may slice up those bananas and serve them with the syrup over ice cream. You can use Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup to flavor your pancake, crepe, or waffle batter or provide a distinctively spicy flavor to anything from applesauce to porridge.

The flavor of star anise liqueur is prevalent in Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Indian cuisines. You can quickly adjust your favorite recipes or find new ones to add to Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup. It makes a flavorful braising liquid for a meat roast or a pan sauce for browned meatballs when combined with onion and soy sauce.

Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup is excellent in baking as well. You can use it in recipes for baking anything from apples to zucchini bread. Use Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup to make Mexican bunuelos to give both the bunuelos and the warm syrup you sprinkle over them before serving an anise taste. 

What are you still holding out for? Buy some Amoretti Premium Anise Syrup right away! You’ll fall in love with its flavor; we’re sure of it. Please contact us if you don’t, and we’ll make it right!

Stella D'Oro Toast, Anisette: Best Anisette Liqueur Toast Cookies

Brand: Stella D’Oro

Volume: 5.7 ounces (161.59 grams)

Form: Solid (toast/loaf)

Recommended uses: Toast

Number of items: 12

Weight: 5.73 pounds (2.5 kilograms)

Specialty: Cookies

About Product

Stella D’oro Toast Anisette is a perfect companion to your favorite cup of coffee or tea. The well-known Stella D’oro Italian touch of excellent taste, tradition, and quality is evident in them.

This simple Italian Stella D’oro is gently sweet! It comes packaged in a convenient tray. It has an authentic flavor and is an ideal addition to your preferred cup of coffee Crisp twice-baked toast Toast.

OliveNation Star Anise Flavor Extract: Best for Savory Dishes


Volume: 4 fluid ounces (118.29 milliliters)

Form: Liquid

Recommended uses: Cookie flavoring

Number of items: 1

Weight: 4 ounces (113.39 grams)

Specialty: Cookie flavoring

About Product

OliveNation’s star anise, a typical licorice liqueur flavor extract, is useful to Italian staples like biscotti, pizzelle, sweets, and bread. Additionally, savory meals from numerous other cuisines, such as curries and cabbage, frequently contain this robust flavor.

Baking with star anise extract helps develop unique taste profiles and adds depth to fruit desserts. Natural star anise extract from OliveNation is excellent in classic Italian recipes as well as baked goods from a variety of other national and regional cuisines. 

This ingredient’s characteristic flavor enhances a variety of baked goods, including anise tuiles, pizzelle, pfeffernusse, peppernut biscuits, and biscotti. Anise extract pairs nicely with spices like ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. You can use them in sweet and savory dishes.

Anise Star Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract: Best Non-alcoholic Liquid Anise Extract

Amazon’s Choice in Chinese Star Anise by HawaiiPharm 

Brand: HawaiiPharm

Volume: 2 fluid ounces (59 milliliters)

Form: Liquid

Recommended uses: Dietary supplement

Number of items: 1

Weight: 2 ounces (56.69 grams)

Specialty: Dietary supplement

About Product

HawaiiPharm’s Anise Star Alcohol-free liquid extract consists of only natural components. We employ traditional, time-tested methods to obtain high-quality anise star liquid extract. We painstakingly create our extracts following exact specifications, where each herb extraction follows each plant’s unique characteristics!

It is among the best anise star extract available, created with respect for nature and a love for plants! It’s a product of Hawaii! We continuously use wild harvesting materials that are ethically sourced or certified, vegetable palm glycerin, and pristine artesian water!

Amoretti Premium Syrup, Amaretto: Best Italian Anisette Liqueur

Amazon’s Choice in Syrups by Amoretti

Brand: Amoretti

Volume: 25.4 fluid ounces (751.16 milliliters)

Form: Liquid

Recommended uses: Syrup for coffee, latte, tea, Italian soda, smoothies, and dessert.

Number of items: 1

Weight: 25.4 ounces (720.07 grams)

Specialty: Beverage flavoring, baking

About Product

One of our favorite syrups, Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup, is the ideal complement to that steamy cup of coffee, a pot of your preferred tea, or a mug of hot chocolate. It has a sweet almond flavor. There are several other uses for this great syrup.

You may add the exquisite taste of Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup to practically any dairy-based beverage, including steaming milk, milkshakes, and ice cream floats. You can also use it to lend an intriguing twist to smoothies, protein beverages, and anise aperitifs. 

Instead of adding Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup to the hot chocolate with your family or friends, consider adding it to the whipped topping and see the reactions. Additionally, adding it to homemade ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt creates a strange but pleasant flavor. 

Italian sodas made with Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup and carbonated water are delicious. It can blend well with granita, drizzled over shaved ice or a snow cone, and mixed into slushies.

You can give your baked products a new flavor depth by incorporating some Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup into your cookie dough, cake batter, or perhaps cupcake frosting. Behind your bar, Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup fits in just fine. Use it to give Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Manhattans, Daiquiris, and Mojitos a tiny amount of amoretti taste. 

After tasting Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup, we are sure you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup, derived from nature and produced in Southern California without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup, is slowly becoming a staple in your food menu and drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anisette Liqueur

What is Anisette?

 It is a type of liqueur prepared from anise seeds. It has a flavor reminiscent of black licorice and is generally sweet. You can buy anise liqueur, which comes in several varieties worldwide. Although it is native to France, it is well-liked in Mediterranean nations like Spain, Italy, and Greece.

You can serve it in different ways, including straight, occasionally as an after-dinner drink, diluted with water, or combined with other mixed cocktails. Anisette came to replace absinthe, a different aniseed spirit, with a greater alcohol concentration that is illegal in several regions of the world.

How Long Does Anisette Liqueur Last?

Assuming ideal storage circumstances, the answer to this question is more of a quality concern than safety. Anisette Liqueur has an infinite shelf life when properly stored, even after opening.

It would be best if you stored Anisette Liqueur in a cool, dry location away from sources of extreme heat or sunshine to extend its shelf life and preserve its flavor. When you open an Anisette Liqueur bottle, the liquid may slowly evaporate and lose some taste over time, but as long as you store it properly, it is still safe to drink.

How Do I make Aniseed Spirit at Home?

If you have a DIY enthusiast, you can create your own homemade crude Anisette Liqueur. Purchase some fresh anise seeds for your pestle and mortar. To make 3 ounces (85.04 grams) of powdered seeds, use 0.26 gallons (1 liter) of vodka or plain spirits (grain alcohol).

Put them together in an airtight container and place them somewhere dark. Drain the liquid a week or so later. Make simple syrup separately by boiling 2 pounds (1 kilogram) of sugar with 0.13 gallons (0.5 liters) of purified water. Let it cool to room temperature.

Add this to your spirits and mix. Please don’t touch it for six months, and place it back in the dark, airtight container. The outcomes might not compare to the stories of absinthe or excite interest like Ouzo, but you can still drink them and tell your friends about your endeavor.

Anise drink

Final Words

The flavor of anise is quite distinctive and intriguing. It is one of the oldest known spice plants in the world; first discovered as a wild plant in the Mediterranean.

It is still well-liked in the Mediterranean areas and is well-known worldwide. While numerous variants exist from various nations, like Spain, France, Greece, and Central and Latin America, one thing unites them all: the flavor of licorice! 

Despite all of the plant’s health advantages and versatility, licorice is an eerie resemblance to it. It is an ingredient in licorice candies that aim for a more authentic flavor.

When it comes to Anisette Liqueur, McCormick Culinary Pure Anise Extract is the best Anisette Liqueur so far. Remember, The best Anisette Liqueur has robust aromas and rich flavors. While some products concentrate more on the sweeter side of anise and bring out the licorice, others combine sweetness with earthy, herbal tones. 

Whatever the case, it’s a distinctive expression that produces intriguing cocktails.