The 6 Best Manual Coffee GrindersYou Need Now!

This is our review of the best manual coffee grinders this year.

Manual grinders are perfect if you want more control over your brewing process and enjoy experimenting with different types of coffee beans.

They also tend to be less expensive than electric models. There are many options out there, so we put together a list of six that should meet most people’s needs.

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is our best manual coffee grinder because it offers an excellent balance between price and quality.

It has a sleek design that looks good on any kitchen countertop, and its ceramic burr grinder produces uniform grounds every time—no matter how much coffee you need. Plus, it comes with a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase.

Read on and pick your most favorite manual coffee grinder!

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Why is a Manual Coffee Grinder so Important?

Manual grinders are the best way to ensure that your coffee beans are ground to perfection. They’re also easier on your wallet and better for the environment than electric grinders. Plus, they’re more fun!

A manual grinder is perfect if you want to have complete control over how coarse or fine your coffee grounds will be. In addition, you can adjust it according to what type of drink you like, whether it’s espresso, drip coffee, or French press.

shot of espresso

It’s also great for those who prefer freshly ground coffee beans but don’t want an electric grinder taking up space in their kitchen.

And because manual grinders require less electricity than electric ones, they produce less CO2 emissions too!

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The Best Manual Coffee Grinders (At a Glance)

The Best Selling Manual Coffee Grinders

Best Overall: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings

Product Features

  • Budget-friendly or high end: Affordable
  • The material it’s made from: Stainless steel and nylon
  • Ceramic or steel burs?: Ceramic
  • How many cups can you get out of a single-use: 2-3 cups
  • Grind settings: 18 different settings

You love coffee, but you don’t want to wake up the whole house with your electric grinder? The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is an excellent alternative for those who need to grind their beans in the morning without waking up the neighbors.

It’s easy and convenient, and it has 18 different settings so that you can find just the right one for your favorite brew. This product is great for all types of brewing methods—pour-over, French press, espresso machine, or even cold brew iced coffee. It’s also portable, so if you’re camping or at work all day long, this manual coffee grinder will be perfect for you.

If you’re looking for a good-quality manual coffee grinder, JavaPresse will provide you with the service you need. It is made of durable stainless steel and ceramic conical burrs. And because it doesn’t use electricity as an electric grinder does, there are no worries about getting zapped while grinding your beans.

With its removable hand crank and 18 different adjustable settings from coarsely ground espresso beans all the way down to finely ground Turkish style grounds – there’s indeed something here that will suit your coffee needs.

Our Conclusion

JavaPresse is completely silent—so much better than those loud electric ones. So if you’re looking for a way to make brewing easier on yourself in the morning or throughout the day without waking anyone else up, then this could be just what you’ve been searching for.

Easy to use.Easy to select a grind.
Quiet and precise performance.
Easy clean (its base is dishwasher safe).
It doesn’t hold large volumes of coffee.

Best for Home/Office: Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – “Skerton Plus”

Product Features

  • Budget-friendly or high end: Affordable
  • Ceramic or steel burs?: Ceramic
  • Espresso or filter?: Espresso
  • Grind settings: 12 different settings

The Hario Skerton Plus is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make their own fresh, flavorful coffee.

You’ll be able to enjoy fresh-ground coffee wherever you go with this manual coffee mill. And because the adjustment mechanism is stepped, it’s easy to change between different grind settings without having to guess your way through them like most other models.

It also features a non-slip rubber base, so it won’t slide around on your countertop while you’re grinding. And when you’re not using it, the crank handle detaches from the body for compact storage and easy travel.

The Skerton Plus is easy to use, durable and produces consistent results every time. You’ll love how easy it is to pack up when you’re on the go or just storing it away in your kitchen cabinet. So make sure you get yours today!

Our Conclusion

This Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill is a great choice for those who are looking to buy an inexpensive, lightweight coffee grinder. However, it falls short in terms of portability. For something more portable but just as durable, check out the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder.

Dishwasher safe.
Faster than JavaPresse.
Less portable.

Best Value for Money: KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee for Drip/Espresso/PourOver/ColdBrew, 12 Cup, Black

Product Features

  • Budget-friendly or high end: Budget-friendly
  • Ceramic or steel burs?: Steel
  • Bean capacity: Up to 225g 
  • How many cups can you get out of a single-use: 2-12 cups quantity selection settings
  • Grind settings: 12 grind settings, each with micro-adjustments

KRUPS Precision Grinder is a high-quality manual coffee grinder that can be used for all types of brewing methods. It has a 33% more grinding range than other grinders, so it’s perfect for any kind of coffee drinker.

The 12 settings allow you to choose how coarse or fine your coffee beans are ground, and there are also intermediary settings if you need something in between. The metallic flat burr design also ensures consistency and precision in every batch of coffee. So you’ll never have to worry about getting a bad cup again.

This machine will automatically stop when the desired amount is reached, so no need to worry about overdoing it. And with an easy-to-clean removable top burr and embedded cleaning brush, this grinder is always ready for use.

There are no more excuses for not having fresh ground beans on hand at home or work with this grinder. This machine has a large capacity and can hold up to eight ounces of ground coffee. So whether it’s two or 12 cups, this machine will give you perfectly ground coffee every time.

Our Conclusion

The KRUPS Precision Grinder is a powerful coffee grinder specifically designed to quickly and efficiently grind your beans just the way you like them. In addition, it has been proven by many past customers that it can last at least ten years with proper maintenance. 

KRUPS stands out in its quality of grinding and longevity as far as best-selling coffee grinders are concerned.

Large capacity.
Easy use.
Grinds fast.
Easy to clean.
Value for money.
Not able to create fine enough grounds for espresso.

Best for All Brew Methods: 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder Light Gray Capacity 35g with Assembly Stainless Steel Conical Burr

Product Features

  • Budget-friendly or high end: Higher-end
  • The material it’s made from: Wood, Stainless-steel, Polycarbonate, Rubber, Aluminum alloy
  • Ceramic or steel burs?: Stainless steel burr
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty
  • Grind settings: Over 40 clicks of grind settings

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and need a coffee to get going? The 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee is the perfect solution for those who want quality but don’t want to spend too much. 

It has a ton of features that make it easy to brew your own coffee at home. For example, the grinder is made from stainless steel with an adjustable setting, so you can grind your beans just how you like them.

This manual coffee mill also comes with over 40 different settings, which means there’s one for every type of drinker out there. You can also adjust the setting for espresso with just 20 clicks.

The stainless steel conical burr ensures that your beans are ground evenly with every use, giving you the best tasting cup possible. And because it’s portable, this grinder can go anywhere with you.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about spending any extra money on repairs either—all parts are easily dismantled without tools, so cleaning is always quick and simple. With 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee, brewing coffee will never be easier than before.

Our Conclusion

The 1Zpresso JX has been explicitly designed for those with an espresso machine and high-end taste buds in mind. This grinder will produce rich flavorful grinds every time you need them! You don’t have to worry about buying another type or brand because this product promises quality at its finest.

Easy to clean.
Excellent consistency of grounds.
Extremely fast grinding.
Ergonomic handle and easy grip.
The steel burr may produce heat.

Best Espresso Gift: VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder Hand Coffee Grinder 6 Adjustable Setting Stainless Steel Conical Burr Mill Portable Hand Crank Coffee Bean Grinder Ultra Fine for Espresso Gift

Product Features

  • Length of the handle: 5.7-inch long hand crank
  • Budget-friendly or high end: Budget-friendly
  • The material it’s made from: Wood, stainless steel, glass
  • Ceramic or steel burs?: Stainless steel conical burr
  • How many cups can you get out of a single use: 1-2 cups
  • Grind settings: 6 precise settings

The VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder is the perfect tool to have in your kitchen if you love fresh brewing cups of coffee. It’s made from stainless steel and has an ultra-fine setting that’s perfect for espresso.

You can also adjust the coarseness of your grind with six settings to get just the right consistency for whatever type of brew you want. It even comes with a hopper that holds up to 15-20 grams of beans (enough for one to two cups of coffee), so you don’t have to worry about refilling it every time you need more grounds.

This manual coffee mill also features a detachable hand crank so that it won’t take up too much space on your countertop or in your kitchen drawer.

With its sleek design and elegant finish, it’s easy to use and clean. Plus, you can take it anywhere with you thanks to its compact size. And don’t worry about noise. This manual grinder is quieter than an electric grinder.

Our Conclusion

This product will make brewing delicious cups of coffee easy and convenient without having to deal with messy cords or expensive batteries. Plus, it looks great on any countertop, thanks to its sleek and elegant finish. With this grinder, you’re sure to impress all of your guests at brunch or dinner parties.

Easy to clean and use.
Quick grinding speed.
Less noise.
The steel burr may produce heat.

Best Multifunctional: MONGDIO Portable Manual Coffee Grinder conical burr mill Portable Stainless Steel Hand Coffee Bean Grinder Adjustable Setting Ceramic Burr for Home, Office, Traveling, Camping

Product Features

  • Budget-friendly or high end: Budget-friendly
  • The material it’s made from: Stainless steel, silica gel, ceramics
  • Ceramic or steel burs?: Ceramic burr
  • Capacity: About 30 grams

The MONGDIO Portable Manual Coffee Grinder is the perfect solution for home coffee baristas who want to enjoy fresh ground coffee beans on the go. It’s small and portable so that it can be taken anywhere you go. You’ll never have to settle for pre-ground coffee again.

This grinder has a ceramic burr that won’t rust or corrode over time like metal blades do—meaning your grind will stay consistent no matter how often you use it. Plus, this grinder is easy to clean with just soap and water—no need for any harsh chemicals or scrubbing brushes here.

And did we mention that it’s super quiet? So if you’re looking for a manual grinder that doesn’t take up much space in your bag but still gives you quality grounds every single time, then look no further than the MONGDIO Portable Manual Coffee Grinder.

Our Conclusion

If you’re looking for a multifunctional hand coffee grinder, this is your best pick. This machine not only grinds beans but also peppers, chilies, and grains!

Easy to clean.
Portable design.
Easy to use.
It doesn’t hold large volumes of coffee.

Your Manual Coffee Grinder – A Buyers Guide

If you are looking for the best manual coffee grinder that will serve your needs, the following features are critical to consider:


When looking for the best manual coffee grinder that suits your needs, the first feature to consider is the type of material used to construct the device.

When choosing a coffee grinder, look for ones with high-quality burrs made from durable materials. Stainless steel and ceramic are the best choices as they will last you longer than more common metal alloys or plastic parts.


The best coffee grinders are designed with ergonomic features like long handles and comfortable grips that allow you to grind the beans quickly, efficiently, and comfortably.

Longer handles can help save your arm muscles from a potential strain because they work more simply than shorter ones do—just lean back while pushing down on the handle!


Capacity is an important factor when choosing a manual coffee grinder because it determines how much ground coffee you can store at once.

If you want to grind enough beans for two cups of coffee, then your best bet would be a small capacity model that holds about 1/2 cup of grounds.

But if you need more than 2 cups worth of beans, then go with the larger models that hold up to 3/4 or even one full cup.

Grind Settings

The grind settings determine how coarse or fine your beans will be ground and can affect the taste of your brew. If you like intense, robust flavors in your morning cup, then choose a coarser grind. For those who prefer lighter roasts with more subtle flavors, go for a finer grind.


When you’re looking for a manual coffee grinder, size is an important factor to consider.

Manual grinders are typically smaller and more compact than electric ones. So if you have limited counter space or want to take your grinder with you on the go, this may be the best option for you. They also tend to be less expensive than electric models.

You can find manual grinders in all shapes and sizes, from handheld versions that fit right in your hand to larger tabletop models that sit nicely on your kitchen countertop or dining table. 


Manual grinders are made of metal and plastic parts that can break over time with use. Therefore, it’s crucial to find one that will last, so it doesn’t become a hassle when grinding your beans each morning.


Is it really better to grind your own coffee?

Grind your own coffee to save money, time, and get a fresher cup of joe. Whole bean coffee is less expensive than pre-ground coffee because it doesn’t go stale as quickly.

Plus, grinding your own beans allows you to control the grind size for different brewing methods. It’s easy. All you need is a grinder that can handle both coarsely ground espresso or finely ground drip brews.

Grinding your own beans will allow you to have more control over how much caffeine goes into each cup of coffee, so there’s no risk of drinking too much or not enough caffeine in one day.

You’ll also be able to enjoy all the flavors from different roasts without any bitterness or sourness from old grounds sitting around in your fridge for weeks on end.

Are manual coffee grinders better than the electric versions?

Electric coffee grinders have their advantages. They are faster, more efficient, and less messy.

However, a manual grinder is advantageous because it will give you different textures to your coffee grounds depending on how fine you like them.

A manual grinder also allows for better control over the brewing process because it reduces the chances of burning ground instantly due to a heating element used within an electric grinder’s head. In addition, giving finer control over drip-rate brings out the taste of individual coffees with precision.

Manual grinders sometimes cost less, too, making them more affordable in most situations. For example, you can find some really quality hand-held ones on Amazon.

What is the best hand grinder for home brewing?

The best grinder for home brewing depends on what type of grounds the brewer needs. If the brewer wants espressos, they need a fine-tooth burr grinder; if they want pulverized (espresso) coffee beans, they need a medium tooth (French) burr; if they’re looking for coarse grounds, we recommend a percolator style hand grinder.

The Proud Italian’s Top Pick

Manual grinders are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make sure their coffee is fresh and flavorful. They’re also great if you don’t have much counter space or want to save money on electricity.

But with so many options out there, it can be hard to find one that will stand up to your needs. That’s why we created this guide. We hope this helps you choose the best manual grinder for your home.

You deserve a reliable, durable machine that will give you years of service without breaking down in the middle of grinding beans for your morning cup of joe. And to get you started, we present to you our favorite pick, the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder.

What’s your top pick on our list? Please let us know in the comment box below.