The 8 Best Feta Cheeses Tried and Tested for Your Pleasure!

What is Feta Cheese?

What is feta cheese? Feta cheese is a brine clump cheese made from sheep’s milk or sometimes a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk. Still, the best feta cheese is from whole sheep’s milk. Sheep milk contains a higher amount of short and medium-saturated fatty acids, which causes a higher lactose consumption and makes it easier to digest.

Feta cheese and tomatoes

Our Favorite Feta Cheese

Dodoni Feta Cheese is a soft and crumbly brine cheese from sheep’s milk, and it contains two times cow’s fat naturally. Modern standards and regulations by protected designation of origin (PDO) allow producers to blend 30% of goat’s milk with sheep’s milk. 

Dodoni feta has lower calories and fat and calories than most old cheeses like cheddar or Parmesan. Feta cheese from sheep’s milk has more vitamin B and calcium than cheese from cow’s milk and other soft cheeses like ricotta or cottage cheese.

An Overview of the Best Feta Cheeses

  1. Greek Feta Cheese Dodoni (Best for olive oil and oregano, salads, omelets, pies,  and soufflés).
  2. French-Feta-Cheese (Best for mixed salad).
  3. Australian-Marinated-Meredith Feta Cheese (Best for roasted vegetables, crusty bread, salads, or antipasto with a crisp).
  4. Deli Fresh Greek Myzithra Cheese (Best for baked desserts such as sweet cheese pastries and greek cheesecake, vegetable casserole meal, and soups).
  5. No products found. (Best for antipasto, toasted sandwiches, and salads).
  6. Mt Vikos Feta Cheese (Best for salads).
  7. Bulgarian Feta Cheese (Best for vegetables, salads, stews, and traditional pastries like banitsa).
  8. Ezine Sheep's Feta (Best for salads, toasts, and sandwiches).
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Feta Cheese, Mt Vikos, 7 oz. (4 pack)
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French Feta Cheese, Easy-Open Tin, 600g
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Feta Cheese, Mt Vikos, 7 oz. (4 pack)
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Reviewing the Best Feta Cheeses on the Market

Greek Feta Cheese Dodoni

Best for olive oil and oregano, salads, omelets, pies, and soufflés.

Amazon choice Award: Greek Cheese Assortment

Brand: Dodoni

Weight: 1lb (0.45kg) 

Form: Brine

Origin: Greek

About: Greek feta cheese Dodoni is a 100% greek product from pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk. The greek feta cheese Dodoni is recognizable worldwide and has won awards for its consistent and high quality.

Dodoni feta cheese is accessible in a plastic container in brine, a large metal container, or cube packs with oregano and olive oil to maintain the cheese’s freshness, longer shelf life, and natural brine.


Best for mixed salad

Brand: Valbreso

Weight: 2 lbs (0.91kg)

Form: Brine 

Origin: France

Ingredients: Microbial rennet, calcium chloride, salt, lactic starters, and pasteurized sheep’s milk. 

About: French feta cheese has a very creamy texture and is artfully custom-made in southern France’srough highlands surrounding the Mediterranean sea.

French feta cheese has a superior and unique taste. 

French feta cheese is 100 % from sheep’s milk: a lacaune sheep with rich and creamy milk.

Refrigerate for long-lasting.

Australian-Marinated-Meredith Feta Cheese

Best for roasted vegetables, crusty bread, salads, or antipasto with a crisp

Brand: Meredith Dairy

Weight: 1.5lb (0.68kg)

Form: Cubes

Origin: Australia

About: Australian-marinated Meredith feta cheese are soft cheese cubes dripping in spices, herbs, and garlic-infused with extra virgin olive oil. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

Deli Fresh Greek Myzithra Cheese

Best for baked desserts such as sweet cheese pastries, greek cheesecake, vegetable casserole meals, and soups.


Weight: 0.75lb (0.34kg)

Form: Grating cheese

Origin: Greece

About: Myzithra is comparable to ricotta cheese but a bit drier

No products found.

Best for antipasto, toasted sandwiches, and salads

No products found.


Weight: 0.61lb (0.28kg)

Form: Cubes

Origin: Denmark

Ingredients: Feta cheese, dry red peppercorns, bay leaves, canola oil, dried garlic, and chives. 

About: Danish Feta cheese immerses in oil, spice, and herb seasoning. It also has semi-soft part-cream cheese.

Mt Vikos Feta Cheese

Best for salads

Brand: Mt. Vikos

Weight: 0.44lb (0.19kg)

Form: Brine

Origin: Greek

Ingredients: Sea salt, cheese culture, animal rennet, and pasteurized goat and sheep’s milk.

About: Mt.Vikos feta cheese combines goat’s and sheep’s milk. It has a creamy and slightly crumbly texture with a clean-like dairy and tangy flavor.

Bulgarian Feta Cheese

Best for vegetables, salads, stews, and traditional pastries like banitsa


Weight: 8.8lb (3.9kg)

Form: Cube

Origin: Bulgaria

About: Bulgarian is rich and more creamy, salty, and much stronger than other feta cheeses. Store Bulgarian feta cheese in a tin or plastic container.

Ezine Sheep's Feta

Best for salads, toasts, and sandwiches

Weight: 0.75lb (0.34kg)

Form: Cube

Origin: US 

About: Ezine sheep feta contains 40% goat milk, 5% cow milk, and 55% sheep milk.

How to Pick the Best Feta Cheeses

When choosing the best feta cheese, you should consider the following:


Feta cheese should contain sheep’s milk, although some have a mixture of goat and sheep’s milk, rennet, and salt. It should not contain cow’s milk or anything else. However, plenty of mass-marketed cheese available today is cow’s milk cheese.

Feta from cow’s milk crumbles easily, which is not a good thing; it becomes mushy, has a bad smell, may have a sour taste, and doesn’t have a pleasing taste after. The best cheese feta ingredient is sheep and goat’s milk.


Feta cheese originally hails from Greece. Feta is a greek word meaning slice. Feta cheese made in Greece is the only real feta. People wrongly describe feta as salty white cheese from different parts of the world, with various types of milk and countries claiming ownership.

The European Commission acknowledges Greece’s feta as a result of various factors. If you want the best cheese, choose greek feta, but if you want something white and salty cheese, select something else.


If you have the pleasure of tasting cheese before buying it, please do so. The feta cheese taste is distinctive and highly versatile; it’s different from other cheeses. There are three different types of feta depending on the:

  • Texture; There are soft, medium, and hard feta cheese.
  • Aromas; some feta cheeses are spicy, mild, or saltier.
  • The area and the kind of container feta cheese matures in.


Feta cheese should be white and not yellow. Exposing cheese to the air outside the brine turns it yellow. Add a couple of tablespoons of milk to the brine to make the feta creamier.

Always store feta in a sealed container with the brine wrapping the cheese. Store feta properly to last you more than three weeks in the fridge.

Flavor and Aroma

Feta cheese should be rich in aroma and have a tangy flavor. It should not be sour, bitter, chalky, tasteless, or rotten. Feta cheese from goat or sheep milk is stronger and has a gamey flavor, while feta from cow’s milk is creamy and delicate.

The aroma and flavor of feta cheese depend on the making, storing, curing, and serving.

Surface Holes

Feta cheese should have some tiny holes on the surface.

Greek feta cheese

What to do With Feta Cheese

You can use feta anywhere that calls for salty cheese. Do you wonder what to use feta cheese for or what to do with feta cheese? Crumble it over soups and salad, flip it with roasted vegetables, pasta, and grains, or use it in galettes and pies.

You can also serve feta with of plate of olives, olive oil, peppers, and fresh flatbread. A little feta replaces the necessity of salt in many recipes because of the saltiness of its packing preservative. Feta cheese can make different recipes, such as                            

Preserve Feta in Olive Oil

Oil is a special preservative used to store herbs, vegetables, and cheese, mostly in the Mediterranean, where olive is cheap and plentiful. In a tiny pint jar, layer garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, and feta, and then fill with olive oil and allow it to stay for ten days.

Preserving food in oil is beneficial mostly to garlic and herbs; oil infuses with the herb’s flavor, and you can use it as a finishing oil for soups and salad dipping.

Garlic has low acidity and can cause botulism, a food-borne infection. To prevent spores from developing, store feta at room temperature and refrigerate for more than three weeks. You can freeze feta for some months.

To prevent contamination, dip feta in clean utensils.

Swiss Chard and Spinach Pie in a Phyllo Topping

The swiss chard may be familiar to those who enjoy greek spanakopita, dill, and feta. The swiss chard and spinach pie with a phyllo topping is a healthy and more dressed-up type of those oily hand pies with a small amount of dough and has more greens in each bite pack.

To make the swiss chard and spinach pie, you saute onions, spinach, chard, garlic, and dill in olive oil, bake it for about an hour, and serve at room temperature or hot. It is good as a side dish or enjoyable with a light meal.

Feta Flatbread

Flatbreads pan-grilled is deceptively simple to make. Combine whole wheat and bread flour, salt, full-fat yogurt, and olive oil, and let it rise. When the dough rises, shape it into pancakes and cook them in a frypan until they turn brown. They are enjoyable on their own but are more delicious when stuffed with onion, garlic, sweet raisins, or feta cheese.

Roasted Potatoes With Feta Cheese

During winter, saturated palates with plentiful heavy foods, heavy salads of sour greens become the ideal remedy. Bitter vegetables such as radicchio tone the blood and liver and stimulate the digestive system. Outer leaves are the worst, and the leaves toward the center are milder.

Adding feta cheese, egg yolk dressing, and chickpeas reduce radicchios bitterness while spicy roasted pumpkins add sweetness.

Cucumber Feta Salad

Cucumber and feta are good accompaniments. The mild taste highlights the cheese’s flavor and freshness.

For a fresh salad that is ready in minutes, slice cucumbers, fresh dill, red onion, avocado, and feta cheese, and toss them in a greek dressing.

Sesame Seeds and Fried Feta Honey

Fried feta is a delicious treat that’s delightfully creamy and sticky. You coat the feta cheese with golden brown sesame seeds and drizzle with honey to make a unique side.

You can serve fried feta honey and sesame seeds as an appetizer or fill it with a simple green salad.

Watermelon Feta Salad

Watermelon feta and fruity salad are a cool-off on summer days. Make a juicy portion of watermelon, fresh mint, lime juice, avocado, and feta cheese. The watermelon feta has a sweet and sour taste that is healthy and vibrant.

Feta Cheese and Beetroot Salad

The feta cheese and beetroot salad are sweet, salty, and healthy. It is a crowd-pleaser, especially for people who like a thick, chunky salad with enough bites.

Feta cheese and beetroot salad is also an eye-catching dish with blocks of dazzling ruby-red beetroot with sprouts of fresh green parsley. Feta cheese and beetroot salad are stunning and delicious.

Baked Feta Rice

Baked feta rice isn’t rice. Rather, baked feta rice is made from chickpeas, lentils, and peas for a low-card option and gives all the texture and taste without the grains. This low-carb feta dish is diet-friendly and good for vegetarians.

How We Tested Our Picks

When picking our feta cheese picks, there are things we considered:

  • Blocks in brine: Buy a block of feta cheese in brine; a block is fresher than the crumbles. Skip blocks in plastic packaging and choose the ones on a brine tub. Store feta in its brine and protect it from air to prevent drying and for it to last more than three months.
  • Pick sheep milk or a combination of sheep and goats milk feta; this will get you close to the texture and flavor of greek fetas.
  • Know what makes Greek different from others: Scanning the cheese aisle is the simplest way to know you’re buying the real feta. 
  • Pick plain and not seasoned feta cheese: The best feta is the basic stuff. Seasonings and marinades can hinder the true flavor of the cheese. Dried spices and herbs on the cheese can lose taste over time. Marinate the cheese if you like the taste.
  • Ditch the crumbled stuff: It isn’t easy to get quality feta when it’s already ground. Crumbled feta containers contain anti caking agent or cellulose that makes crushed feta taste dry and rather hard, and pre-crumbled feta have a short shelf life after opening.

FAQs on Store-Bought Feta Cheese

Which are the Best Feta Cheese Brands?

There are different cheese brands, so finding the best feta cheese is difficult. Here are some of the best feta cheese brands:


Dodoni is among the major dairy brand in Greece and the main seller of PDO feta, milk, goat products, yogurt, yellow cheese, and butter. Dodoni delivers the best dairy products and is known for high-quality and fresh cheeses. It mainly operates in Greece and has established itself in 30 more countries globally.


Kolios operates in greek and offers a catalog such as cheese, cream, yogurt, and other dairy products. Kolios provides various cheese collections like feta PDO, cream cheese, white cheese, yellow cheese, and kasseri PDO.

Kolios is the most famous company in Greece for making feta cheese.

Mt. Vikos

Mt. Vikos is a feta cheese from Greece and a PDO standard cheese. Mr. Vikos’s company uses natural and fresh ingredients to make their cheeses. They also have other greek products such as Kalamata olive spread, feta spread, and red pepper and offer bulk feta cheese for food servers and deli counters. Mr Vikos cheese is GMO-free.


Mevgal manufactures greek dairy products, and it is the largest company in northern Greece. It produces dairy products like milk, juice, yogurt, tea, protein products, and different cheeses, such as feta cheese PDO, manouri cheese PDO, kasseri cheese PDO, goat cheese, and Greek & grill cheese. Its main market is in Greece and the United States.

Organic Valley

Organic Valley natural products and feta cheese are one of them. Organic Valley brand uses traditional methods to make feta-style cheese from cow’s milk. Their feta-style cheese crumbles but comes in bulk, making it the best vegan feta cheese. The organic valley also produces dairy products like milk, meat, eggs, butter,  ground beef, and other cheeses.


The President brand makes feta-style cheese using traditional methods. They mainly offer Président Feta Crumbles that come pre-crumbled for satisfaction. Feta crumbles are good for salads and other recipes. President is not PDO standard cheese because it’s from cow’s milk. 


Greek cuisine key dishes like feta cheese inspire the Athenos brand. They respect their ingredients, and except for feta cheese, they produce other products such as different hummus flavors, pita chips, and other cheeses.


Belfiore is a brand in Berkeley, California, but they create 100% natural products, and feta cheese is one of them. Belfiore makes a Mediterranean Style feta cheese that is 100% organic, gluten-free, artisan, has probiotic cultures, and is award-winning.

Boar’s Head

Boar’s Head brand offers premium deli meats and cheeses. You may associate them more with deli meats and not even realize they make their feta cheese. They have two feta kinds of cheese; creamy-style feta and easier-to-crumble feta. Feta crumble cheese is good for salads, and creamy feta is good for cooking and baking.


Greco feta cheese is a PDO standard from sheep milk and not more than 30% goat milk. The Greco brand has barrel-aged feta and brine feta cheese. The Greco brand also makes feta-style cheese from cow’s milk in California.


Kourellas has been running since 1996 and makes a PDO standard; It is 100% traditional. This cheese is from sheep’s milk or a combination of sheep’s milk and not more than 30% goat’s milk. The Kourellas company offers feta flavors like traditional Greek yogurt and other cheeses.

Traditional greek feta cheese

Final Thought

Allow feta in uncooked meals like appetizers to cool at room temperature to get the great flavors. You can serve feta cheese on a plate of appetizer along with a crusty baguette, slices of meat, and olives, Or blend it into a dip with oil and a little lemon juice. Do not consume feta on a salt-restricted diet.

Feta cheese softens in hot dishes but doesn’t fully melt; it adds texture and flavor to savory pastries, stews, and baked casseroles. Feta dries out quickly and becomes sour if it’s in an improper storage condition, but it remains fresh for some months if you keep it frequently submerged in the brine.

If you accidentally drain feta, you can easily mix some up to store any residues; put one teaspoon of kosher salt per cup of water to make more or less the need. You can freeze unopen dry feta crumbles packages for a few months without losing quality. Where can I find feta cheese? 

Most shops and stores sell feta cheese, and it is easy to get feta cheese, especially the Dodoni Feta Cheese.

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