The 8 Best Tomato Paste Brands to Buy Online (a Taste-Off)

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What is Tomato Paste?

Are you out trying to find the best tomato paste? Look no further; you’ve come to the right place. Undoubtedly, one of those flavor-packed items that can really make a dish stand out is tomato paste. So, what is tomato paste? 

Tomato paste is basically double-concentrated tomato sauce made from crushed tomatoes and other ingredients (salt, citric acid, and herbs). This article takes a look at the eight best tomato paste brands. Let’s get started.

Tomato paste in can

Our Favorite Tomato Paste Brand

While this article reviews the eight best tomato paste brands, our favorite product is the Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste. This tomato paste from Muir Glen delivers a rich tomato flavor in all recipes. It is a great way to improve the taste of your favorite dishes.

An Overview of Our Tomato Paste Favorites

  1. Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste: Best Overall
  2. Tuscanini Premium Double Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube: Best tomato paste in a tube
  3. Contadina Tomato Paste: Best for Italian recipes
  4. The Spice Way Tomato Powder: Best tomato powder
  5. Hunt's Tomato Paste: Best canned tomato paste
  6. Amore Tomato Paste: Best value for money
  7. Trader Joe's Tomato Paste Tube: Best gluten-free tomato paste
  8. 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Tomato Paste: Best organic tomato paste
CONTADINA Tomato Paste, 12 Pack, 6 oz Can
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste, 6 oz. (Pack of 24)
Amore Tomato Paste, 4.5oz (127g) Double Concentrated Tube
Product name
CONTADINA Tomato Paste, 12 Pack, 6 oz Can
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste, 6 oz. (Pack of 24)
Amore Tomato Paste, 4.5oz (127g) Double Concentrated Tube
CONTADINA Tomato Paste, 12 Pack, 6 oz Can
Product name
CONTADINA Tomato Paste, 12 Pack, 6 oz Can
Buy Now
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste, 6 oz. (Pack of 24)
Product name
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste, 6 oz. (Pack of 24)
Buy Now
Amore Tomato Paste, 4.5oz (127g) Double Concentrated Tube
Product name
Amore Tomato Paste, 4.5oz (127g) Double Concentrated Tube
Buy Now

Reviewing the Best Tomato Paste Brands

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste: Best Overall

Amazon’s Choice in Canned & Jarred Tomato Pastes by Muir Glen

Brand: Muir Glen

Diet type: Vegetarian

Item weight: 11.25 ounces (318.93 grams)

Specialty: Certified organic

Unit count: 24 cans

Product origin: USA

Package information: Can

About Product

Muir Glen makes this product by reducing organic tomatoes until they form a paste that is easy to use in delectable, tasty recipes. This tomato paste, grown in the warm California sun, is USDA organic certified and non-GMO verified. It delivers optimum flavor for tomato soup or sauce and inventive recipes for sloppy joes, meatballs, or chili con carne. 

Stock up on this adaptable canned tomato paste so you have it on hand to improve any recipe. Fresh off the vine, organic Muir Glen tomatoes are a simple and delectable way to enhance your favorite dishes. These California-grown organic tomatoes come in cans for maximum freshness.

Tuscanini Premium Double Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube: Best Tomato Paste in a Tube

Amazon’s Choice in Canned & Jarred Tomato Pastes by Tuscanini

Brand: Tuscanini

Diet type: Vegetarian

Item weight: 1.08 pounds (0.49 kilograms)

Specialty: Kosher certified

Unit count: Pack of 2

Product Origin: Italy

Package information: Tube

About Product

Tuscanini squeeze tomato paste contains double-concentrated premium Italian tomatoes. It is ideal for use in almost all recipes. Enjoy a fresh paste of tomatoes to the last drop. It is a non-GMO product and gluten-free certified. It also has Kosher certification.

A single tube gives about seven servings with 30 calories per serving. It contains 0.002 ounces (0.70 grams) of sodium, 0.17 ounces (5 grams) of sugar, 0.003 ounces (0.10 grams) of calcium, 0.03 ounces (1 gram) of dietary fiber, and 0.33 grams of potassium.

Contadina Tomato Paste: Best for Italian Recipes

Brand: Contadina

Diet type: Vegetarian

Item weight: 5.48 pounds (2.48 kilograms)

Specialty: Non-BPA, non-GMO

Unit count: 12 pack

Product Origin: Italy

Package information: Can

About Product

Creating authentic Italian dinners at home for your guests and family is simple with Contadina tomato paste. Made from vine-ripened tomatoes, Contadina tomato paste imparts a healthful, rich tomato flavor to the sauce, which is smooth and tangy. 

You can be sure that the ingredients in your favorite Italian meals are of the highest caliber because each tomato paste can is non-GMO and has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

With many uses for tomato paste, Contadina canned tomato paste can make hearty Italian dishes like seafood spaghetti marinara or sheet pan chicken parmesan. More so, it’s perfect for tomato puree to make tomato soup, pasta sauce, or pizza sauce. 

With these canned tomatoes, savor the flavor of succulent tomatoes in every non-BPA tomato paste can. The ingredients in this product are not genetically engineered. To improve the consistency and richness of sauces, mix this paste with food ingredients (broth, water, or wine) or other tomato products.

The Spice Way Tomato Powder: Best Tomato Powder

Amazon’s Choice in Canned & Jarred Tomato Pastes by The Spice Way Tomato Powder

Brand: The Spice Way

Diet type: Vegetarian

Item weight: 8.0 ounces (226.79 grams)

Specialty: Kosher certified, non-GMO

Unit count: 1

Product origin: USA

Package information: Resealable pouch

About Product

When it comes to tomato paste uses, The Spice Way tomato powder delivers similarly to other brands. It is excellent for cooking any dish that requires tomatoes. This product has no preservatives, fillers, or additives and is non-GMO.

With over 30 years of experience growing spices, peppers, herbs, and fruits, using traditional techniques such as sun-drying, hand-picking, and grounding, Spice Way guarantees delicious cuisines with freshly packed tomato powder. It is vegan and keto friendly. Also, it has no anti-caking agents.

Hunt's Tomato Paste: Best Canned Tomato Paste

Amazon’s Choice in Canned & Jarred Tomato Pastes by Hunt’s

Brand: Hunt’s

Diet type: Vegetarian

Item weight: 6 ounces (170.09 grams)

Specialty: Non-GMO

Unit count: 24 pack

Product origin: USA

Package information: Can

About Product

With Hunt’s Tomato Paste, you can enhance the texture and flavor of your favorite dishes without adding more liquid. Seasoned with natural spices and salt, Hunt’s Tomato Paste is ideal in chili, soups, and stews. Use concentrated, strained tomatoes to create sauces with an extra-thick, rich texture that gives them body. 

It is one of the best canned tomato paste brands with no added preservatives. Hunt’s Tomato Paste is 100% natural. It gives your recipes a blast of savory tomato flavor. Each pack has 24 cans weighing 6 ounces (170.09 grams) of paste with 30 calories per serving. Because great-tasting recipes begin with great ingredients, it has an extra thick and rich taste.

Amore Tomato Paste: Best Value for Money

Brand: Amore

Diet type: Vegan

Item weight: 4.5 ounces (127 grams)

Specialty: Non-GMO verified

Unit count: 1

Product Origin: Italy

Package information: Tube

About Product

Experience the real essence and flavor of ripe Italian tomatoes with Amore double-concentrated tomato paste. This zesty, vibrant, bold paste offers an unmistakably unique and authentic Italian flavor for your tomato paste recipe. It comes in an easy-to-use tube that does not allow any waste.

A 2-tablespoon serving contains 0.0007 ounces (0.02 grams) of sodium, 0.035 ounces (1 gram) of dietary fiber, 0.10 ounces (3 grams) of sugars, and 0.07 ounces (2 grams) of proteins. You get 30 calories in this serving. It also has 10% vitamin A, 10% vitamin C and 4% iron.

Amore Paste makes cooking simple and delicious. The manufacturer uses fresh ingredients to make Amore paste. They then use traditional techniques to preserve the tastes’ freshness and potency. Use Amore tomato pastes to prepare a vinaigrette, flavor chicken or tuna salad with a mayonnaise mixture, or make quick garlic bread.

Trader Joe's Tomato Paste Tube: Best Gluten-Free Tomato Paste

Brand: Trader Joe’s

Diet type: Vegetarian

Item weight: 4.93 ounces (140 grams)

Specialty: K pareve

Unit count: Pack of 4

Product Origin: Italy

Package information: Tube

About Product

Trader Joe’s organic tomato paste makes your pantry complete. It is so much more than simply an occasional addition to sauces and soups; it’s tangy, potent, and delightfully concentrated. Its appealing taste lends a depth of flavor to various recipes, including shepherd’s pie, pork fried rice, and braised short ribs. 

In addition to having robust, complete flavors of tomato, Trader Joe’s tomato paste is naturally rich with these notes. It comes in a pack of 4 tubes, and it’s convenient when you need a quick tablespoon or two. It contains 4% vitamin A, 30% vitamin C, 3% sodium, and 4% iron. One tube gives about four servings.

365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Tomato Paste: Best Organic Tomato Paste

Brand: 365 by Whole Foods Market

Diet type: Vegan

Item weight: 6 ounces (170 grams)

Specialty: Kosher certified, certified organic, non-BPA

Unit count: 1

Product origin: USA

Package information: Can

About Product

Among all the tomato paste brands listed above, 365 by Whole Foods Market produces one of the best organic tomato pastes. This product is kosher-certified and USDA organic-approved. Its container has a BPA-free lining that guarantees your safety.

365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Tomato Paste has no added salt or sugar and is fat-free. Made from organic tomatoes grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Whole Foods tomato paste brings out a rich flavor and taste in your favorite cuisine.

A single can gives you about five servings. 2 tablespoons contain roughly 25 calories with 0.21 ounces (6 grams) of carbohydrates, 0.03 ounces (1 gram) of dietary fiber, and 0.14 ounces (4 grams) of sugar. It also contains 6% iron, 1% sodium, and 8% potassium.

The Versatility of Tomato Paste

Tomato paste not only gives soups, sauces, and stews a rich flavor and vibrant color but also thickens the food. It enhances the tomato taste without adding more liquid because of its naturally thick viscosity. It is a flexible substance we may use in any preparation and meal. It goes well with fresh tomatoes, pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, etc.

Tomato paste is a frequent ingredient in various recipes. You can cook it or use it straight from the can. For instance, you can use it to add flavor to soups and stews or make homemade pizza sauce.

To make a thinner tomato sauce, mix your tomato paste with water. Tomato paste is a versatile ingredient that may enhance the flavor and complexity of your food, regardless of how you use it.

How to Use Tomato Paste

There are several delectable uses for tomato paste. Want to make a homemade tomato sauce in a hurry? Would you like some creamy tomato soup with that grilled cheese? The essential component that immediately adds a ton of tomato flavor is tomato paste.

In addition to using tomato paste to produce tomato-heavy dishes like sauces and soups, you can also use it to enhance the flavor of other dishes.

How We Tested Our Picks

While picking the products for this review, we had the following points in mind:


Obviously, the most significant criterion for cuisine is its ingredients. Preservatives deserve particular attention. There is currently widespread advertising for items that claim to be preservative-free.

Preservatives should be avoided from a health standpoint; therefore, stick to tomato paste without preservatives.

Sugar content also has an impact. There are now, however, particular tomato purées made without sugar.


Ultimately, tomato paste is a thick, concentrated paste created from tomatoes. How concentrated you want this amount to be is the question at hand. Tomato paste is often available in one concentration, two concentrations, or three concentrations. See which is more appropriate based on what you intend to do with it.


The sizes differ greatly depending on the packaging. Around 200 grams of tomato paste typically come in a tube. Last but not least, you often don’t need a lot of concentrated paste, making it sufficient for a month or longer in most situations.

If you use tomato paste frequently in your cooking, it is also available in larger quantities, either in a tube, jar, or can.


There is also the organic certificate like there is with many other foods. It is vital to have organic quality in this case because, specifically with such concentrated vegetables, the potentially dangerous elements may also be so concentrated, which would be exceedingly unhealthy for the body. 

After all, it has less to do with cleaner or better production and more with how the tomatoes are stored.

Tomato paste and garlic

FAQs on Store-Bought Tomato Paste

What’s Typically in Tomato Paste?

Tomato paste is typically double-concentrated tomatoes. Yes, it is essentially cooked tomatoes, filtered off their seeds and skins, and then cooked down once more until they resemble a thick paste.

Traditionally, tomato paste contains stabilizers such as citric acid and salt (there are also no-salt-added variants). However, some manufacturers occasionally add herbs and spices to their products. Additionally, there are varieties of tomato paste that are triple- and double-concentrated, making them even more potent.

Labels on certain tomato pastes that are “double-concentrated” clearly indicate that the tomato is even more potent. The substance is potent—a few ounces will do.

How Many Tomatoes in Tomato Paste?

The average fresh tomato brix is 5%. However, when reduced into tomato paste, the brix increases to 28%–38%. That indicates that as the water evaporates, the material in the tomato gets six times closer. 

So, while processing tomato paste, we typically remark that the approximate input-to-output ratio is 6 to 1. You should always check the tomato paste ingredient list. Some of them might be 100% tomato paste.

However, some of them might contain thickeners like starch. In this method, it is challenging to determine the content of pure concentration. It depends on the number of substances used. Maybe only 50 to 70% of tomato paste is pure.

What is Tomato Paste Used for?

Of course, tomato paste is a necessary ingredient in cooking; you’ll always put it on your shopping list even if you have no plans to use it in a dish because you never know when you’ll need it. It has plenty of benefits for your health. 

Lycopene, for example, is abundant in tomato paste. That is an antioxidant that guards against potentially harmful free radicals on your body and skin. Although tomato paste is frequently intimately connected with pasta and pizza sauces, its uses go far beyond these typical ones.

Here are some uses for tomato paste:

Add an Extra Level of Umami in Stews

“A dish using tomato paste has a ton of taste and nearly an umami flavor. Add tomato paste to a dish if you think it’s missing anything,” says Health My Lifestyle’s CEO and recipe creator Rachel Fessenden. Fessenden tells us that the next meals benefit from tomato paste’s flavor: “I enjoy including it in stews. It thickens and adds a flavor with tremendous depth.”

Tomato Paste Makes Homemade BBQ Sauce

You can use tomato paste in homemade barbeque sauce, which is so much fun! You may flavor it with various spices, sweeteners, vinegar, and fruit, using just a can of tomato sauce and paste as a base. The procedure is simple, and the finished product is far superior to anything you can buy in a store.

Use it to Make Bloody Mary Mix

Making your own Bloody Mary mixture is not difficult at all and is far superior. All you need to do is combine horseradish, black pepper, Worcestershire, and freshly grated ginger with tomato paste. Some people mix that with vodka and ice and add olives and a celery stalk as garnish.

Use it to Make Tomato Powder

Dehydrate the paste in a low-heated oven until all the water is gone, then pulse it into a powder. You can use this tomato powder as a condiment. Tomato powder-seasoned tomatoes? Tasty and oozing with flavor.

Use it in Place of Tomato Sauce

To replace tomatoes or tomato sauce in any recipe, use tomato paste! It provides that delicious tomato burst without diluting your sauce. Any meal with a tomato foundation can add some tomato paste if you want to establish a “law.” Simply put, it will enhance the flavor and color by intensifying them.

Use Tomato Paste and Spices to Create a Marinade

One of the best ways to use tomato paste is to marinate a wonderful piece of beef in tomato paste and spices. After marinating, slowly roast the meat in the oven with some herbs, veggies, and red wine. Tomato paste brings out both acidity and sweetness to the marinade.

Is There a Substitute for Tomato Paste?

Yes! Here are a few substitutes for tomato paste:

Tomato Puree and Tomato Sauce

Tomato puree and tomato sauce are both excellent substitutes for tomato paste. When you want to flavor your food with tomatoes without thickening the recipe, these canned tomato products are the simplest substitutes for tomato paste. Though tomato puree is a little thinner than tomato sauce, both will work. 

You’ll need at least twice as much of these goods to acquire the same amount of tomato flavor when using them as a tomato paste substitute. Why? Because they are less concentrated than tomato paste.

Use 2 to 3 teaspoons of tomato sauce for every tablespoon of tomato paste when preparing a dish. When using a recipe that calls for a lot of paste, boil the sauce to reduce it by half before mixing it in.

Canned Tomatoes

A can of chopped or stewed tomatoes can also work nicely as a tomato paste substitute when you want tomato flavor with a little thickening power. You should drain off the juice and only include the solid portions of these products in your recipe. Since they frequently contain plenty of liquid, they may dilute and spoil your meal.

Since canned tomatoes aren’t as concentrated as tomato paste, you’ll need to use twice as much to achieve the desired flavor. Use two tablespoons of strained canned tomatoes for every tablespoon of tomato paste.

Tomato Soup

Instead of using tomato paste, you can use tomato soup in your favorite cuisine. Although it tastes somewhat similar to tomato paste, it is sweeter and includes a lot more liquid. Your recipe may end up runny as a result of that. If that’s your only choice, go for it, but you’ll need to cut back on the recipe’s other liquid elements.

Use one 10.75-ounce (304.75 grams) can of tomato soup in place of 1/4 to 1/2 cup of the other liquid components in your recipe.

Fresh Tomatoes

It can be challenging to replace tomato paste with fresh tomatoes. Even canned tomato products have the skins and seeds removed. Also, the tomato paste goes through a boiling process to concentrate its flavor. You’ll need to put in a little extra work to substitute fresh tomatoes.

There are three simple methods for peeling tomatoes; however, using a food mill to remove the seeds is the simplest. Remove the extra liquid by simmering the tomatoes until you reduce them by half. For every tablespoon of tomato paste, use one large tomato.


You can use ketchup as an alternative to tomato paste in a pinch. Although it is significantly thicker than sauce or fresh tomatoes, it is not quite as thick as tomato paste. Remember that adding ketchup to your favorite dishes will modify their flavor profile because ketchup contains vinegar, sugar, and spices. 

For every tablespoon of tomato paste, use one tablespoon of ketchup.

What is the Difference Between Canned and Tubed Tomato Paste?

There are some significant differences between tomato paste sold in a tube and canned tomato paste. The paste in the cans initially tastes a little tart but is still a little flat because they are all preserved with citric acid rather than salt. On the other hand, the tubes taste more seasoned since salt is a preservative rather than citric acid.

The paste in the tubes was softer and looser in texture and appearance than the paste in the cans, even though all of the labels stated: “double concentrated.” (That means the pastes are then put in evaporation tanks to remove water and concentrate the taste after cooking. They are not always twice as flavorful as the cans, though.)

The processing of the pastes is most likely to blame for this disparity.

Since most American food manufacturers can preserve food in cans rather than tubes, almost all tomato paste tubes in America come from Italy. Cook’s Illustrated also claims that Italy manufactures its tomato paste differently.

Instead of the customary 200° Fahrenheit (93.3° Celsius) in America, the paste gets cooked there at 150° Fahrenheit (65.5° Celsius). A greater temperature causes the paste to brown and caramelize while also inactivating the enzymes that would typically break down the firming pectin of the fruit, keeping the paste thicker.

With its lower temperature, the cold-break method produces a looser paste, brighter red, and more flavorful.

Tomato paste

Wrapping Things Up

Most people will argue that tomatoes create one of the best food toppings. It’s true. There are various methods to get your fill of tomatoes, like slicing a whole tomato to place on a sandwich, chopping up young tomatoes to put in a salad, and adding tomato sauce to pasta dishes.

Another way to add tomato flavor to food in a smoother, more sauce-like shape is by using tomato paste. If you are looking for the best tomato paste to spice up your dishes, you should probably consider Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste. This California product delivers a rich tomato flavor to almost all dishes. Also, it comes in a can for maximum freshness.

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Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Tomato Paste, 6 Ounce
Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Tomato Paste, 6 Ounce
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