Top Ten Italian Stereotypes

There are a lot of different stereotypes about every country and each nation. Some of them seem to be true and some false.

Italian stereotypes are wide-spread and well-known throughout the world. Each stereotype depicts in a way part of their culture. You can realize by yourself whether they are correct or not when you take a ride throughout Italy.

Italian stereotypes, talking loudly and using hands - The Proud Italian

Are They Talking or Screaming?

As one of the Italian stereotypes is the way they are talking. You will find people speaking very loudly which is a normal way of communicating in Italy.

Don’t confuse yourself. You don’t need to jump into their conversation and try to calm the situation down. They just have those loud but lovely voices.

Italians are Football Fans

Italians are the biggest football fans. They take this sport very seriously, and they are part of each match as supporters of their teams.

There are several Italian Football Champion Clubs, such as Juventus, Inter, Roma, Lazio, Milan.

These football games are one of the occasions where Italians get together with their friends and families at home, in a restaurant or in bars to watch the match.

Italian stereotypes, Italians and coffee - The Proud Italian

The Smell of Coffee Beans

The first thing in the morning the Italians do is taking the coffee cup. Besides being an Italian stereotype, this is also a fact.

Italy is the first country that invented the espresso machine. They usually drink pure espresso and don’t add flavors like vanilla, caramel, peppermint in their coffee.

It depends on the region how they prepare the coffee. The most common difference you will notice is between the north and the south. In the north, consumers prefer espresso with a few delicate aromas, while in the south Italians prefer strong and creamy coffee.

Talking with Their Hands

Can you imagine yourself talking with somebody only with your hands? Actually, in Italy, they can. Italians are using hand gestures excessively during conversations. It’s part of a concept and it comes naturally for them. Even if you try it’s still difficult to resist and tie up your hands behind your back.

Italian mustache - The Proud Italian

The Coolest Mustache

“If you want to be stylish, you need to grow out your Italian mustache”. Is it another Italian stereotype, or is it true?

We have to admit that Italians usually do care about their appearance, not because it’s their obsession, but because it’s normal for them.

A lot of Italians do have a mustache, but not every single one. The reason why people think this is because famous actors showed up with mustache in the movies.

Dark-skinned Italians

Believe it or not, Italians are not always tanned. It depends on the region they are coming from. As an example, people from the South have dark hair and tanned skin. On the contrary, people from the North are blond.

Taking into consideration that the people from the North are further from Ecuador might be the reason why they are not so tanned.

Dating Italian guys - The Proud Italian

Dating an Italian Guy

If you are single and looking for a romantic and adorable guy, book your flight and start your romance in the Mediterranean Sea.

Italian guys are good-looking, fashionable, passionate, and romantic. They have charms to grasp girls’ attention.

They will invite you to dinner, surprise you with a flower, pour a glass of wine, and cheer you up. You will have long, deep conversations filled up with laughter – simply because, they are really funny and charming!

“El Padrino”

Godfather” gives a clear picture of how ‘el mafia’ in Italy operates. Sicily really is the center of Italian mobsters. Mafia is a part of Italian history, as the country has experienced various types of terrorism and is still present on the floor.

Italian cuisine and pizza - The Proud Italian

Italian Delicious Cuisine

Pasta and Pizza are the words that reminiscent of the Italian delicious food. Having to mention that, their menus don’t consist only of different types of pasta and pizzas. Italians have a very rich heritage of various amazing specialties.

On each occasion, you will find pasta prepared with different kinds of sauce such as carbonara, bolognese, pesto, marinara, and many more served with grated Parmigiano cheese.

Italy is the country where pizza and pasta originate from, but that doesn’t mean that they eat only pasta. So, that stereotype is incorrect.

Italian Big Families

Now you may think this is a joke, but it’s not – Italians are dependent on their families, big time! You cannot find an Italian feast without 30 or 40 family members invited. This means that they nourish family traditions and affections.

On the other hand, this might cause a problem, because people cannot become independent and start a new life away from their families, especially if they are so hooked on their parents.

Italians friends talking and smiling - The Proud Italian


Italians are a very friendly nation. You can find a lot of stereotypes about them. But, you cannot make a prejudice.

If you want to experience all these stereotypes and see if they are likable or bad-tempered as a nation, it’s better to pack your bag and make a tour through Italy.