TURBO-CHARGING Cooking With The 9 Best Italian Dressings For Pasta Salad

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What is an Italian Pasta Dressing?

Preparing the best pasta salad requires more than special culinary skills. You only need to use the best Italian dressing for pasta salad. Italian pasta dressing is a vinaigrette-like salad dressing used in American cooking that includes ingredients like water, vinegar or lemon juice, vegetable oil, and sugar.

We have curated a list of the best salad dressing brands but first, Keep reading to find out our top-rated Italian dressing for pasta salad.

Pasta salad

Our Top Rated Italian Dressing

Nowadays, there are various salad dressings in the market. For that reason, what is the best Italian dressing for pasta salad at your home? Regarding this question, you should always know that the brand matters.

The best choice is Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2) because it is the best bottled Italian dressing for pasta salad. It has a sweet taste and combines classic herbs, vinegar, and oil to make tasty Italian pasta salad.

Our Preferred Italian Dressing Brands – at a Glance

  1. Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2) (Best overall )
  2. Primal Kitchen Italian Vinaigrette & Marinade Salad Dressing made with Avocado Oil, Whole30 Approved, Certified Paleo, and Keto Certified (Best homestyle Italian dressing)
  3. Girard's Old Venice Italian Dressing, 12 oz (Pack of 3) (Best steakhouse-style Italian dressing)
  4. Kraft Zesty Italian Fat-Free Salad Dressing (16 fl oz Bottles, Pack of 6) (Best Italian dressing for pasta salad)
  5. Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing (Best for value for money)
  6. Ken's Steak House Italian Dressing & Marinade, Gluten Free (Best for pasta salad)
  7. Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing (Best for flavor)
  8. 365 by Whole Foods Market, Dressing Italian Organic (Best for value for money)
  9. Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Traditional Italian Dressing (Best for versatility)
Girard's Old Venice Italian Dressing, 12 oz (Pack of 3)
Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2) 16 oz Size
Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing, 15 FL oz
Product name
Girard’s Old Venice Italian Dressing, 12 oz (Pack of 3)
Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2) 16 oz Size
Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing, 15 FL oz
Girard's Old Venice Italian Dressing, 12 oz (Pack of 3)
Product name
Girard’s Old Venice Italian Dressing, 12 oz (Pack of 3)
Buy Now
Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2) 16 oz Size
Product name
Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2) 16 oz Size
Buy Now
Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing, 15 FL oz
Product name
Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing, 15 FL oz
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Our Favorite Italian Pasta Salad Dressings Reviewed

Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2): Best Overall


With the help of this Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing, you can make a delicious brittle salad. Olive Garden Signature is a salad dressing brand combining herbs, oil, and vinegar. The flavor of this Italian salad dressing is acidic and sweet. It has 80 calories per serving and no trans fat.

Before cooking, you can include it in potato salad or pasta salad ingredients. Another option is to marinate your fresh veggies in it or serve it as a tasty sauce. So next time you look for the best salad dressing, consider this brand because it is also the best store-bought Italian dressing for pasta salad in our list.

So, what makes this dressing a favorite to Test Kitchen and Olive Garden users? Well, the flavors would have to be well-balanced here. According to Mark Neufang in the Test Kitchen, this brand has a “zingy, robust flavor that’s perfectly balanced, and even there’s a little Parmesan in it!”

In terms of taste and convenience, this dressing simply meets every mark. It doesn’t take much arm labor to blend the oil and vinegar because this dressing stays emulsified well. You can transfer his brand from bottle to plate without shaking.

Brand: Olive Garden

Flavor: Signature

Weight: 2.5 pounds (1.11 Kilograms)

Liquid oz volume: 16 fl oz (473 millimeters)

Diet Type: Vegetarian

Our rating out of five: 4.6 

Primal Kitchen Italian Vinaigrette & Marinade Salad Dressing made with Avocado Oil, Whole30 Approved, Certified Paleo, and Keto Certified: Best Homestyle Italian Dressing


The entire Primal Kitchen brand aspires to be perfectly satisfied while containing nutritional components like avocado oil, collagen, and organic foods. It also has high-quality protein, healthy fats, and nutritional elements.

In addition, the pantry essentials from Primal Kitchen, such as whey protein, avocado oil condiments, dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, collagen protein bars, and drink mixes, are all delicious.

Primal Kitchen Italian Vinaigrette and Marinade Salad dressing are so good, and it guarantees that a few happy guests will inquire whether the dressing is homemade. Before serving, give this Italian vinaigrette a good first shake, just like a homemade dressing. 

After blending, you will love the flavor; it has just the proper amount of oil, a little vinegar for brightness, and a considerable amount of herbs and spices added in.

In addition, you will love the flavor after mixing since there is just a good amount of oil, enough vinegar, and a variety of herbs and spices included throughout. “This one gives a very large punch of taste,” says Ellie Crowley from the Test Kitchen.

Most of the Test Kitchen also talks about these flavors and the perfect oil and vinegar ratio, comparing this dressing to a vinaigrette you would make before dinner.

Brand: Primal Kitchen

Flavor: Italian Vinaigrette

Weight: (0.99 pounds) 0.45 kilograms

Liquid oz volume: 8 fluid ounces (236 milligrams)

Allergen information: Soy-free

Diet Type: Gluten-free

Our rating out of five: 4.3

Girard's Old Venice Italian Dressing, 12 oz (Pack of 3): Best Steakhouse-Style Italian Dressing


The sensation of going to a steakhouse is unique. Everything feels richer and more special, even the soups, appetizers, and salads. The Test Kitchen considers steakhouse salads full of leafy greens and a unique dressing, such as Girard’s Olde Venice Italian Dressing.

Although this light and golden dressing goes well beyond these vinaigrette elements, it still has a perfect balance of vinegar and olive oil. This one has a brightness to it and even a slight butteriness.

Moreover, Girard’s dressing manages to elevate salad to an extravagant meal with its buttery flavor, garlic, ground black pepper, and even a hint of parmesan. You only require a few tablespoons of this salad dressing for a large salad. However, it tastes fantastic without dominating the flavor of the vegetables!

Brand: Girard’s

Flavor: Old Venice Italian

Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.67 kilograms)

Liquid oz volume: 12 fl oz (354.8 milligrams)

Our rating out of five: 4.4

Kraft Zesty Italian Fat-Free Salad Dressing (16 fl oz Bottles, Pack of 6): Best Italian Dressing for Pasta Salad


Almost anything gets an excellent flavor boost from Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing. The dressing delivers taste in every bite and is bursting with Italian flavors and spices. The Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing was before for ease of use and is ready to use after a brief shake.

Additionally, you can feel good about adding this spicy Italian dressing to salad mixes, pasta salads, sandwiches, and all of your favorite appetizers and meals because it has no high fructose corn syrup and only 60 calories per serving. 

The ideal marinade for your preferred protein is this dressing. You can add the ideal amount of dressing to your favorite foods with the help of the handy applicator tip that comes with each 16-fluid- ounce (473.1 milliliters) squeezable dressing container. Cold pasta salad with Italian dressing can be so delicious.

In this case, the best Italian dressing would be the Kraft Zesty from the Good Seasons brand, according to Test Kitchen.

Furthermore, when you open the bottle, it looks like a typical Italian dressing from a supermarket store. It has a transparent appearance and an excellent ratio of oil to vinegar. This salad dressing contains a lot of herbs floating in it and a few red pepper flakes, which Maggie Knoebel in the Test Kitchen describes as giving it “a tangy kick.”

With this selection, there are a few unexpected elements. One is that Kraft’s creamy Italian, which we were able to collect, had the lowest salt content among the brands we were able to gather while not specifically advertising that benefit.

The second surprise about the Kraft Zesty brand is that, despite being creamy, this dressing is vegan. Although it came in second place among the five creamy versions we tasted, the best aspect is that it is wonderful. The best part is that it has one of the most affordable prices among the brands on this list.

Even when it comes to creamy varieties, their texture might occasionally be a bit thicker than what some lovers of Italian dressing prefer. For anyone who wishes to avoid too much salt in their dressing, it’s still a pretty good choice.

Brand: Good Seasons

Flavor: Zesty Italian

Weight: 8.4 pounds (3.8 kilograms)

Liquid oz volume: 16 fl oz (473.1 milliliters)

Allergen information: Fat-free

Diet type: Gluten-free

Material type free: No MSG, 

Our rating out of five: 4.6

Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing: Best for Value for Money


If you’re unsure what style of Italian dressing everyone craves, Newman’s Own is a reliable brand and one of the best from all salad dressing brands. 

However, it also has a bit of vinegar throughout. It’s not a cheap dressing after sampling, but it’s still affordable. Consider Newman’s brand if you want a salad dressing with a good flavor. The Newman’s Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing has a lot of black pepper, garlic, and other spices, which helps the flavors stick to the oil. 

Several users love it bitter, while others prefer it sweet. If you enjoy a little of both in your Italian dressing, Newman’s Own Family Recipe is a wonderful medium to consider when choosing.

Additionally, after sampling, we found the dressing with moderate vinegar. It’s not the most affordable dressing, but it is still not the most expensive either.

Brand: Newman’s Own

Flavor: Italian

Weight: 1.1 pounds (0.52 kilograms)

Liquid oz volume: 16 fl oz (473.1 milligrams)

Allergen information: fish, soy, dairy, milk

Our rating out of five: 4.6

Ken's Steak House Italian Dressing & Marinade, Gluten Free: Best for Pasta Salads


Ken’s is a family-run business that began in the basement of Ken’s Steak House, a restaurant in Framingham, Massachusetts, famed for its great salad dressings. The same family still owns Ken’s, continuing with the heritage of flavor passion.

The Ken’s Steak House Brand is a type of Italian dressing that consists of onion, garlic, vinegar, and a good mixture of oil to improve the flavor of your dishes. It is best in pasta salads, all-Italian meat sandwiches, and green salads.

You can also use the Ken’s Steak House Italian Dressing as a marinade for various types of meat as an ingredient in tangy recipes. This dressing from the Ken Steak House is good because it is certified kosher and gluten-free.

Brand: Ken’s Steak House

Flavor: Garlic

Weight: 1.1 pounds (0.5 Kilograms)

Liquid oz volume: 16 fl oz (473.1 milligrams)

Material type free: Gluten-free

Our rating out of five: 4.8

Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing: Best for flavor


Your favorite recipes get a strong flavor boost from Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing. Wish-Special Bone’s Italian recipe contains buttermilk, which creates an appealing creamy dressing. This rich, creamy salad dressing gives your dishes a wonderful texture and flavor.

Additionally, when making the Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing, High fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or flavors are not used.

You can also use this Italian dressing as a dip. All you have to do is stir with veggies or drizzle over salads.

It’s simple to administer the ideal amount using a 15-fluid-ounce (443.6 milliliters) squeeze salad dressing bottle. After opening, put the dressing in the fridge.

Interestingly, the majority of the creamy kinds we examined didn’t exactly include dairy products. When trying the creamy varieties, we thought that was a little strange.

However, Wish-Bone was one of the few brands to make its creamy Italian dressing creamy by adding buttermilk to its mixture.

Wish-dressing Bone’s is slightly sweeter than some of the other creamy types we tried, but it’s still a fantastic (and not expensive) take on creamy Italian.

Brand: Wish-born

Flavor: Creamy Italian

Weight: 0.48 kilograms (1.05 pounds)

Liquid oz volume: 15 fl oz (443.6 milligrams)

Diet type: Vegetarian

Our rating out of five: 4.7

365 by Whole Foods Market, Dressing Italian Organic: Best for Value for Money


The 365 Everyday Value Organic Italian Dressing can add great flavors to several recipes. You can use it to make spaghetti salad. Also, combine it with roasted potatoes, steamed veggies, or boiled beans.

If you are planning to grill, use the 365 by Whole Foods Market Dressing Italian Organic, you can use it to marinate beef, chicken, or veggie kabobs. The options are endless and tasty!

When searching the shelves of the store, lovers of 365 by Whole Foods Market, Dressing Italian Organic, who prefer things on the sharper side, should consider this brand. 

It is perfect for individuals who prefer their vinaigrettes with less sugar because it does not contain the sweet flavors of some of the other brands.

You should know that the Italian dressing selection at Whole Foods will need a bit more shaking before serving.

Brand: 365 by Whole Foods Market

Flavor: Italian

Weight: 0.52 kilograms (1.2 pounds)

Liquid oz volume: 16 fl oz (473.1 milligrams)

Our rating out of five: 4.5

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Traditional Italian Dressing: Best for Versatility

Amazon’s Best Choice in Italian Salad Dressing by Happy Belly


Happy Belly is a traditional Italian dressing used in marinades, salads, and more.

Additionally, it contains an extra zesty flavor without high fructose corn syrup. Happy Belly Traditional Italian Dressing is a wonderful addition to your salad, other dishes, or if you plan to make a marinade.

Brand: Happy Belly

Flavor: Traditional Italian

Weight: 1.16 pounds (0.53 Kilograms)

Liquid oz volume: 16 fl oz (473.1 milligrams)

Our rating of five: 4.6.

What to Look for in Italian Dressings


Like always, the flavor is the primary consideration in our evaluations. However, because different people enjoy different flavors in their Italian dressing, we did our best to find the best characteristics that each type of Italian dressing could have.

Therefore, we checked for particularly sweet, acidic, and cheesy dressings and noted which were particularly well-seasoned. As the type of oil used can considerably alter the flavor of a dish, we also considered the flavor of the base oil used in each dressing.


The convenience of using pre-made Italian dressing to dress a salad rapidly is appealing since it eliminates the need to separately purchase the necessary types of oil, seasonings, and vinegar staples, which, when you use them frequently, can quickly add up. 

So, in essence, buying Italian dressing should be very affordable. After sampling, most of the flavors for this taste came in 16-ounce (473.1 milliliters) bottles for around $3 or less, with only a few exceeding around $4. 


Once more, preferences for standard and creamy Italian dressings differ regarding the optimum texture.

While some people prefer a vinaigrette that is almost or entirely dairy-free, others prefer a smoother dressing with the distinctively flavorful brightness they associate with Italian dressing.

Additional Features

In conducting this taste test, we took into account the dressings’ flavors, prices, and overall texture; however, we were also very attentive to the salt content of each variation. Some were noticeably saltier than others, although most had between 7.1 and 10.6 ounces (200 and 300 grams) of sodium.

To help those who are also attempting to limit their salt intake, we have attempted to mark which products they should try to avoid. Keep on reading to learn the advantages of Italian dressing in the next section.

Cold pasta salad

Advantages of Italian Dressing to Your Health

Most grocery stores have Italian dressing, a popular salad dressing. The health advantages that dressings offer should be the main consideration rather than the flavor.

As you read earlier in this article, you can understand that Italian dressing is a versatile option that you can use as a marinade and a salad dressing for salads, meats, and vegetables.

Additionally, the ingredients in Italian dressing may have a few health benefits. Keep scrolling to find the benefits.

Appropriate for a High-Fat Diet

Italian dressing is a good choice for anyone following a diet high in fat due to its high percentage of calories from fat. As a result, people on a (ketogenic) low-carb diet or a high-fat, high-calorie diet can rely on Italian dressing for its low-fat content.

It gives various dishes flavor. The Italian condiment has certain benefits even though it isn’t the king of healthy foods. You may find it easier to eat healthy foods like salads and vegetables. If you don’t like plain vegetables, a touch of tasty Italian sauce might persuade you to eat them.

Suitable for the Heart

Not all Italian dressings are the same and don’t always benefit your coronary heart health in the same manner. Olive oil users, therefore, enjoy a significant benefit. According to a large-scale study, taking olive oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. 

The American Heart Association states that olive oil is not the only good for the heart. Italian dressings produced from canola, corn, peanut, soybean, and sunflower (or a combination of those) have the least amount of saturated fats; they can, therefore, be a part of heart-healthy weight-loss programs.

Unsaturated fats are abundant in these oils. Italian dressing is available in a variety of forms as well. For instance, variants with fewer calories, less fat, or less salt are available.

It Does Not Cause Allergy Reactions

The number of adult Americans who experience allergic reactions is about 26 million, or 11% of the population.

Furthermore, eight major allergens could be the cause of the majority of them. Since Italian dressing is free of all eight common foods, it is nearly a staple condiment for people with allergies. However, if you frequently experience allergic reactions, you should constantly check the label to make sure it is safe for consumption.

Alternative to Creamy Dressings That are Lower in Calories

If you want to improve your salad’s nutritional value without risking your attempts to lose weight, Italian dressing is a good substitute for many other foods with more calories. It gives salad flavor and healthy fat. Despite having numerous calories from fat, dressings with a large percentage of cream, such as ranch blue cheese or a thousand island, are still preferable.

In our tasting test, we tested the top products from each category. Additionally, we noted the challenging dressings to combine and lacked the proper vinegar-to-oil ratio. Keep scrolling to find out how to make Italian pasta salad with dressing.

An Italian Pasta Salad With Dressing Recipe

A pasta salad with Italian dressing is a quick, filling, and simple recipe. The recipe contains crunchy vegetables, cheese, and fresh herbs, meaning you can make this pasta salad with no meat. This simple pasta salad recipe is ideal for a quick evening lunch at home just in time for summer.

Furthermore, you can make pasta salad in less than five minutes. Fresh herbs make this pasta salad so tasty and fresh too. 

You can also serve it as a quick, easy side or main dish. Your whole family will love this simple pasta salad. Keep scrolling to find the ingredients for Italian pasta salad, how to make and what to put in pasta salad.

Time: 30 minutes

Serving size: 8 servings

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Nutritional Facts

  1. Protein: 0.47 ounce (13.2 grams)
  2. Sugar: 0.19 ounce (5.4 grams)
  3. Calories: 347
  4. Cholesterol: 0.00038 ounces (10.9 milligrams)
  5. Carbohydrates: 1.27 ounces (35.9 grams)
  6. Sodium: 0.01 ounces (357.5 milligrams)
  7. Fat: 0.62 ounces (17.7 grams)

The Cooking Equipments

  • 1 Colander
  • 1 Large salad bowl
  • 1 Whisk
  • 2 Pinch bowls
  • A few tablespoons
  • 3 cups
  • 1 skillet

The Cooking Ingredients

  • 1/4 cup fresh dill, chopped
  • 8 ounces (226.7 grams) small-shaped pasta, such as penne, fusilli, or farfalle
  • 1/4 cup fresh Italian parsley, chopped
  • 15 ounces (425.2 grams) can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
  • 1 cup chopped fresh cauliflower
  • 2 cups grape tomatoes halved
  • 4 ounces (113.3 grams) fresh mozzarella cheese, cubed
  • 1 cup chopped cucumbers
  • 1/4 cup chopped red onion
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • Fresh black paper and Kosher salt to taste
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 garlic clove, minced


  1. First, according to the packaging directions, cook pasta in salted water until it is slightly firm but not soft. Drain immediately to remove extra starch, and then rinse with cold water. Pour over a colander to drain and cool.
  2. You can combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and whisk them together to make the Italian dressing, which you can then season with pepper and salt to taste. Set it aside.
  3. Put the spaghetti, chickpeas, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella, feta, parsley, and dill in a large salad bowl. Add the dressing, then toss the salad to mix evenly. Make sure to taste for pepper and salt.
  4. Finally, cover the salad with plastic wrap and refrigerate the salad for at least an hour or overnight. Toss the salad to absorb the liquid from the bottom before serving, and taste for salt one more time.

Faults to Avoid When Preparing Pasta

Make sure you are not making any pasta salad faults before whipping up a bowl for your next event:

Not Putting Dressing on the Warm Pasta Salad

It is unnecessary to wait until the pasta is entirely cool before adding the dressing. If you do, you’re missing out on an even tastier pasta salad.

To avoid the above mistake, while the pasta is still warm, toss it with about two-thirds of the dressing; add the remaining third just before serving. Warm pasta will more quickly absorb the dressing, resulting in a pasta salad that is flavorful and well-seasoned.

Using Pasta That is Not of the Correct Size and Shapes

There are many options when choosing pasta for your salad. The pasta’s size and form are essential when preparing this refreshing side dish, contrary to common belief. Fresh pasta doesn’t hold up well, so it’s best to avoid it.

To solve the problem, always use dried pasta instead of fresh pasta for a fantastic pasta salad. It stays well when you combine it with dressing and other ingredients. You can serve it after chilling it or at room temperature. 

Short pasta shapes with lots of crevices, such as fusilli, farfalle, rotini, and penne, are great for pasta salad. They are simple to serve and consume due to their small size, and there are many places for dressing, herbs, and other little ingredients to trap in their folds and pockets.

Lack of Enough Pasta Seasoning,

The flavors in cold dishes can be milder and need more seasoning than those in warm meals. A tasteless pasta salad is the last thing you need.

It is advisable to start seasoning early to ensure that your pasta salad is well-seasoned and tasty. As soon as you start cooking the pasta, this is the best time to do it. 

To ensure the pasta has enough salt after cooking, use extra-salted water. As you incorporate the dressing and additional ingredients, make sure to taste and season as necessary.

Undercooking or Overcooking the Pasta

Since pasta is the main ingredient in this recipe, you should cook it perfectly. If you leave the pasta on the stove for too long, it will become mushy; if you take it off too quickly, the pasta will become tough.

The fact that pasta hardens and becomes chewy as it cools is something you should keep in mind. The pasta benefits from an extra minute of cooking because you cannot serve it hot or with sauce, but always keep an eye on it to prevent it from becoming mushy.

To solve the mistake, plan to cook the pasta until it is firm enough for a prepared pasta salad. The pasta will continue to be soft as it cools if you cook it for an additional minute.

Cooking Pasta Salad Too Far in Advance

You might be the type of person who likes to get a head start on meal preparation whenever possible; if you make the pasta too far in advance, you might get a bowl of soggy pasta salad.

It’s best to make pasta salad the day before or the day before you eat it, even though it will keep well for a few days.

How We Tested Our Picks

Our kitchen experts tested each Italian dressing blindly. We usually do these tests to eliminate biases that testers may have. We used the following criteria to test our favorite picks:

Flavor: Italian herbs, vinegar, and olive for the salad dressing to taste delicious.

Appearance: Sometimes, salad dressing should appear appetizing when first opened. Our group prefers dressings that appear to have a lot of flavors (internal herbs and seasonings are always welcome!) with a lovely color.

Texture: The texture of salad dressings varies significantly; a good one should be thick enough to cover salad greens without becoming too thick.

Pasta salad with tomatoes

FAQs on Italian Pasta Salad

What Goes With Italian Pasta Salad?

The Italian Pasta Salad goes well with almost anything and is a fantastic pasta salad. You can use it as an accompaniment with the following:

  1. Grilled chicken tenders
  2. Chicken gyros
  3. Herb baked chicken
  4. Hummus veggie sandwiches
  5. Grilled cilantro lime chicken sliders

How Do I Store Cold Pasta Salad?

You should always refrigerate any leftover cold pasta salad in an airtight container for up to three days.

Freshly prepared salads are ideal for this dish. Making pasta salad from scratch on the day of or the day before you need it is preferable to freezing it.

Should Pasta Salad Be Made the Night Before?

If you like, you may prepare the pasta salad the night before or just prepare it in the daytime. All you have is to ensure to chill the salad for at least an hour before serving.

Why Does My Pasta Salad Get Dry?

If there is not enough dressing on the pasta salad, it may dry. Additionally, you might need to mix it because the dressing sometimes pools at the bottom of the dish.

How Do You Cool Pasta Down for Pasta Salad?

Running the pasta under cold water can help cool it down and prevent it from overcooking and becoming too tender before you add the vegetables and vinaigrette.

What Other Kind of Cheese Can I Add to Italian Pasta Salad?

You can add or use parmesan cheese instead of fresh mozzarella and feta cheese in this Italian pasta salad.

That’s All, Folks

You can make delicious pasta salad or your favorite dishes at home by adding Italian salad dressing, such as Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing (Pack of 2) because it is the best salad dressing for Italian pasta salad in our list on this article. You can also choose your favorite salad dressing from the same list. 

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