Brooklyn Style Pizza-a Slice Of Italy

What is Brooklyn style pizza?

“Brooklyn style pizza” is a term that was devised in 2006 by Domino’s Pizza Company chain of America. They introduced a pizza that they called “Brooklyn style.” It is a pizza that has a crust that is thinner than other pizzas. Cornmeal is cooked into the crust to make it crunchier. The Brooklyn style pizza is topped with pepperoni and usually cut into six slices.

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How is Brooklyn Style Pizza different from other pizza styles?

The Brooklyn style pizza originated from Italy. Despite having Italian origins, the pizza has become popular on the Indian shores and also the Big Apple. It is typically regarded as “American pizza.”  It is unique and delicious compared to other pizzas. Here are some of the reasons why it is different:

The crust can be folded

Unlike other pizzas whose crusts are dense, the Brooklyn style pizza’s crust is thin, crunchier, and with an airier feel. Compared to the Chicago one with a soup-like quality, the Brooklyn style is more balanced when it comes to toppings. The ratio of the sauce to crust to toppings is balanced. As much as the crust is thin, it is still soft that you can sink your teeth into.

The slices are bigger compared to the regular pizza. Since the crust is thin, it can be folded in half and eaten. The size of the crust makes it portable. You can easily walk around with it wrapped in paper.

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Easy to customize

It is easy to customize the Brooklyn pizza to your desired taste. You can decide to go the traditional way or choose to top your pizza with pepperoni and cheese.  If you want, you can go crazy with the combination of toppings like sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, and bacon.

You are also free to choose the composition of your pizza. For instance, if you are allergic to some food substances like gluten, you can have gluten-free pizza. If you don’t take dairy products, ask for a Brooklyn style pizza without cheese. You will never miss any slice of pizza of your taste.

Where in New York can you find Brooklyn style pizza?

There are a few places in New York that offer the Brooklyn style pizza. Here are the places:

Totonno’s pizza

Totonno’s pizza-it is located in Coney Island, where it has been for decades.  You will enjoy the finest Brooklyn style pizza when you visit this place.


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Juliana’s pizza

If you have a craving for Brooklyn style pizza, Juliana’s pizza is the place to be. You will find all the pizza options plus the environment, which is suitable for a family dinner.

Di Fara Pizza

The Di Fara Pizza has been in New York since 1965. There are two branches; one in Williamsburg and the other in Midwood. They are owned and operated by families. The most exciting part is that Di Fara’s Brooklyn pizza can be shipped throughout the country.


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Lucali Brooklyn

Lucali offers one of the best pizzas in New York. It is rated as the number one dining place in New York and the second in the U.S when it comes to pizza. Don’t miss out on this New York pizzeria.

Giuseppina’s Brooklyn Pizza

This pizzeria has the best brick-oven pizza. It is owned by the family that owns Lucali. The pizzeria is also known to offer great food.

Emmy Squared in Brooklyn

Emmy squared is known for rectangle-styled pizza. The pizza’s crust contains thick melty cheese. You can also try the Hula Hog, which has mozzarella, pineapple, bacon, and chiles.

Speedy Romeo Brooklyn

It is located in a former auto body shop. Speedy Romeo is known to deliver wood-fired pizzas that are crispy and thin. Although it is known for multi-cheese pizza, it also offers marinara-based pizza, which is more traditional.


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What is the difference between Brooklyn Style Pizza and hand-tossed pizza?

The significant difference between Brooklyn style pizza and hand-tossed pizza is that the dough and crust are thinner and crunchier on the Brooklyn style pizza than the hand-tossed one. The hand-tossed pizza has a crust that is thick and also chewier.


There are a variety of Brooklyn-style pizzas that you can always try. You should not be tied to only one taste. Find something that fits your preferences and enjoy. When you visit New York, there are places mentioned where you can find the Brooklyn style pizza. You can have the pizza there, or since it is portable, you can take it to your destination!