5 Reasons Why Growing up in an Italian Family Is a Great Experience

Being a part of an Italian family is something to be amazed about, especially with the kind of unique culture and the strong family bond they have. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to have that kind of family or even better, how it is like to grow up in one, read on this post because you will be reading the top reasons why growing up in an Italian family is a great experience.

Sunday table with Italian family - The Proud Italian

1. Sundays are Family Days

For non-Italians, Sunday is usually not the day of the week to look forward to. For the Italians, though, Sunday is the day that equates to a family day. In fact, Sunday is all about family! Italian families usually gather on this day with their friends, relatives, neighbors and eat together over a table full of Italian food.  If you’re an Italian, you should reserve Sundays for this kind of gatherings and enjoy it!

2. Countless Relatives

If you think you know all your Italian relatives, think again. Growing up in an Italian family, it just seems like there’s no end to introductions of new family members coming through your doors. But it isn’t as bad as you think — Italians like the idea of having new members in the family because it just means a much happier gathering and even more delicious food! Also, you get to catch up on the latest news in town, because of your big circle.

Italian Family party - The Proud Italian

3. Italians throw the best parties out there

Okay, maybe not the best parties, but Italians never miss throwing a part for all kinds of holidays and celebrations imaginable. From birthdays and graduations to even just passing the road test, Italians never fail to celebrate wildly. Especially in Italian families that are large in number, you can expect full attendance from them during your graduation, or weddings, or even on Sunday reunions.

Two girls talking - The Proud Italian

4. Italians love talking

And by talking, it means shouting with accompanied with hand gestures, “movendo le mani.” Okay, maybe not really shouting, but if you’re in a conversation with a group, don’t expect to be heard all the time because you have to speak the loudest, to win that contest. Growing up in an Italian family, you get to realize that hand gestures are simply essential to the Italian language is — I couldn’t imagine listening to an Italian without his hand moving all over.

5. Traditions that never go away

There are just those traditions that Italians continue to follow even if they sound so absurd, like not cutting a baby’s hair before baptism so it won’t cause bad luck. However, no matter how stupid they seem, Italians just can’t drop them. If asked why it’s just because they’re traditions!

Italian families are one of the unique families in the world, one that you won’t trade for the world. Perhaps one of the best things about growing up in an Italian family is the big love they place on family…and on food.