Why Hairy Italian Women are Desirable

Sayings About Hairy Italian Women

Believe it or not, women shaving armpits is a relatively new practice in Italy. You need to read this article to discover why hairy Italian women are desirable. A short time ago, the desirability of an Italian woman depended on the amount of hair she had on the body! Hairy Italian women were considered to be very seductive!

As a corroboration of this statement, various proverbs about this appeared in Italy. Depending on the region, there are a few Italian proverbs that support this love for hairy Italian women. 

One of them is “Una donna barbuta è sempre piaciuta,” meaning “a bearded woman is always liked.” Here are some other examples of these Italian proverbs: “una donna buffuta è sempre piacuta” – meaning “a mustached woman is always liked.”

Whichever regional variation you’ve heard of, or you found out just now, the point of these sayings are the same – hairy Italian woman are desirable!

Old family photo with flowers and old watch beside - The Proud Italian

Exploring the Theory That Men Love Hairy Italian Women

Why are Italian men amazed by hairy girls? Well, two theories could explain that phenomenon. 

One theory looks at this from a biological perspective. With a larger degree of hormones, hairy women can have a higher sex drive, and that puts them in a high-priced place through the eyes of the Italian men.

Also, in the recent past, very hairy women were everything Italian men looked for when wanting to start a family. Italian hairy women were considered to have more focus on family instead of focusing on their looks. Italians appreciate their family very much, and if you are not sure why growing up in an Italian family is such an exciting thing, read this article.

Famous Italian Women who Have Hairy Armpits

One of the first famous Italian women, and for that matter one of the first women in the world, to proudly present her hairy armpits is one of the hottest Italian women in the world Sophia Loren. 

Sophia Loren in 1955 - The Proud Italian
21 years old, around the time she made “Pane, amore e…”. Author: Michael Donovan, source

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, she supported the feminist waves by showing off her hairy armpits in photoshoots. She proved that being a hairy girl doesn’t make you any less elegant or feminine. She also paved the way for all future hairy women to come.

One more planetary famous icon, an American of Italian descent who’s caring for her hairy armpits, is Madonna Louise Ciccone, or just known as Madonna. She was always a rebel, so does not come as a surprise when she posted on Instagram this photo saying, “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!!” And this ‘80s icon has support in her oldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, who follows her mom’s body-positive steps.

Speaking about the best known Italian-American celebrities, signer who’s breaking boundaries, in 2011 when performing at the Much Music Awards, Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) used little shaggy turquoise wigs under her arms to match the color of her hair and over-the-clothes crotch piece.

Lady Gaga, one of the hairy Italian woman in white dress - The Proud Italian

Italian actress and director Silvia Rossi is also one of the hairy Italian women who’s proud to show it! She was born in Tuscany in Italy and is known for movies such as Cheeky (2000), Fallo! (2003) and Fine settimana a Lecco (2000).

How to Keep Hairy Armpits Clean

Start By Cleaning Your Armpits

This is the first rule of how to keep hairy armpits clean. When it comes to your skin and hair, the first thing should be cleansing it. Sweat, bacteria, and dirt are a magnet for body odor. So cleaning every day is a good idea. 

Keep in mind that the underarm skin is vulnerable to irritation, so be sure to use mild soap. Don’t rub too hard, and always be gentle.

Choose the deodorant that’s right for you

Deodorant is most often the first line of defense when it comes to dry, sweaty or smelly armpits. The sweat itself isn’t smelly, but when it mixes with the bacterias that call your underarms their home, you have a smelly problem. That’s where deodorants come to aid.

Be sure to use deodorants and not antiperspirants because the second ones block your glands to produce sweat. This can lead to closed pores, irritations, and bumpy skin conditions. It’s always a good option to use a natural deodorant to allow your body to sweat and neutralize the odor. 

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Since the armpits are already prone to moisture, we seem to avoid moisturizing them. To prevent discomfort and itchiness, use moisturizers that are good not only for the skin but for armpit hair.

Moisturizing also prevents irritations, discomfort, and bumpy skin.


Although permanent hair removal is one of Italy’s popular practices today, hairy Italian women have their comeback! And not only in Italy – worldwide, but women are also choosing to end the stigma around women’s body hair.

Whether you choose to grow your armpit hair or any other body hair, just like nature intended to or shave it, laser it, or wax it, it’s totally up to you. Give your armpits the attention and care they deserve and raise them high and proud!