10 of the Best Italian Jokes

Italian humor, they say, is one of the best. Not only are Italian jokes downright funny, sometimes, but they can also be too smart that it would take a few seconds to realize the funny part of it. Italians like to use irony, and this irony could be so deep and yet regular, that every Italian could easily understand once spoken.

The best part of Italian humor is the fact that they tend to joke about themselves — and they don’t generally find it offensive. In fact, it is a good source of jokes for many Italians because it is always relatable, albeit sardonic. In this article, we handpicked ten of the best Italian jokes that clearly define Italian humor.

Friends laughing at Italian jokes - The Proud Italian
  • Why did the Mafia cross the road? Forget about it. 
  • How does every Italian joke start? By looking over your shoulder.
    (Getting ready for some pretty offensive jokes, eh?)
  • What’s the difference between a smart Italian and a unicorn? Nothing, they’re both fictional characters.
    While Italians are not really dumb, Italians still find this joke funny!)Microwave Italian joke - The Proud Italian
  • How to know an Italian in the 21st century? He just tried to enter his password on the microwave. 
  • If  Tarzan and Jane were Italian, what would a Cheetah be? The least hairy of the three. 
  • What do you call four Italians in quicksand? Quattro Sinko!
  • In Italy, a poll was taken to determine why men get up at night.
    Here are the results:
    – 10 % to raid the fridge.
    – 15 % to have a pee.
    – 75 % to go home.
  • How can you identify the Italian at the Cockfight? He’s the one who bets on the duck.
  • Luigi and Paulo were fishing in the Mediterranean sea one sunny day when a World War II mine came floating along. On seeing this round, spiky object coming nearer and nearer, Luigi shouts at his friend “Hey Paulo, it’s a mine, it’s a mine!” Paulo replies,” O.K. Luigi, you can-a have it!
    long joke to say, but it’s one of those classic Italian jokes out there)
Tied hands, Italian humor- The Proud Italian
  • How to you silence an Italian? You tie their hands behind their back.
    (This is undeniably one of those best Italian jokes)

Of course, jokes are usually taken in cultural and personal contexts at the same time. Sometimes, they may not be as funny to some people as they are generally. However, it is good to appreciate the kind of humor that Italians have because it is one way of understanding their life and culture