8 Best Home Meat Slicers of 2023

What is a Meat Slicer?

A meat slicer is a machine you use to slice meat, sausages, cheeses, and other deli products. The best home meat slicer depends on your specific needs and budget. We understand that selecting a meat slicer that suits your needs can be challenging.

This unbiased review looks at eight top-rated meat slicers to help you make an informed choice. Keep reading to discover more!

Working on meat slicer

What is the Best Meat Slicer for Home Use?

Our team of testers tested 20 meat slicers by the top-rated brands. They also collected reviews from real users around the globe before picking eight of the best based on versatility, cut diameter, construction material, motor, blade, and ease of cleaning and maintaining.

The BESWOOD 10 stood out as the best overall meat slicer. It has a powerful motor allowing for heavy-duty use, and its chromium-plated steel blade is corrosion-resistant and features an in-built sharpener. Furthermore, it has safety features that protect during use.

Other Meat Slicers We Tested

  1. BESWOOD 10 – Best overall home meat slicer
  2. NESCO Stainless Steel Food Slicer – Best versatile meat slicer
  3. VEVOR Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer – Best commercial meat slicer for home use
  4. Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer – Best durable meat slicer
  5. Elite Gourmet EMT-625B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer – Best budget meat slicer
  6. Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer – Best small meat slicer
  7. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer – Best compact home meat slicer
  8. KWS Commercial 320W Electric Meat Slicer – Best commercial-grade meat slicer

A Detailed Look at Our Picks

BESWOOD 10 – Best Overall Home Meat Slicer

Amazon Choice Award: Amazon’s Choice in Electric Knives & Slicers by BESWOOD

The BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-Plated Steel Balde Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer is the best meat slicer for home and commercial use. It is a powerful and durable slicer with a powerful 240W motor, making it ideal for home users with high demands and heavy-duty commercial use. Additionally, its dimensions and construction material guarantee durability and stability during operation.



  • The premium chromium-plated steel blade is corrosion-free.
  • You don’t need to sharpen the blade frequently, as it has a built-in sharpener.
  • The double-illuminated ON/OFF switch offers the best prevention against power shock.
  • It has the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) USA standard approval. This means it is safe to use. 


  • It is challenging to clean.

Material: Aluminum, chromium-plated steel, and rubber

Mode: Manual and electric

NESCO Stainless Steel Food Slicer – Best Versatile Meat Slicer

Amazon Choice Award: Amazon’s Choice in Mandolines & Slicers by NESCO

If you are looking for a meat slicer that you can use on a wide range of foods, the NESCO Stainless Steel Food Slicer is what you need. Its large multipurpose 8.7-inch (22.1 centimeters) blade allows it to handle foods of different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the removable food carriage has a quick-release tab that will enable you to remove it easily.

Brand: Nesco


  • It has a recessed power switch that prevents accidental power on and off and debris from destroying the switch.
  • It also has a thickness control dial, allowing you to customize slice thickness.
  • The non-slip feet help prevent movement for safer slicing.
  • Its heavy-duty slicing guard secures your food for safe slicing.


  • It has no smooth blade, so it might tear and shred meat at thinner sizes. The serrated blades are also challenging to sharpen. 

Material: Stainless steel

Mode: Manual and electric

VEVOR Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer – Best Commercial Meat Slicer For Home Use

This electric meat slicer is ideal for commercial users who want to slice massive amounts of beef, mutton, venison, bread, or turkey. It has 240 watts of power, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Additionally, the ON/OFF switch has a waterproof cover for easy use. You’ll also enjoy its fashion-titled design, which allows fast and effortless slicing.

Brand: VEVOR


  • It has built-in dual whitestones that sharpen the blade safely and conveniently.
  • Its stainless steel blade resists corrosion and maintains a sharp edge for slicing.
  • It also features skid-proof rubber feet that make it stable while in use.
  • The numerical scale knob makes it effortless to adjust the precise thickness of the meat.


  • It is relatively expensive compared to other meat slicers for home use. 

Material: Stainless Steel

Mode: Manual and electric

Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer – Best Durable Meat Slicer

The Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer is a versatile home meat slicer that you can use to slice fresh meat, cheeses, and bread from your kitchen countertop. It has a heavy-duty 130-watt motor and a removable 7.5-inch (19.05 centimeters) undulated stainless steel cutting blade. Moreover, it has a slice control knob that allows you to achieve different slicing needs (from 1/32 inches (0.08 centimeters) to ½ inches (1.27 centimeters).

Brand: Cuisinart


  • It is easy to clean because most parts are removable.
  • It has a good thickness range, giving you enough wiggle room when selecting the best meat size.
  • The slicer has non-slip feet for stable operation.
  • The manufacturer uses premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing to prevent rusting and make it durable.


  • Its plastic meat holder is fragile, meaning it might not be durable.

Material: Steel

Mode: Manual and electric

Elite Gourmet EMT-625B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer – Best Budget Meat Slicer

Amazon Choice Award: Amazon Choice in Electric Knives & Slicers by Elite Gourmet

If you are operating on a tight budget, this meat slicer machine by Elite Gourmet is the best value option on our list. Despite the economical price, the meat slicer manufacturer uses premium-quality die-cast aluminum, making it durable, rustproof, and easy to clean. This would be perfect if you want gift ideas to surprise your sister, mother, or wife!

Brand: Elite Gourmet


  • It has rubber feet to secure it on the surface.
  • You can use it on other foods that require thin slicing, like potatoes.
  • It is easy to clean because the blade is retractable and removable.
  • It also offers adjustable thickness control, allowing you to choose the thickness you desire for different foods.


  • Some users claim that it is slow and loud.

Material: Stainless steel

Mode: Manual and electric

Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer – Best Small Meat Slicer

This mid-range slicer will work if you don’t need strong, commercial-grade meat slicers. It is a basic home meat slicer with most features you’ll need for everyday use. While the manufacturer discourages you from letting it run for longer periods, it has an efficient cooling system to keep it cool.

Brand: Chef’sChoice


  • The manufacturer built the meat slicer to last.
  • It is easy to clean, thanks to the removable parts.
  • It features a tilted food carriage for efficient slicing.
  • It is highly versatile.


  • Its industrial look might not be very appealing to people who value aesthetics. 

Material: Aluminum 

Mode: Manual and electric

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer – Best Compact Home Meat Slicer

Do you want a meat slicer that will not occupy much space in your kitchen? The Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer boasts a sleek and compact design and is small enough to fit in most cabinets and countertops. What’s more, it has an adjustable thickness dial, allowing you to customize slices to your needs. It is also ETL-approved thanks to its advanced safety technology.

Brand: Chefman


  • It is easy to clean up, thanks to the removable parts.
  • The strong, non-slip feet ensure the slicer stays in place for a firm grip during operation.
  • It has a sleek and compact design that won’t take up much space in your kitchen.
  • Its versatility allows you to slice different foods.


  • It does not have enough space for the food to land. This makes it challenging to handle the food you’re slicing.

Material: Stainless steel

Mode: Manual and electric

KWS Commercial 320W Electric Meat Slicer – Best Commercial Grade Meat Slicer

This top-rated meat slicer is powerful and efficient, making it suitable for home and commercial use. You’ll enjoy the commercial-grade construction that allows for heavy-duty use, easy maintenance, and durability. Moreover, you can use it on multiple foods with excellent results.

Brand: KWS KitchenWare Station


  • Its high-quality 304 stainless steel blade is anti-rust, strong, and durable.
  • It boasts a built-in sharpener that sharpens and hones its blade.
  • The slicer has skid-proof rubber feet that secure the slicer on the countertop while you slice.
  • It is easy to clean, thanks to the removable parts.


  • It is relatively expensive compared to the other meat slicers we’ve reviewed.

Material: Stainless steel

Mode: Electric

Your Home Meat Slicer Shopping Guide

What should you look for in a meat slicer? Here are the most notable factors you should consider when selecting a home meat slicer:


The meat slicer’s blade will help you understand how efficient the slicer is. For example, motor power will help you determine how much you can slice – a weaker motor will overheat if you overwork it. If you have a lot of slicing, consider getting a motor that’s 200W or more.


There are several things to look for in a meat slicer’s blade. For instance, a bigger blade offers larger cuts and vice versa. It would also help to go for a slicer with a built-in blade sharpener to make maintenance effortless.


It is an open secret that meat slicers can be dangerous. Ensure you go for a slicer with safety features, such as a tilted food carriage for a precise grip. It should also have non-slip feet, safety switches, and a blade safety guard.

Ease of Use

The best meat slicer for home use is easy to use. For example, it should be versatile and easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it should have a smooth-gliding carriage and sharp blade for a more enjoyable slicing experience.  

Meat slicer machine


How Do You Use a Meat Slicer?

While there are different meat slicer brands, you can follow these general steps to use a meat slicer:

  1. Safety first: Please wear cut-resistant gloves and ensure you’ve placed the slicer on a stable surface.
  2. Preparation: Open the clamp arm and place the food into the food carriage before closing the clamp to secure the meat in place. Also, wear plastic or cut-resistant gloves for security and sanitary reasons.
  3. Adjust thickness: Use the control knob to set the desired thickness.
  4. Turn on the slicer: Switch on the meat slicer and wait for the blade’s full speed.
  5. Slice swiftly and smoothly: Use the handle to push the food back and forth across the blade to make clean and even slices.
  6. Turn off the slicer: Once you finish slicing, switch off the meat slicer and wait for the blade to stop completely.
  7. Clean and sanitize: After using the slicer, clean it thoroughly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.  

Can You Cut Frozen or Raw Meat With a Slicer?

No, you should never use a meat slicer to cut through frozen meat. Instead, allow the frozen meat to thaw before you slice it. This is because frozen meat is too hard and can damage your slicer.

On the other hand, manufacturers don’t design meat slicers for slicing raw meat. However, you can still use them for this purpose with caution.

After that, thoroughly clean the meat slicer’s blade before using it on cooked food. Using the meat slicer to cut raw meat increases the chances of cross-contamination. Additionally, some raw meats are too spongy to cut into thin slices successfully.

How Often Should You Clean a Meat Slicer?

It is best to clean the meat slicer after each use. After using it, meat juices and bacteria can coat the blade. Moreover, bacteria can move into the slicer’s interior machinery if you don’t remove it after every use.

It will also help to sanitize and clean your meat slicer periodically if you haven’t used it for a while. You can also maintain the blades and remove excess dirt to improve their condition. This ensures its grade does not deteriorate as it rests, waiting for the next use.

How Do You Clean a Meat Slicer?

To effectively clean your meat slicer, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off and unplug the slicer: Ensure you turn it off and unplug it before you start cleaning.
  2. Disassemble the slicer: Disassemble the slicer using instructions from the manufacturer’s manual. Generally, you’ll remove the blade, food carriage, food pusher, and food deflector.
  3. Clean the blade: After detaching the blade from the slicer, clean both sides using a gentle scrub pad and warm, soapy water in a spray bottle. If the blade has mineral oil grease, use dish soap and hot water to wipe it off. Alternatively, you can use a plastic razor blade to remove the residue.
  4. Clean the food carriage and other parts: Use a clean cloth, hot water, and a food-grade cleaner to clean the remaining parts, i.e., food carriage, food pusher, food deflector, and product catcher. Make sure you clean the notches and other hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Wipe down the slicer: Use a clean cloth to wipe down the slicer’s surface, carriage, food chute, and product pusher using hot water and soap.
  6. Rinse and sanitize: Rinse all the parts thoroughly with hot water to clear away all the soap residue. After that, consider spraying them with a sanitizing spray and allow them to air dry before reassembling them.
  7. Reassemble the slicer: once all the parts are clean and dry, reassemble the slicer, ensuring you properly align and secure all parts.
Slicing a piece of ham  in the meat slicer

How Do You Sharpen a Meat Slicer?

The process of sharpening a meat slicer depends on its make. Nonetheless, there is a general procedure you can follow for excellent results. Some meat slicers come with sharpener attachments. If yours doesn’t have, you’ll have to purchase a sharpener instrument.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Clean the meat slicer blade thoroughly.
  2. Apply sharpening oil or cooking oil against the sharpener instrument’s sharpening edge.
  3. Then, adjust the slicer blade against the sharpener’s sharpening edge.
  4. Sharpen the blade until it regains its edge. You can tell this from sight alone. Alternatively, you can use a piece of meat to test it.

Please avoid over-sharpening your meat slicer blade, which can bend or crush the blade’s edge.

What Size Meat Slicer Is Good for Home Use?

The ideal meat slicer machine for home use depends on the amount of meat you plan to slice. However, a 7-inch (17.78 centimeters) blade is sufficient for smaller cuts of meat. On the other hand, a 12-inch (30.48 centimeters) blade works best for larger cuts.

Which Blades Are Best for Meat Slicers?

Stainless steel blades are the best for slicing deli meat at home. They are strong and durable, offering users years of safe slicing. Moreover, a smooth blade is excellent for slicing meat.

How Can Cross-Contamination Be Prevented on Meat Slicers?

To prevent cross-contamination on meat slicers, wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling meat. You should also consider separating raw meat from cooked meats. Finally, it would help to use clean utensils when handling different meat types.

The Word’s Out!

There is a home meat slicer for all your slicing needs. Overall, the BESWOOD 10 is an excellent choice for most users. It is rust-resistant, has durable construction material, and has a built-in sharpener.

You’re also safe using it as it comes with a double-illuminated ON/OFF switch and ETL and NSF approval. Get your meat slicer today and make your slicing chores effortless and more enjoyable!

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