Best Pasta Makers You Can Order Online

Who does not want to feel like an authentic Italian and make your own dough from scratch and then running it through the pasta machine to get the consistency just as you like it and just right?

Imagine the bragging rights of being able to say around the dinner table that you created this dish all by yourself.

Pasta machine, Best Pasta Makers You Can Order Online - The Proud Italian

What is in una macchina per la pasta?

Ciao! Some people might be of the opinion that this is merely a mechanism whereby one runs freshly kneaded, homemade dough, through to prepare it the Italian way. However, authentic pasta makers called Pastaio (masculine) and Pastaia (feminine) will strongly disagree with you.

The reason for this is that only a few non-Italian home cooks are aware of the significant benefits attached by having your very own pasta machine:

  • Provide healthy food to your family because you know the quality and nutrient value of what you made.
  • Save time to get to more of the things that you love doing with a quality pasta maker.
  • Regulate the portions that you dish up and have control over the ingredients.
  • Prevent overeating and obesity.
  • Save money by not wanting to eat out all of the time, to achieve the same restaurant-quality results.
  • Your imagination will take flight, and you will find yourself concocting more combinations to explore with.

Reviewing the Top Performers

Here is our guide to the best pasta makers available to purchase online:

CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe

The CincinaPro creators made this machine with love. They envisioned the everyday couple that adores Italian cuisine’s authentic flavors and designed this pasta machine with this in mind.

This pasta maker is sold in a deluxe 3-piece set. The additional attachments cater to the creations of lasagne, ravioli, and angel hair pasta. The product is proudly made in Italy.

Some other key features include:

  • The pasta maker’s body has a chrome-coated exterior, making it durable to withstand time and regular use.
  • Excellent value for money.


There are no instructions that accompany this machine, making it challenging for first-time pasta makers and non-cooking professionals.


The machine’s small spaces can be cleaned out with a pastry brush; therefore, heavy-duty washing is not required.

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

This 150mm solid heavy-duty piece of machinery is straight from the Imperia factory and made in Italy.

The particular design and features are suited to the Chef or home cook that prefers to have the freshest Italian style pasta every single time when using the machine and the hand-kneaded pasta dough that is the best-kept secret in any Italian kitchen.

It comprises a 6-inch roller that makes both thin spaghetti and wide fettuccine type noodles.

Some other key features include:

  • 12 pasta cutter attachments (sold separately) that are easily interchangeable.
  • The clamp makes for easy fixing to any countertop and ready to use.


A factor that might be off-putting to some customers is that it is not machine washable. However, if the instructions are followed carefully, there is no reason to wash the device per se.


The easy to use wood grip handle provides the perfect non-slip solution to avoid injuries and slippage of the hand.

Marcato Design Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

This 150mm stainless steel pasta maker as a beautiful shiny finish and boasts with a very modern shape in the Hand Crank pasta maker variety. It has been hailed as the Ferrari of the pasta machine world.

This product is proudly made in Italy and is suitable for making and cutting dough products such as Fettucine and Lasagne. Made by Marcato Design.

It is perfectly suited for the modern home cook that prefers a style of machine suited to their taste and preference.

Some other key features include:

  • 12 pasta cutter attachments (sold separately) that are easily interchangeable.
  • Each purchase includes the pasta machine, pasta cutter, clamp, hand crank, an instruction booklet.


The Atlas 150 is not dishwater safe.


Each Atlas 150 comes with a 10-year warranty.

Norpro 1049R Pasta Machine

This machine is the perfect addition for the discerning home and pro chef that wishes to add a splash of color and awesomeness to their kitchen.

The Norpro 1049R is perfectly suited for the creation of fettuccine, vermicelli, and cutting other pasta.

The manufacturers pride themselves on producing quality, easy-to-use products from only the best materials, and further enhanced by expert craftsmanship.

Some other key features include:

  • Available in red and silver.
  • The pasta drying rack and motor can be purchased separately.


Handwashing is recommended as it is not dishwasher safe.


One of the best-priced options currently on the market for purchasing pasta makers online.

Phillips Kitchen Appliances Noodle Pasta Maker Plus

This machine, produced by appliance giant Phillips guarantees a fresh batch of pasta in as little as 15 minutes.

Its sleek and elegant design allows the pasta maker to add in an array of different ingredients into their pasta dough for a unique take on their pasta dishes every time.

There is even a secret hidden compartment at the bottom of the machine that holds all the shaping discs and cleaning tools in one place.

Some other key features include:

  • Each purchase of this pasta machine is accompanied by 4 shaping discs that are perfect to create spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, and lasagne.
  • As an added bonus, a cleaning tool, flour cup, and water cup are also included.
  • 6 amazing recipe is shared with the booklet, perfectly suited to customers that prefer a gluten-free pasta option.


Regular, thorough cleaning is required, and some consumers might feel that they would instead go for an option with fewer maintenance requirements.


The cleaning tools that are designed to match the shaping discs makes cleaning as easy as one push.

Weston 6 Inch Traditional Style Pasta Machine

This machine has been quality tested and proven to be safe and easy to use at home by even the most rookie chefs, especially in the home kitchen environment.

Its design is the perfect marriage between old school functionality and modern technology. This product is made in China and is suitable for making and cutting dough products such as Fettucine and Lasagne. Made by Marcato Design.

It is perfectly suited for the home cook that is just starting out and would want to try this option as a first-timer.

Some other key features include:

  • The manufacturer supplies a limited one-year warranty.
  • Each purchase is accompanied by a set of simple instructions to follow and a recipe booklet. Making it an excellent choice for the first time pasta maker or novice Italian chef.


The c-clamp attachment is not ideal for every kitchen countertop and might be why some customers won’t want to buy this machine in particular.


One of the best-priced options currently on the market for purchasing pasta makers online.

The final say

Do some investigating, read the reviews online, and draft up your budget. With some trial and error, everyone can be an Italian Pasta Chef in no time. You will have pasta-making parties very soon.