The Best thing about dating Italian men

Are you single and ready to mingle? You might want to try your luck with Italian men. Italian men are categorized as some of the most romantic lovers in the world. The best thing about dating them is that apart from being romantic, they are good looking too.

Who are the Current Hottest Italian Men on the Internet?

According to research that was done in Europe, Italian men were ranked as the most desired compared to those in other European countries. Here are some of the 10 hottest Italian men:

Roberto Bolle

He is a dancer with the American Ballet Theater and Milan’s La Scala Theater.

Roberto Bolle, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian
Roberto Bolle. Author Lucy Keating, source – own work.

Francesco Totti

Totti is a famous football player for As Roma.

Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo

Gian is a fashion executive for Moncler.

Raoul Bova

Raoul is an actor. He has acted in films like Alien vs. Predator and Under the Tuscan Sun.

Raoul Bova, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian
Scusa ma ti chiamo amore is a 2008 Italian film starring Raoul Bova and Michela Quattrociocche. Author Scusa ma ti chiamo amore, source

Alessandro Terrin

Alessandro is an Olympic swimmer. He has taken part in an underwear photoshoot for Dolce and Gabbana.

Eros Ramazzotti

He is a musician who rose to fame in the 1980s and still thrills many people today.

Eros Ramazzotti, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian
Eros Ramazzotti at Sommarkrysset 2009. Author Danie Åhs Karlsson, source – own work.

Giulio Berruti

He is an actor, and one of the films he has starred in is ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie.’

Gino D Acampo

Gino is a TV chef and lives in the UK. He has excellent skills in making breakfast.

Luca Argentero

He is an actor and also the founder of the coffee association 1 Caffe Onlus. He is also a model and a TV personality.

Fabio Cannavaro

Fabio Cannavaro is a former football player. He was part of Italy’s team that won the World Cup in 2006. An attribute that makes him hot is that, apart from the good looks, he is 1.75 meters tall.

Fabio Cannavaro, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian
Fabio Cannavaro, former Italian footballer arriving in Imam Khomeini Airport for a charity match in Tehran. Author Mohammad Hassanzadeh, source.

Ways to flirt with Italian Men

Are you a lady with guts? You are not afraid of seducing a man? Then here are some ways you can use to flirt with an Italian man:

1. Pet names

Just like in English, there are names like babe, baby, bunny, or honey for your lover; Italians are no different. Ladies in Italy use them. Here are Italian pet names for men you can use as well:

  • Cucciolo – it means puppy. It is almost similar to calling someone ‘cutie’ in English.
  • Bello – it means handsome. It is a quick way of showing your affection. Most of the time, it is used in informal circumstances.
  • Cuore Mio -my heart. This one is profound, and it shows how important someone is to you. It is more intense compared to Bello and Cucciolo.
  • Polpetto -meatball. It sounds funny in English for someone to be referred to as a meatball. However, in Italy, it is cute and charming.
  • Ciccio -darling. Actually, Ciccio means flesh! All in all, it’s an affectionate and sweet word that can be used for partners and close friends.

Dating with an Italian guy, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian

2. Pick-up lines

They say laughter is the way to anybody’s heart. There are some pick-up lines that you can use to flirt with Italian guys, and they might give in because you made them laugh. Here are some of them:

  • Hai una ragazza?– Do you have a girlfriend?
  • Sei quasi Piu Figa di me! -You are nearly as hot as me!
  • Posso offrirti una bevanda calda per sciogliere il ghiaccio? – Can I offer you a hot drink to break the ice?
  • Come ti chiami? Che coincidenza! Questa e la mia Parola preferita! – What’s your name? What a coincidence! That’s my favorite word!
  • Al cielo manca un angelo ma l’ho trovata – Heaven is missing an angel, but I found him.
  • Ahi! Sono appena caduto-per te! Ow! –Ow! I just fell…for you!
  • Dovremmo baciarci. Il mondo ha bisogno di piu amore, no? – We should kiss. The world needs more love, no?
  • Fa caldo qui, o sei tu? – Is it hot in here, or is it you?

Some phrases mentioned above are from common English phrases. For instance; heaven is missing an angel. These phrases may give you a funny eye-roll from the Italian man. Give it a try, and you never know! You may land yourself an Italian love.

Couple on a date, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian

What Can You Expect When dating an Italian man?

If you have decided that you want to date an Italian man, here are some things you need to know about him:

1. Romantic

Italian men are very romantic. You will always feel you are the only woman in the world. He will treat you to romantic dates, call you pet names all the time, and buy you flowers. He will even say that he has never been happier in his life until he met you, even when it’s a lie.

2. Gorgeous

They are attractive men. In Italy, being handsome is a way of life for every man. An Italian man will make sure he looks good before leaving the house. He can spend hours in the mirror to make sure he looks good from head to toe.

Handsome Italian, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian

3. Fun-loving

Italian men like having fun. They want to enjoy themselves either in the company of friends and family or just alone. An Italian guy will take you to trips or concerts. They never worry too much.

4. Passionate

They are the best lovers. An Italian man will make your meals and treat you like a queen.

Italian man cooking, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian

5. Mummy’s boy

An Italian guy is a mamma’s boy. The relationship between Italian men and their mothers is so strong that most of them live at home with their mothers. Unfortunately, most marriages in Italy end in divorce because of the bond between the men and their mothers.

6. You should be like his mum

Italian men like a woman that can take care of them. When his mum is not around, you will act like his mother. You will prepare his meals and even do his cleaning.

Some tips about dating an Italian man

Get to know about the following before you date an Italian man:

  • Italians love excellent cooks. An Italian man loves food that is cooked at home. If you don’t know how to prepare sumptuous meals, don’t bother dating an Italian guy.
  • Italian men express their emotions by exclaiming. They are always emotional.
  • They are over-protective. When he dates you, he will want you to be his alone. They get jealous quickly.
  • They enjoy pursuing a lady. The harder you are to give in, the more they chase after you. If an Italian man loves you, he will not give up until you finally give in.
Dating Italian, The 10 Hottest Italian Men that are breaking the Internet - The Proud Italian
  • They love romance. The Italian men will always make you feel appreciated with gestures of affection and gifts.
  • They are social. When these men pursue you, they will keep texting you until they conquer you. Later on, they will prefer face-to-face communication.
  • They are humorous. Whenever you feel sad, your Italian man will always make you laugh, and lighten the mood.


With all the above tips, you are good to go. Go to Italy, get a man, and enjoy your love life!